Top 10 World’s Secrets of All Time

Let’s discover what things still are the most guarded information around the world

Mystery of after life remains one of the biggest unsolved secrets. Photo credit: geralt / Pixabay.

Our big mysterious world is full of secrets that make it even more interesting and unique. Some of these secrets are so serious that will never be revealed to the public, since revealing of them can become fatal.

Kept for a long time many world’s secrets often becomes a mystery, and attract more and more attention, especially if they are hidden thoroughly. If you want to know a little bit more about some of them, keep on reading our article, in which we will tell you more about the world’s biggest secrets.

Nuclear Secrets of the United States

Location of nuclear weapon facilities is one of the biggest secrets to the date. Photo credit: geralt / Pixabay

Information about nuclear power and nuclear facilities is probably the most mysterious and hidden information in the modern world. There is only a certain category of people, who know exactly, where the nuclear facilities of the United States are located. There are specific nuclear launch codes, the access to which only some top officials in the American Department of Defence have.

There are specific nuclear launch codes, the access to which only some top officials in the American Department of Defence have.

Ordinary American population does not know anything about the amount and types of nuclear weapons that the American government possesses, and probably this secret information will never be available. Though this sounds mysterious, it is quite reasonable, why such superpower as the United States keeps the information a secret. It is also worth noting that anyone who will try to access this information in an illegal way, might put the life in danger.

Though this sounds mysterious, it is quite reasonable, why such superpower as the United States keeps the information a secret. It is also worth noting that anyone who will try to access this information in an illegal way, might put the life in danger.

Locations of the oil deposits in the US


Location of oil deposits is one of the biggest secrets. Photo credit: skeeze / Pixabay

Another top secret of the United States is the exact location of mining for oil remains. The US Government keeps this information a secret in a very interesting way: when a new oil deposit is found, the American government will purchase this land, and the former owner of it will have to keep it as a secret.

The reason of why this information is not revealed is the intention of the government not to allow rich individuals to buy these beneficial lands for their own purposes and using them for getting money.

American Healthcare Patient Privacy

Medical Secrets of the American Healthcare are protected by strict privacy laws. Image credit: vjohns1580 / Pixabay

According to, the law of the United States’ Healthcare, any medical information of every patient should be kept as a secret, and it cannot be revealed to anyone. The law even says that any doctor should risk his or her own life in order to keep medical reports as a secret if necessary.

The reason of such strict law is the intention of the American Healthcare to protect patients and prevent any possibility of humiliation.

Any medical specialist and an officer must take an oath by promising not to reveal patients’ information – the Hippocratic Oath. Personal medical information and medical reports are accessed only by authorized personnel, and no one without special legal permission cannot access it, even if the patient at the edge of the life or is even dead already.

The Hapsburg Napkin Fold

The secret The Hapsburg Napkin Fold – can you do it? Photo credit: beamapelor / Pixabay

It might be funny and unbelievable but one of the top world’s secrets and the main secret in Austria is folding the Hapsburg Napkin. It is not just a secret, but even the royal act that consists the secret guidelines on how properly to fold the napkin.

This special folding is mainly used for setting of the royal tables in the Austria-Hungary royalty. It attracts much attention because many people tried to repeat this folding many times but always failed.

An interesting fact is also that if you try to find the guidelines on the internet, you will not find anything because this secret information is not available to the public.

The Recipe of KFC

Photo credit: denvit / Pixabay

KFC is one of the most popular fast food chains with thousands of restaurants throughout the world. The main reason for such popularity is affordable and delicious food, the recipe of which is held as one of the main trade secrets in the world. It is believed that KFC uses a mysterious combination of 11 different herbs and spices by preparing its meals.

This secret recipe has been existing since the year of 1930 and is not disclosed yet. Nowadays it is one of the main secrets that attracts the interest of millions of people, who are a fan and regular consumers of KFC food.

However, in 2016 it was widely reported that the secret recipe was revealed, for example, according to the Time magazine, but the but KFC told the New York Times that the recipe was not the real.

The secrets of Area 51 in Nevada

Photo credit: MartinStr / Pixabay

Deep in the Nevada Desert, there is a very mysterious and strange place with many secrets – Area 51. Being one of the main CIA secrets a huge desert this spot on the map had been remained hidden and unacknowledged for almost 60 years until summer 2013 when it was finally claimed to be real. During all these years the Area 51 attracted a lot of interest and raised many questions from the public.

Finally, in 2013 the report was published, in which it was explained that the CIA created the Area 51 in 1955 for testing the American secret aircraft project “Aquatone”. The aim of this project was to spy the USSR that informed about its nuclear power.

However, there is a large number of people who think that the explanation is just a cover-up and that Area51 has been and still is a secret base connected to UFO phenomena. At least that’s the case according to the former Area51 employee who revealed the truth.

Adolf Hitler

Hitler during a meeting at the headquarters of Army Group South in June 1942. Photo credit: By Bundesarchiv, Bild 183-B24543

There is not a person in the world who does not know Adolf Hitler – the leader of the Nazi Germany and one of the evilest people in the world history. There is quite a lot information about his life and activity, however, there is one secret related to his death.

According to official historical data, Hitler committed suicide by killing himself in his underground bunker on the 30th of April 1945. However, many people, as well as historians, do not take this information as the truth. It is believed that Hitler was alive after the Second World War, and continued living in the Andes Mountains.

There are also some documents provided by the FBI, according to which the death of Hitler in 1945 was a complete fake. Since at that time he was one of the most hated people in the world, it is quite likely that he faked his death and escaped Germany in order to survive.


Image credit: qimono / Pixabay

HIV/AIDS has remained for more than 30 years the most serious and incurable diseases, the appearance and the origin of which is one of the biggest medical world secrets.

The only thing that is known exactly is that HIV/AIDS was discovered widely in the 1980s and there is still no vaccine or effective treatment for it.

There are several hypotheses explained how HIV/AIDS appeared. According to the first theory and CDC, this disease is originally from Africa where the virus transmitted to humans from chimpanzees and mutated to HIV, while another conception claims that HIV/AIDS was created by scientists in a laboratory.

However, there is still no scientific proof, and probably the humanity will never find out, how HIV/AIDS appeared and why.

Formula of Coca Cola

Photo credit: Couleur / Pixabay.

Coca Cola is not only one of the most popular drinks in the world, but also a drink with a secret formula that everyone wants to know. This formula is such a guarded secret that the company had even to close its office in India since it was forced to reveal the formula by the government.

However, the Coca Cola company did not do this, and the formula of this drink is still hidden and unknown. An interesting fact is that even company employees do not know the formula besides a couple of them, who are really close to the company. These couple employees had to take the oath by promising not to tell the secret to anyone.

The mystery of the afterlife: the heaven and the hell

Mystery of after life remains one of the biggest unsolved secrets. Photo (used also as a cover photo) credit: geralt / Pixabay.

Most religions claim that there is the afterlife when we die, but in reality, nobody really knows what happens with us and our souls when the life is over.

This is definitely the main world’s secret and will always remain the mystery until the end of the universe.

While we are alive we can only assume what will happen afterward and hope that will get to the Heaven – the happier and better place than we lived.

Watch video about where we go after death:

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