Ten Things You Cannot Afford If You Are Not a Millionaire

We live in different times, where the price tag of some picayune things is so unbelievable that is literally hard to fathom. But, this is the world we live in, where the poorest people cannot afford food and the wealthiest people are willing to splash their millions on ridiculously expensive watches, books, cigars and other trivial things.

Some of the things listed below are still for sale, but a few are so rare or unique pieces that it would be next to impossible to get a one, even if you have stacks of cash. So, let’s take a look at ten of the most expensive things in the world.

The Huia Bird Feather – Price $10,000 each

This may sound strange because you must be wondering, why would I buy a feather and what on earth would I do with it, even though I bought it? Well, some people love to collect things including mundane things like feathers and believe it or not, they are willing to part with thousands of dollars for things that do not add value to their lives.

The beautiful long white tipped Huia Bird Feather is one these things. According to Daily Telegraph, one feather was sold for $8400, but it was back to 2010. Now it is estimated be the most expensive feather on earth with a price tag of $10,000 or even more.

That’s right folks! A feather worth $10,000 does in indeed exist and is somewhere in New Zealand. The ruminant of the Huia Bird goes for that value because the bird is extinct as it has not been seen since 1907

Gurkha Cigars: The Black Dragon – Price $1,150 per cigar

Cigar lovers will spend a considerable amount of money for high-quality cigars and there are several quality brands in the market that are quite expensive.

There is the Arturo Fuente Opus X BBMF, which goes for $55 per cigar, an amount that a non-millionaire can afford. But, then there a few others whose price range is between $100 and $1000. A price that can be considered too steep for people who are not making millions of dollars each year.

But, nothing beats the price of the Gurkha Black Dragon Cigars, which costs $1,150 per cigar or $115,000 per box. These are the most expensive cigars in the world and are masterfully created by Honduran cigar maker, K. Hansotia.

The cigars are shipped to you in a beautifully crafted chest made out of camel bone. However, only 5 chests of these premium cigars have been produced.

Hotel President Wilson’s Royal Penthouse Suite – Price $67,000 per night

There are many fabulous and luxurious hotels in the world, but what sets them apart? In this case, it is the price. Most people go for affordable accommodation because when you are on vacation, you will hardly spend any time in your room. So, why pay for an expensive hotel room.

Others, do not see it like that, especially the super-rich, whose idea of comfortable accommodation is far beyond what the middle-class consider to be comfortable, and they will pay anything for that comfort.

There are many luxurious 5-star hotels in the world. Some charge less than $2000 per room and others charge a lot higher. But, the Royal Penthouse Suite at the Hotel President Wilson in Geneva, Switzerland is by far the most expensive hotel room in the world with a stupefying rent of $67,000 per night.

The suite is the largest in Europe and Hotel President Wilson has only ten suites going for this amount. However, that is a quite big suite as it’s size is amazing 1,680 m2.

Stuart Hughes iPhone 3GS Supreme Rose – Price $2.97 million

The price range of a regular smartphone is between $20 and $600. There are a few models that cost up to $2000. But, the most expensive smartphone known to man is the iPhone 3GS Supreme Rose by the famous designer, Stuart Hughes.

The price tag of this little gadget is $2.97 million. It’s bezel is handmade from platinum with 130 individual .75 flawless diamonds which total 97.5ct. Learn more about this amazing phone from Stuart Hughes. This is not a phone you want to lose!

Heintzman Crystal Piano – Price $3.22 million

You can get a good piano at an affordable price of less than $1,000. Some pianos cost up to $100,000, but the Heintzman Crystal Piano is not a piano than can be afforded by just anyone.

This musical instrument was auctioned off for a staggering $3.22 million. The grand piano was designed and crafted by the Heintzman Piano Company for Beijing 2008 Olympics.

Haute Joaillerie Watch by Chopard – Price $25 million

Shiny things are flattering, eye-catching and attract a great deal of attention. Some are affordable and others will definitely cost you an arm and a leg. But, the Haute Joaillerie watch is something else altogether.

Designed by Chopard, the watch boasts of over 200 white, pink and blue diamonds, including three huge diamonds, each in a different color. The bracelet watch is worth $25 million and while it is all shiny and glittery, and beautiful to look at, all it does it tell time, something you can do with a $25 watch.

The 55-inch Prestige HD Supreme Rose Edition Television Set – Price $2.3 million

There was a time HD TVs were expensive. But, over the years, they have become cheap and affordable. But, not the Prestige HD Supreme Rose Edition.

This television is far from cheap and affordable. While a typical smart TV will cost anywhere between $100 and $1000, the Prestige HD Supreme Rose Edition has a price tag of $2.3 million.

This is not because it has better features than other smart televisions, it is simply because the Stuart Hughes designed TV set is covered by hand-stitched alligator skin studded with 48 diamonds.

Land in Tokyo, Japan – Price $1,200 per square meter

There are some countries in the world that are geographically small in size, making it difficult for their citizens to own land. About, ten years ago, it was near impossible to afford a piece of land in London. Today, Tokyo, Japan takes the position of being the world’s most expensive city in terms of the price of land by square meter.

Tokyo is extremely populated and therefore owning a piece of land today is becoming harder and harder as the population continues to grow.

It is not just the population that is making it impossible for locals to own land in Tokyo, it is also the fact that land sells at $1,200 per square meter, making the city the most expensive in the world.

The Susse Freres Daguerreo Camera – Price $775,000

The market price of a camera starts from about $30. However, the Susse Freres Daguerreo Camera has a price tag of $775,000.

The camera was made in the late 1830’s and it is said to be the world’s oldest commercially made camera. It is has a rich history and unlike today’s digital cameras, which you can carry around easily, this camera is not easily portable. But, I bet it takes good photos though.

The Charles Hollander Chess Set – Price $600.000

Just about every chess lover owns a chess set. They are not expensive, in fact, you can get a good chess set for less than $10. Therefore, it is hard to believe that a chess set can cost $600,000.

But, this is the price tag of the Charles Hollander Chess set. The set was crafted using 14-carats of white gold and about 9900 white and black diamonds. I bet now the price tag makes sense.

The Top-10 List of Things You Can Afford Only If You Are a Millionaire

  1. The Huia Bird Feather
  2. Gurkha Cigars: The Black Dragon
  3. One night at Hotel President Wilson’s Royal Penthouse Suite
  4. Stuart Hughes iPhone 3GS Supreme Rose
  5. Heintzman Crystal Piano
  6. Haute Joaillerie Watch by Chopard
  7. Prestige HD Supreme Rose Edition Television Set
  8. Land in Tokyo
  9. The Susse Freres Daguerreo Camera
  10. The Charles Hollander Chess Set

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