Top 10 Reasons Why Crying is Good for Health

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Human beings exhibit different types of emotions. For example, when we are happy we laugh. When we are sad, we cry. It is part of who we are and as human beings, we also tend to empathize when we see a loved one or friend crying.

When you see someone you care about crying, you automatically feel sad. You reach out and try comfort the best way we can. But, do you know that crying is very helpful. There are many situations that can often drive someone to the point that only way they can express how they are feeling is by crying. This is normal and we should in no way discourage anyone from crying because it is healthy and quite frankly, refreshing.

So what are the benefits of crying?

It is human-nature

Crying makes good for health for number of reasons. Photo: whoismargot / Pixabay

Humans have the ability to cry. It is the way we are created. We are emotional creatures and we express our emotions based on how we are feeling. Some people may tell you that crying does not help, but they are wrong. Crying brings relief. Therefore, whenever you feel angry, frustrated or sad and you are the verge of shedding tears, go ahead and cry. You will definitely feel a lot better after a good cry.

It is a healing process

Grieving is not an easy process. It involves coping with the loss of a loved one or something that is dear to you. It is often accompanied by different emotions, such as sorrow, guilt, anger, and numbness. For some people, the grieving process can take years.

But, the one thing that can help when you are grieving is crying. It is has a way of reducing stress levels while providing some relief. Crying allows you to heal.

A sign of health

When a mother gives birth, the first thing that happens when the baby exits the womb is the cry. This is a sign that the baby is alive and healthy. That first cry means everything to the mother and the doctors. It helps the baby to adapt to its new environment and he or she is able to breathe on their own.

Balances your emotions

Crying helps balance emotions. Photo: komposita / Pixabay

We do not only cry when we are sad, we also shed tears when we are stressed out, frustrated, angry or happy. According to some studies, crying can help restore our emotional equilibrium, which we need to deal with everyday situations. Crying is the body’s way of adapting to the feelings of such intense emotions.

It draws support

The popular phrase “no man is an island” is an expression that literally means that no woman or man can survive all by themselves. We need other human beings to survive and even live. Humans beings need to coexist for the sake of survival; otherwise, we would be extinct.

So when a loved one or friend cries, our first reaction is empathy, which is what drives us to want to comfort them. When someone is going through a difficult situation, having a great support system of family and friends is the best way to help them deal and even get through that situation. Crying believe it or not helps build a social support network when life is difficult or challenging.

Boosts your mood

Crying is very therapeutic. When you are all stressed out, sad or frustrated and all you want to do is cry. Then go ahead and cry because once you are done, you will be in a much better mood.  Crying provides relief. When you have this heavy feeling in your heart when you are feeling sad, and once you cry, it’s all gone.

Numbs physical pain

When you are experiencing severe pain, it is hard to hold back the tears. Just like children cry when they get physically hurt, it is the same with adults when the pain gets too much. Crying is a great way to dull physical pain because it releases feel-good chemicals that help numb the pain.

Reduces anxiety

Many doctors often recommend therapeutic treatments like yoga and meditation to people with anxiety problems. When you are feeling anxious because maybe you are overwhelmed at work or home, or you are going through a difficult situation, crying also helps lower the anxiety levels making you feel better.

Lowers blood pressure

Did you know that crying can help lower your blood pressure? When you are stressed out, your stress hormones speed up your heartbeat, constricts your arteries, which results in high blood pressure. But when you cry, this reduces your stress levels, consequently reducing your blood pressure.

Reduces stress

Crying reduces stress. Photo: greekfood-tamystika / Pixabay

Stress is one the leading contributors to some serious health problems, such as high blood pressure, heart disease and mental disorders like anxiety and depression. When we become overly stressed out all the time, this affects our physical and mental health. But, when you cry when you are stressed out, your stress levels go down.

Additional benefits of crying

Scientific study shows that crying helps get rid of bacteria and toxins from the body. Some medical experts have discovered that the act of crying can help fight against bacteria because apparently, emotional tears tend to be riddled with toxins. Therefore, when you cry, you get rid of these toxins.

So it may sound really weird, but crying can boost your overall health.

Crying also helps us to move on. When you have lost a loved one or when you go through a painful breakup, crying can help us go beyond the situation that is making you cry. It can help you visualize a better future and let go of the past.

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Keeping your emotions bottled up inside for a long time, can really affect your mental and physical health. But, when you cry, you release whatever sad emotions you may be feeling and you start to feel better. This allows you to move forward by helping you get rid of any negative emotions associated with the situation.

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