The 10 Most Expensive Chocolates With Prices

Find out what is world’s most expensive chocolate

We all love chocolates. Be it young or adults we all crave for having this sweet treats. However there are a few chocolates that come with a special price tag and will definitely scare you. Below given are the excellent and most expensive chocolates with their prices given only to provide you with the idea of how costly these chocolates are. Let’s also find out what is world’s most expensive chocolate.

10. The aficionado’s collection chocolates

This chocolate is present in our list because the aficionado’s collection chocolates come with a price of $275. The chocolate has a smell of cigar and comes with a different taste and different flavors that includes milk chocolate, Italian hazelnuts and many more. A bit expensive but sure perfect gift for any chocolate lover!

9. Delafee

This chocolate is from Switzerland and has a price of $504 and is called as Delafee. It is made from Ecuador’s grand chocolates and gold leaf. The chocolate sparkles like stars symbolizing success and beauty.

8. Michel cluizel box of assorted chocolates

Michael cluizel is a part of this chocolate industry since 1948. This box of assorted chocolates comes with multiple pieces of handmade chocolates and is creatively designed and packed. The price of this chocolate is 895$.

7. Diamond and gold chocolates

Having a price tag of 1250$ this gold and diamond chocolate would be the most distinctive way to make her say a big yes. These chocolates come from Switzerland. They are a set of 12 chocolates out of which 4 are made of pure 22 carat gold, 4 of sweet diamonds, and 4 of pure silver. Smart isn’t it?

6. Wispa gold wrapped chocolates

This is one of the most expensive chocolate bars for sale, it’s a Cadbury product and has a price tag of $1628 (£961,48). It comes wrapped in an edible golden paper. Popular celebrities like Spandau ballet and Toney Hadley introduced these chocolates to public. Would you either eat that golden paper or throw it away?

5. Knipschildt chocolatier

This is a master piece chocolate from Fritz Knipschildt in which he has used the finest and best ingredients from the world to make this exceptional chocolate. This chocolate is worth $2600 and is unique as every single piece is made by hand with proper and same taste among all the chocolates.

4. Swarovski studded chocolates

When you see the chocolate your heart will melt and having it will feel like you are in heaven. If you have a friend who loves chocolate this chocolate would be a great gift. The price of this chocolate is $10000.

3. Golden Speckled Egg

At a price of 11107$ this golden speckled egg is said to be William curleys best waster work. Curley holds a Guinness world record in making his first ever no jewelry chocolate egg. This chocolate egg has a completely different taste inside and outside and this makes it a fantastic chocolate.

2. Frozen Haute chocolate

The name itself will make your mouth watery and definitely make you feel hungry. This chocolate costs $25000 and is not just a hot chocolate but a perfect mixture of finest 28 cocoas that chosen exclusively for the chocolate from different parts of the world.

1. Le Chocolat Box – World’s most expensive chocolate

Now this chocolate tops the list of being the most expensive one in the world. It is the Le Chocolat Box that has a whopping price of $1.5 million. Yes you read it correct. This chocolate box has many connoisseur ones paired with sparkling jewelry items. At this photo we have five boxes of Le Chocolat Boxes, chocolate worth of $7.5 million! It must be quite delicious.

So, next time you’re at local patisserie, don’t think that those chocolates are expensive unless you’re buying something what’s on this list of the world’s most expensive chocolates!

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