Dangerously Negative Impacts of Technology on Health

Caal gadgets such as computers and smart phones makes life easier, but those devices have also effects on our health.

Today we live in a high tech world: technology has become an essential part of our everyday life and each aspect of it. It is impossible to imagine education, medicine, transportation, and etc. without technological advances.

With the help of technology the life has become much easier, more enjoyable and definitely much more convenient. However, there is also a negative aspect of technology use and especially its overuse. Despite all the benefits, it might cause serious physical and mental health problems that everyone should be aware of. Let’s take a look on the most common dangerous technology effects on health.

Obesity is increasing because of overuse of technology and lack of physical activity

Overuse of technology and lack of physical activity are increasing obesity world wide.

More and more people nowadays, especially among the youth, suffer from obesity that is characterized by excessive weight and various accompanying diseases of the cardiovascular and endocrine systems.

There are different reasons of obesity, and one of them is sedentary lifestyle. More and more young people today prefer to spend time in front of TV and their computers by watching movies and surfing internet instead of doing sport and living an active life. It is one of the most obvious examples of how technology negatively influences a human health and quality of life.

Depression is increasing because of overuse of technology

depressed women
Overuse of technology could lead to increased risk of depression.

By spending too much time in front of our laptop or TV we start facing such problems as the lack of human contact, overeating and an insufficient physical activity. These all factors lead to development of serious psychological disorder – depression.

The main and the biggest threat is that for a long time depression might remain not very obvious, resulting in more and more serious irreversible consequences. Unfortunately, most people continue ignoring even obvious symptoms of depression and do not understand that they can disappear if a person just starts leading a healthier lifestyle.

Bad sleep habits and sleep disorders

sleep problems caused by technology
Sleep problems, bad sleep habits and sleep disorders are common negative impacts of technology.

Scientists have found out the relationship between poor sleep habits and overuse of technology. The main reason of it is that being sucked in online activities in the internet we stay awake too late. Moreover, television and internet provide us with too much information that might overload our brain by not allowing us to fall asleep.

As a result, there are more and people suffering from insomnia and other sleep disorders. The best way to handle this problem is not to keep technological devices in the bedroom and do not watch TV or use internet before going to sleep.

Overuse of technology could cause neurosis

Overuse of technology could cause even serious neurosis.

Overuse of technology is responsible for appearance of various emotional and mental disturbances including delusions, anxiety, and phobias that are also common symptoms of neurosis. Usually people get neurosis because of perceiving too much information that might lead to obsessive thoughts and ideas in their head.

A common example is when a person thinks that he is seriously ill and starts searching for symptoms in the internet on different medical internet resources. Such anxious behaviour often leads to neurosis or even to more serious disorders.

Looking on screens impacts eyesight

negative impact of technology - eyesight
Looking continuously on screens impacts eyesight, which is very common negative impact of technology.

The more time you spend in front of the computer or TV screen, the more your eyes suffer due to the constant strain. Therefore, over time you might need to wear glasses because of gradual deterioration of your eyesight.

If you cannot limit your time at the computer and have to work everyday in front of its screen, ophthalmologists recommend to do short breaks and special exercises for your eyes that help them to relax.

Looking on screens causes extra strain and pressure to their neck and back wrecking the spine

spine problems
Looking on screens causes extra strain and pressure to their neck and back, which could lead to spine problems.

If you are one of those people, who are constantly staring into a laptop or a cell phone, then you should know that you are causing a serious harm to your spine. People, who always look at the screens of their technological devices, add extra strain and pressure to their neck and back. As a result, it might lead to stature issues and various painful symptoms. This applies both to young people and elder adults.

Reducing sperm count and affects fertility

Radiation from tech devices could reduce sperm count and affects fertility

You might have not expected that, but technology is a serious threat not only to you but also to all your unborn children. Therefore, all men who are still planning to become fathers in the future, should know that the radiation from laptops and cell phones leads to degeneration of the sperm count by damaging the fertility.

However this applies not only to male population, but to women as well: scientists have noticed that technology has a negative impact on female reproductive health and event causes irregular menstrual cycles.

Digital devices increases risk of brain cancer

Overuse of tech gadgets increases risk of brain cancer

As it has been mentioned above already, modern digital devices, such as cell phones and laptops, releases dangerous radiation that has a negative impact on people’s health. Doctors and scientists that have conducted already many researches and experiments on this topic, claim that this radiation absorbed by the human body, leads to development of serious and even fatal diseases, including cancers.

Thus, specialists point out that those cell phone users who speak too much with their phone against their ears, have 80% higher possibility of getting a brain tumour. Though tumours themselves are not dangerous, they might turn into cancer, especially if remained untreated for a long time.

It is important to understand these negative effects of technology on health, and try to minimize them. You could for example try to reduce use of tech gadgets, increase your physical activity, and take working breaks.

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