Top 12 Countries To Visit

What are the most interesting countries to travel in the world?

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Discover the 12 most interesting countries to visit. There are 195 countries in the world with their own unique culture, history, and attractions. They are all interesting in their own way, however, for most of us, it is almost impossible to visit all of them, even if you are an experienced and enthusiastic traveler. For this reason, we decided to create in cooperation with the list of 12 countries that you should definitely include into your travel list and visit at least one time during your lifetime.

France – country of romantic love

France is a country of delicious food and romantic love.. Walkerssk / Pixabay

France is the country that is usually associated with romance, and it is the main reason why it constantly attracts so many tourists from all parts of the world. France can boast of a unique mix of modernity and antiquity, and therefore is able to offer entertainment to a wide range of interests.

The top places that you must see while traveling throughout France are Eiffel Tower and Louvre in Paris, an amusement park Disneyland, Azure Coast, the French Alps, and etc. France is also famous for its gastronomy – fine wine and delicious cheeses.

Turkey – where east meets west in sunny beaches

Turkey is a country of east and west, sun, and beaches.. Mojpe / Pixabay

You are mistaken if you think that this country is famous only for its sandy beaches and luxury hotels. Turkey is also a place that is rich in historical, cultural, and archaeological attractions.

You should go to Turkey for majestic castles, magnificent mosques and the variety of natural wonders that will impress even the most experienced travelers. The statistics say that Turkey is in the list of top 10 most visited countries of the world.

Italy – must visit country for food & culture lovers

Italy is a country of delicious food and wine, culture, and history.. jackmac34 / Pixabay

Thanks to Italian rich culture, a centuries-old history, great fashion, comfortable climate and magnificent local cuisine Italy has been at the peak of tourism success for many years. There are many cities in this sunny country that are worth visiting due to their architectural beauty, romantic atmosphere and uniqueness – Rome, Venice, Verona, Florence, and some others. Moreover, exactly in Rome is located one of the seven wonders – the Coliseum, an ancient amphitheater, one of the world’s wonders.

Australia – sunny surfing beaches

Australia is beautiful country of surf beaches.. pattyjansen / Pixabay

If you are lucky enough to get to Australia, you will definitely fall in love with this exotic country. Besides interesting excursions, delicious coffee with milk, golden beaches, and azure ocean, Australia is famous for its natural wonders such as Great Barrier Reef, and unique flora and fauna that you can see only on this remote continent.

Another reason for visiting Australia is that according to statistics there live the happiest people on the planet.

Austria – interesting country to travel

Austria is surely interesting country to travel in Europe.. jarmoluk / Pixabay

This small European country is famous for crystal-clear lakes, magnificent Alpine landscapes, the recipe of delicious Viennese coffee and classical music of the composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

The attractions of Austria will not leave anyone indifferent. Vienna alone is one of the most beautiful and visited cities in Europe that charms with its chic, history and architectural beauty. Therefore, any trip to Western Europe will not be complete without visiting Vienna and Austria.

Ireland – must visit destination

Ireland – must visit travel destination for castle lovers.. designaire / Pixabay

Ireland is often called “an emerald island”, which is absolutely fair because Irish nature is the main wealth and a calling card of the country. Due to its mild climate, Ireland has unique flora and fauna that can be seen usually only in Southern Europe.

You should definitely visit Ireland if you want to see high imposing cliffs with the height of approximately 200 meters, boundless green meadows, and ancient Celtic forests. This all makes Ireland is so tempting for tourists and for nature lovers.



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You should know that India is much more than just a tropical country with golden beaches. India is the cradle of the human race and world civilizations, as well as the great grand mother of tradition. Indian culture is absolutely different to all other cultures existing today, which makes it so interesting.

India is a place that is able to change your perception and understanding of the world and yourself. Therefore, so many people go there for spiritual enlightenment. Moreover, there are many attractions that are not possible to see somewhere else. One of them, for example, is the mausoleum Taj Mahalone of the seven wonders.

Uganda – the most beautiful African country


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This country is called “the pearl of Africa” for its unbelievable and unforgettable beauty. Uganda is famous for one of the most picturesque mountain chains and one of the most beautiful lakes on the planet – Lake Victoria. In general, the nature in Uganda is considered to be the most beautiful on the whole African continent that can be enjoyed in the numerous national parks, such as Queen Elizabeth, Semuliki, Kidepo, Bwindi, and etc.

Japan – country of emperors & samurais


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Japan is a combination of age-old Eastern traditions and innovations, which makes it so desirable to tourists. Futuristic Japanese cities are incredible and impressive: high skyscrapers, towers with neon lights, high-speed trains – this all gives an impression of being in the future or somewhere in another universe.

At the same time, old Japanese traditions there are still alive and Japanese are happy to share them with tourists. They are a traditional tea ceremony, famous Japanese theatre, Hinode festival, and some others.

Belgium – must visit country of delicious chocolate


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Though this little country is not the most popular travel destinations, it is definitely worth visiting. First of all, Belgium is famous for delicious chocolate, beer, and chips. Moreover, this country is a goldmine of historical and architectural wonders that can be seen in such fairy-tale towns as Antwerp, Ghent, and Brugge. Moreover, you should not forget about Brussels that is believed to be one of the most beautiful cities in Europe with many beautiful places and cultural venues.

Botswana – thrilling African wilderness


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You should definitely travel to this African country if you want to see the pristine beauty of the Kalahari Desert and the delta of the river Okavango.

Moreover, exactly in Botswana, you can enjoy an unforgettable and adventurous trip to African wilderness – safari, during which you are able to see different wild animals with your own eyes under natural conditions.

In addition, in Botswana, you can learn more about the history of humanity by visiting Tsolido Hills with one of the richest collections of cave art.

The United States – must visit country

skeeze / Pixabay

There are not ancient and medieval cities and attractions as in Europe, but it is the country with amazing natural wonders and modern diverse culture created by the mix of hundreds of nations and ethnicities.

Such cities as Los Angeles and New York are unique and probably the most famous cities in the world that you can see almost in every American movie. Moreover, the United States is famous for its National Parks – huge preserved areas that impress with their magnificent creation of nature. Among the most popular national parks are the Yosemite and Grand Canyon that are worth visiting at least once in life.

The Top List of Countries You Need To Visit

  1. France
  2. Turkey
  3. Italy
  4. Australia
  5. Austria
  6. Ireland
  7. India
  8. Uganda
  9. Japan
  10. Belgium
  11. Botswana
  12. The United States

Have you visited some of these countries or are you planning to visit any of these? Please share your thoughts and comments below! Find out more amazing places to visit and other beautiful wonders of the world.

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