Top 10 Romantic Ways To Propose A Girl

Best marriage proposal ideas & unique ways to propose

In the life of any man there comes a moment, when he meets the right woman, who he wants to become his wife and a life partner. The main step to it is of course to propose.

There are many ways of doing this, and this article contains ten the most romantic and unusual of such methods. If you choose one of them, the day of your proposal will definitely become the most memorable moment in the life of both of you.

To ask a girl’s family for her hand in marriage


If you are a type of man who highly respect family values, then this method of making proposal is exactly what you need. You can book a table at a restaurant and invite your future wife together with her parents in order ask for their permission and blessing.

If you want to make this event less official, you can cook dinner by yourself and invite them to your house. It is a perfect opportunity to demonstrate your culinary talents and hospitality, as well as to show how serious and sincere you are in your intention.

To turn your proposal into a public event


This method is usually chosen by the most courageous and confident people because not everyone is brave enough in order to tell about his feelings openly in public. If you are one of them and you want everyone to know about your love, then you can choose one of many opportunities to propose in public.

For example, you can do at a cinema theatre when the movie is over. Another good and quite popular location is a football match that always gathers thousands of people. If you often attends musical events and concerts together, then you can also come up on stage and propose in front of hundreds of spectators.

To propose on the radio


If you are sure that your girlfriend is a regular radio listener and always turns on the radio when she is at home or behind the wheel of a car, then choose this romantic way to propose.

You can call to the radio station, order your girlfriend’s favourite song and then to say the magic words that definitely every girl wants to hear. The only disadvantage of this method is that you cannot see her immediate reaction and emotions.

To propose on a beach


It is a very romantic way to propose especially if you are travelling with your girlfriend and spending your vacation somewhere on an exotic island. You can bring your girlfriend to the beach at sunset, when there is nobody at the beach, get down on one knee and present her a box with the ring to the sound of waves. To make this moment more atmospheric you can also hide the ring in a sea shell.

To propose on the Eiffel Tower in Paris


It is probably the most expensive but the most romantic way to propose. Thousands of couples every year come to the capital of France in order to spend honeymoon, to get married or celebrate their engagement in this the most romantic capital in the world.

If you are also in Paris, go to the Eiffel Tower and propose to your girl on the observation deck with the view of Paris. What could be more exciting and sentimental?

To propose in the sky with the help of a plane


It is also quite expensive, but very original and memorable way to propose. For this method you will need the following: a skilled pilot with a plane and clear blue sky. Bring your girlfriend outdoors for a walk or picnic and ask the pilot at the right moment to draw in the sky the magic words “Will you marry me?” You can be sure that your girlfriend will appreciate such a romantic gesture, and you will hear the magic “Yes”.

To propose on the seabed


It is a little extreme but very original way to proposed to your beloved girlfriend. While scuba diving together, you can present to your woman a box with a ring. You just need to be careful in order not to drop it and lose somewhere on the seabed. The only one disadvantage of such method is that you cannot hear her emotional “Yes!” and cannot say how much you love her.

To propose somewhere high in clouds


Just imagine how romantic could be to propose high above the ground in the clouds while crossing the sky and watching beautiful landscapes around. It will be even more romantic and memorable if you do it at sunset when the sun sets. You can also turn on romantic music and open a bottle of champagne in order to celebrate the moment.

To propose with a photo album


This method is perfect for those couples who like to take photographs and then look at them together. In order to realize this idea, you need to print your photographs with the girlfriend, to buy a new photo album and then to fill it with the photographs. Every picture can be also added with a romantic phrase of description of a memorable moment.

Then the second half of the photo album should consist of wedding pictures and photographs of happy families, while on the last page you should attach the ring and write a sacred question “Will you marry me?”. You can be sure that this day and moment you both will remember forever.

To propose in a funny way


If your girlfriend has a good sense of humour, likes going to the circus and just loves funny and humorous stuff, then you definitely should choose this method and prepare for her an interesting surprise. Hire a couple of clowns and ask them to meet your girlfriend after work or studies. Ask them to make a funny performance for her, at the end of which she receives a box with a ring in it. While she is still confused and shocked, it is time for you to show up with a bunch of flowers.

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