What Women Say Makes the Perfect Date?

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It is not just an article, it is the real deal for men, since it contains the secret codes and rules to organizing a perfect date from an expert in this field – a woman. Here she tells what exactly men should do in order to make the best first impression.

The right location is the key to a successful date

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Many men make the same mistake. They choose the wrong place for the first date. They seem to think, for example, that inviting a girl to the cinema is a great idea. It might be, of course, if you know each other quite well and you both want to see the same movie. However, the first date should be spent in a romantic place, where you can talk, stare into each other’s eyes and thus get to know each other better.

For this reason, guys should ask girls out on a first date to a restaurant, cafe or to a park. From a practical standpoint, they should think of a date as an interview, the main purpose of which is to learn about a person as much as possible.

Flowers as a sign of interest and respect

By buying a bouquet of flowers men should not think of it as a present, it is just a pleasant gesture and an indicator of chivalry. However, it is important to choose flowers carefully. It is definitely not appropriate to give a big bunch of flowers in order not to make a girl feel embarrassed. Just one or a few flowers as a demonstration of your sympathy and interest will be definitely more than enough.

Men always pay

If the man calls himself a gentleman, he should know that gentlemen always pay on dates. Yes, modern women in our contemporary society like to feel emancipated and advocate for the equality of genders.

This goes for almost everything, except romantic relationships between men and women. In this sphere, women want to remain feminine and feel care from men. Moreover, by paying for dinner, a man proves that he is not greedy or a miser.

The end of the evening is very important

If a date ends late at night, a man should walk or drive a woman home. Even though modern norms regarding this gesture are vague and men do not have to do it, every woman will definitely appreciate it. The least a man can do is to call a taxi, so a girl will not have to get home by public transport alone.

No phones and no calls during the date

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We cannot already imagine our life without mobile phones. However, you should completely forget about your device during the date. To turn off your phone for 2-3 hours is not as complicated as it seems to be.

If a man cannot do it because he is expecting an important phone call, he should inform a woman about it and apologize if he has to take it. However, it should just one and really short call, while checking the phone constantly is the sign of disrespect.

Less talking about yourself

Another common mistake of many men is an attempt to impress women by constantly talking about themselves. However, in reality, such behavior is considered by women as egoism and narcissism. It does not mean that men should not talk and tell about themselves at all. However, it is important to remember that a date is a dialogue, during which two people ask each other questions and discuss topics of specific interest to them.

Men used to think that it is difficult to impress a woman and therefore often consider the first date as a complicated challenge. In fact, it is much easier, and all they need to do is to remain gentlemen by following recommendations in this article that are given by women.

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