10 reasons why women are better than men

What are the men and women differences?

Why women are better than men?

Although the debate of who among men and women is better can be endless, the reasons listed below create a good basis for argument. The arguments are based on various things that define both women and men. Nevertheless, these are fun but the whole truth of things happening in our daily life, and they are all factual. Here are the reasons making women better, when compared to men.

1. Babies only grow in women

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Itis only women who have the ability to grow completely new human beings inside them. On the other hand, men have the ability to produce sperms, which resembles tadpoles. Unfortunately, the sperms only know the direction to move if by any chance they get into contact with unfertilized egg in the ovary of a woman.

When a woman is carrying a kicking and growing baby in her womb, the only role that men play is releasing the sperms through ejaculation, and they will do while pleasing themselves, in order to fulfill their body desires. Women are special in that they carry the growing humans in them for nine months before delivery. Without women, there can be no increase in population, and hence they play a major role in humanity growth.

2. Women can withstand pain

Reasons Why Women Are Better Than Men

Women have a higher tolerance for pain, as they will undertake all their duties in all those nine months they are pregnant. Besides, they will still withstand giving birth repeatedly. In addition, women cannot undergo their duties or watch things happen in a bad way when they are in minor pains.

As a matter of fact, you will only realize that a woman is unwell or in pain when things are worse, because she will get on with her work without complaining. On the other hand, if men get flu, they might sleep the whole day, and everyone around will get to know they are unwell on how they are doing their work.

3. Ability to multi-task

Reasons Why Women Are Better Than Men

Women can perfectly multi-task compared to men, who will only handle one task at a time. For example, women can cook while listening to the news, looking after the baby and at the same time replying to conversations emails or texts.

The ability to multi-tasking in women is contributed by their attention to details on everything. Meanwhile, men will only concentrate on what is interesting to them, or something they like.

4. Women are detail oriented

Reasons Why Women Are Better Than Men

Unlike men, women are detail oriented, to an extent of categorizing everything in their brains, such as whole calendars, assignments, shopping lists, birthdays and working lists. Besides, even remembering smaller details, such as what their husbands and boyfriends love for dinners, among other basic facts.

All these are contributed by the fact that women focus on everything they are undertaking, and they like being organized. Men only pay attention to things they like and at that particular moment. Also, men prefer doing things at the moment they are occur, unlike women who will plan ahead in everything. In real life examples, women are sure of when they want to get married and have babies, while men have no clue, and they will only think about it as things in life unfold.

5. High Psychic powers

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Compared to men, women have higher intuitions. Women have high psychic powers, which enables them to figure out if you are telling them lies or not. For example, women can tell when their friends have problems, explain what is causing their babies to cry, and clearly explain when the husband or boyfriend is cheating.

In fact, no man will cheat and go unnoticed by the wife or girlfriend, because of their change in minor behaviors, while women can cheat repeatedly without the man even sensing, and he can only know he is cheated when the woman decides to let things open.

6. Higher live longevity

Reasons Why Women Are Better Than Men

Life longevity in women is higher than in men because they make the right decision concerning their health checkups, duties, and diet. Besides, women have stronger nerves than men, thus making them live a year longer on average, compared to men.

Additionally, women are capable of observing their diets, and they are disciplined to stick to healthy ways of life as recommended by their doctors, unlike men, who get tired along the way, and get back to their old habits, even when they are unhealthy.

7. Better brain healing capacity

Reasons Why Women Are Better Than Men

The brain healing capacity in women is better than that of men, because their neurons are interlinked, while in men, the brain is compartmentalized.

For example, if a man and woman get an accident exactly the same time before the man gets sober, the woman will be busy handling her daily duties.



8. Women ensure things are done

Reasons Why Women Are Better Than Men

If something is not interesting, men cannot do it. Besides, if men are not appreciated or encouraged after doing any task, such as washing dishes, they will rarely or not the duty again. As opposed to men, women will always ensure things are done even if they do not like them or get appreciated after working.

Even if a task is considered for men, when a woman decides she wants to handle the work, she will diligently and effectively deliver as expected or even more. Besides, if she has no alternative, she will continue doing the job until she achieves her goals. Basically, women are go-getters.

9. Women are perfect in communication

Reasons Why Women Are Better Than Men

The communication power in women is unlimited because they are capable of talking to anybody at any point. Women have contributed greatly to life advances, because of their socializing powers. For example, women can easily socialize with anyone sitting next to them as they travel, to cleaners, salesperson and with the bus driver.

Besides, communication ability in women makes them teachers to their children. In addition, women can perfectly deliver their message through the use of emotions as opposed to men, who can rarely express their message emotionally in public, or even be given an ear in the society like women are given.

10. Women possess super powers that enable them to do things

Reasons Why Women Are Better Than Men

The super powers in women are tears, which makes enables do things that men cannot do. Naturally, women are handled with care and respect in almost all situations, as opposed to men. For example, through tears, a woman arrested by policeman will be set free without charges or no problems if the issue is minor, while men will be charged and to an extent be mistreated.

Also, the utility man can leave the power of a woman on, although the bill is high, something that cannot happen to men, because of the power of tears. Apart from the power of tears, the natural power in women gives them a higher priority in the environment. Imagine you are a man, working in the same environment with a woman, under all constant conditions, but a fellow man will give you a harder task than a woman, because of the irresistible super power.

From the reasons above, it entirely true that women are the only ones capable of growing another human being inside them, do different tasks at the same time without losing concentration in the process, as well as communicating easily with anyone at any place and at any time.

Also, it is true during the process of making babies, men only participate in releasing sperms, and they only do things they are really interested in or when appreciated. Whether you are a man or woman, judge it by yourself, but it is true that women are special in various ways, making them better men. In my opinion, the primary reason making women special is the ability to grow other humans in them, and their super powers are real.

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