Top 10 Hottest Modern Fashion Models

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The fashion industry is a multi-billion industry, and the beautiful fashion models who work in this industry have become the very thing that thousands of young girls want to be like. However, to become a model, you have to meet certain requirements. You have to have the looks, the right body structure, the right height and the desired facial structure.

It is these qualities that make these women so appealing. So, with so many of them working in the fashion industry, it is sort of hard to pick out the sexiest or hottest ones out of thousands. But, there are a few who stand out because they have that wow factor about them that puts them a cut above the rest. So, here is our list of our top ten hottest modern fashion models in the world.

Bar Refaeli

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The Isreali-born model and actress Bar Refaeli made the cut of our top ten hottest modern fashion models because she is smoking hot. Refaeli has appeared in the Maxim Hot 100 list and she also graced the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2009 issue.

Refaeli is not just a model, she is also a fashion designer. She designs lingerie and has created a brand name for herself. Refaeli markets her own products herself and with all that beauty, who better to do it.

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