Cool High Tech Spy Gadgets You Must Have

Are these essential equipment for wannabe James Bond or perfect gifts for creepy stalker?

Wall listening device is a perfect way to hear what's going on the next room!

Here are some “secret” cool high-tech spy gadgets from the spy shops lurking online near you! So, if you are wannabe James Bond or you are just looking for perfect gift for a stalker, your needs are covered. Ten years ago, this kind of spy gear was not publicly available, or at least you were required to enter spy store and try to explain for the suspicious salesmen that you are not going to spy your next ex-wife or business colleague. Now it’s easy, almost too easy, as all these cool spy gadgets are available online and worldwide.

Of course using some of these devices might be very illegal in certain situations, but you know the risks being James Bond or stalking your ex-loved one. Let’s take a look at the coolest spy gadgets to the date!

Wall listening device

wall listening device
Wall listening device is a perfect way to hear what’s going on the next room!

Wall listening device you quite harmless spy gadget as it can be used just to pick the voice using needle microphone from any surface such as door or wall. Voice will be then amplified, and you can hear exactly what is going on the door next to you! Even wondering what is happening in the hotel room next to you or what your neighbors are really discussing about you? No problem, now you can hear it all real time or just attach voice activated recorder, and listen when you have time.

Electric Shock Briefcase

electric shock briefcase
Electric shock briefcase is a perfect way to carry top secret cartoons, the big bunch of cash or anything confidential!

The electric briefcase is a real James Bond spy gadget. It’s easy to imagine Mr. bond carrying secret documents on the briefcase, and someone trying to catch it. What happens next, Mr. Bond activates electric shocks using a wireless remote controller, and the briefcase starts giving shocking electric impulses for whoever carries it. That, of course, stops the thief and forces he or she drops the briefcase, and whatever it contains, belongs again to Mr. Bond.

There is also the advanced version of electric briefcase available with auto activation mode. It means that briefcase starts giving electric shocks as soon as it more than a few meters away from the transmitter. It makes it quite hard to steal the briefcase even if Mr. Bond is very much concentrated to interacting with some beautiful lady.

Unfortunately, electric shock briefcase is illegal in most countries in civil use as it uses same technology than stun guns and tasers.

Cell phone voice changer

cell phone voice changer
Cell phone voice changer can be used to mask your real identity.

Ever wanted to answer to the call or calling to somebody using the voice that can not be identified or connected to you? Now it is possible. This cell phone voice changer device connects to the standard 3.5mm mic/earphone jack of your smartphone, it overrides mic. When you speak, it uses digital processing to change your voice, and it does it quite well, masking your real identity perfectly.

Drone Jammer

drone signal jammer
Drone signal jammer can be used for disturbing and eliminating drones, it can create the no-fly zone for UAVs. However, these devices are illegal in civil use for example in the US.

Are you worried that those little drones are taking uncomfortable pictures or videos of your intimate moments? Or does it just get you mad to hear that sound as drones fly over your property violating your self-declared no-fly zone? No problem, there are available drone jammers, which are basically signal jammers disturbing and blocking radio and GPS signals, making it impossible to control any ordinary drones as most of them rely on radio frequencies to receive controlling orders or they need GPS signal from satellites to be able to navigate. Simply jamming these signals, makes most of the drones quite useless.

However, it might be a good point to mention, those signal jammers are illegal in the most countries as they could interference, for example, emergency channels. For example in the USA selling, holding or using signal jammer is a federal offense. “Federal law prohibits the operation, marketing, or sale of any type of jamming equipment, including devices that interfere with cellular and Personal Communication Services (PCS), police radar, Global Positioning Systems (GPS), and wireless networking services (Wi-Fi).” You can find more info from there.

Hidden smoke detector spy camera

hidden smoke detector spy camera
The Hidden smoke detector spy camera is perfect for covert surveillance.

Hidden spy cameras are among the most popular spy gadgets. One of’s favorite model is spy camera that is distinguished as a smoke detector! When installed on the roof, the cam has a quite perfect field of view, and no one is going to suspect that smoke detector is recording every move they make. The wireless remote controller makes using this gadget very easy, furthermore, there is motion activated recording mode.


keylogger for pc
Keylogger can be used to record all keyboard strokes, which is the perfect way to get passwords etc. confidential info.

The keylogger could be either the pure app or software or it could be physical device inserted between computer keyboard and pc. Both works same way, they record all keystrokes, that is quite revealing what comes to for example passwords and usernames etc. confidential information. Pure software based keyloggers could even transmit recorded data over the internet. Physical keyloggers are needed to be removed to access the data recorded. However, physical keyloggers are quite impossible to detect using antivirus software, but of course, it’s easy to see if there is something that does not belong next to the keyboard interface.

Laser Listening Device

laser listening system
Laser listening system can be used for remote listening through windows.

Laser listening device is optical equipment that produces the laser beam. Leaser beam will be focused for example on a window, and reflection of the beam is captured by receiver optics of device. Now it gets interesting as this allows remote listening of any room with window far away. And it gets much better as the laser used in advanced models is modulated and outside of visible spectrum. So, it is a quite undetectable listening method.

These devices are not available for general public, and they cost tens thousands of dollars. However, if you have deep pockets, it should not be a problem to buy a one. Spy tech trade well knows about its business-oriented nature, everything is in order as long as you don’t ask too much.

Cell phone voice scrambler for smartphones

Cell phone voice encryptor
Cell phone voice encryptor makes eavesdropping of mobile phone conversations impossible.

This cell phone voice encryption device is a quite sophisticated piece of technology. It works on all smartphones. And what’s great, it works perfectly not only with normal cell phone calls but also with Skype and WhatsApp etc. calls. It does not require any app or software installed on your phone. You need just only plug it in standard 3.5mm mic / earphone’s jack on your phone, and it takes over phones in build microphone and speaker. Meaning any voice entering to your phone will be encrypted before it enters to your phone. This is a big advantage, because of your smartphone, regardless of how smart it is, could be already bugged. There could be some spy app listening to your conversations or someone could listen cell phone signal or maybe it’s Miami Vice who is listening and recording all of your phone conversations?

If you have this voice scrambler in use, it does not matter who or where at what stage they are listening. They will just hear the scrambled electric noise. Now, if you want that someone will be able to understand what you are saying, they need the similar device attached to their phone, and both devices must be programmed with the same encryption key.

The cell phone voice encryption device works perfectly with iPhones and any android phone such as Samsung etc.

Where to buy these cool spy gadgets?

There are plenty of spy shops online such as, so finding these cool spy gadgets shouldn’t be a problem. However, if you got really interested in spy gadgets, we recommend that you will take at a first a closer look at Surveillance Gadgets Buyers Guide provided by They publish interesting articles about surveillance gear including reviews. Some of the call spy gadgets mentioned here are not publicly available, but if you have deep pockets, it shouldn’t be a problem to get any of these. Anyway, before buying and using spy devices, it’s a good idea to study legal facts, or you could find FBI knocking your door sooner or later.

Read more about cool tech gadgets from Is you have any comments and/or questions, please post them below!

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