Top 10 reasons for divorce

What causes divorce?

10 Reasons Causing Divorce

Most relationships are getting complex with time, as the partners are busy trying to make things and processes easier, with an aim making life easy. Although breakthroughs in understanding the world better have been found, daily life is losing meaning on the other hand. Marriage is among the most relationships in the lives of humans, but it is currently an institution of trial and error experiment. Below are some top common reasons leading to separation in marriages.

1. Finances

Reasons For Divorce

Although the lack of finances might not be the main cause of divorce, finances contribute to troubled relationships, leading to divorce.

The primary contribution of finances in leading to divorces is caused by the difference in opinion between the partners, on what or how to spend the money available.

The root cause is when one of the partners is a great saver, while the other partner is a complete spendthrift. In such a case, the couple will always have arguments over money matters, regularly or even daily based on their expenses and way of life. If these arguments will continue repeatedly, friction will increase, while the bonding between the couple will become weaker, and at some point, they only way to solve the issue practically will be divorce.

2. Inequality in relationship

Reasons For Divorce

The most fundamental thing in any marriage or relationship is equality because marriage is made up of two equals.

Therefore, any form of inequality is likely to cause rifts between the two equals. Examples of factors contributing to inequality in marriages and relationships come in terms of household responsibilities and financially.

Immediately the feeling of inequality gets into the mind of either partner, if the two will not have a healthy communication, the feeling might not go, and at one point if it reaches the maximum, divorce will be the only solution.

3. Infidelity by one of the partner

Reasons For Divorce

When two people get into a serious relationship or marriage, they share every single aspect of themselves and come to an agreement of staying committed to their relationship until death.

However, this is not always the case, because adultery or cheating by one or both partners leads to killing every life out of the marriage.

When one of the partners gets into an affair with a sidekick, out of their relationship or marriage, the cheated partner gets agonized psychologically and emotionally. As a result, a gap is created between the two. If the cheating partner gets involved in making things work out, but he or she fails to show total commitment to the heartbroken partner, the two will eventually divorce. In the present world, infidelity in both young and old relationships is the primary contributor of divorces and heartbreaks.

4. Domestic violence

Domestic violence is the main reason as to why the numbers of single parents have increased rapidly in the whole world, over the past few years. Irrespective of how one partner loves the other, he or she will at one point get tired of the abuse.

Domestic violence is well known and cases get reported daily, and it’s clear that nobody is ready to stay in such a marriage for the rest of their lives. Although divorce is the only option in a marriage characterized by domestic violence, the victim of abuse finds the decision and process very tough. Upon initiating the process of divorce, the victim of abuse should ensure they are safe from possible dangers.

5. A lot of argument

Reasons For Divorce

One thing you should note is that every human relationship is made up of arguments. Despite the fact that there will be some minor frictions in the process of the partners getting to understand each other well, the strength of the relationship cannot be never be broken by such minor arguments.

However, if such arguments happen regularly, and the two partners do not come to an agreement over things creating the difference, it might lead to separation, especially when one the partners get tired of arguments and lack of peace in the relationship. Nevertheless, marriage is a matter of disagreeing and agreeing when opinions are different, and not making a similar opinion on all things.

6. Lack of communication

Reasons For Divorce

It does not matter how your marriage is healthy, but immediately the marriage gets some communication gap, it will be the beginning of resentments, coldness, distrust and doubt.

Lack of communication in a relationship can work for men, but on the other hand, women mostly get more sensitive and emotional, and it gets difficult for them to assume how things are unfolding. Once the communication gap hits them hard, women will walk away from their marriage. Without communication in marriage, it is hard to do even the basic things together.

7. Unattainable expectations

Reasons For Divorce

The greatest disaster in any personal or formal relation is having unattainable expectations. Expectations typically run high in marriage. Although committing your life to someone is a bold step, it becomes true when both partners are committed.

For everyone to enjoy life in marriage, the partners should be ready to grow as one in the relationship. If one of the partners is not committed in marriage, there is likeliness of divorce happening.

Additionally, some marriages happen before even courtship happens to know the true character of the other partner. It’s only after moving together you realize their true character of the partner, and how committed he or she is to the promises given. If the expectations from the partner are far much from what you anticipated, lack of comfort might lead to separation.

8. Marrying at a tender age

Marrying too young

The center for disease control and prevention states that within the first fifteen years, almost half of teenage marriages ends.

For couples married in their mid-twenties, the number of such cases is at 35%. For any marriage to be successful, the partners should understand where they are coming from, and both of them should mature enough to know what they want in their relationship.

Young couples who started their marriage journey in their 20s and teen years are likely to change their characters with time because they get married at years of experimenting and learning various things in life.

9. Lack of playing your roles

Reasons For Divorce

Once you get married and you get a baby in your marriage life, it is obvious that both of you will have to adapt to new roles of being parents.

Nevertheless, the partners fail to understand they are still couples in the process. If this continues, the partners lose the bonding, and they will hardly get something to share or time for each, hence a higher chance of separating.

Alternatively, if one of the partners cannot play his or her role in marriage, such as providing for the family if you are a man or keeping your house and children if you are the woman, the other partner gets turned off, lose interest in the other, or even end up separating.

10. Career goals and personal differences

Why Divorce

The basis of having a successful marriage is the couple having interests that are shared, and going ahead to explore the shared interests together as a couple.

Once the couple is married, they might start growing apart, if they do not find career or personal related common interests. Over time, the marriage might lack meaning and end up in divorce, because the partners start living in their personal shells. Also, in a case where one or both partners are more committed to their careers than their partners, they lose their meaning of marriage, thus ending up in separation.

Having known the cause of divorce, it is possible to avoid it in your marriage, if you are both committed to work on the causes and be true to each other. Nevertheless, communication, commitment and lack of infidelity in marriages are essential to avoiding divorces, as well as making your marriage happier.

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