Prime Minister Sanna Marin Party Video Destroys Finland Reputation

Finnish PM got drunk & dances wildly

Prime Minister Sanna Marin (SD) ruined Finland’s reputation in the world with her irresponsible behavior, which was revealed thanks to a leaked party video. The matter was reported by e.g. Reuters, CNN, New York Times, Washington Post and YLE news etc.

Watch Sanna Marin Party Video

Finland’s Prime minister Sanna Marin drunk

In the video, the prime minister dances wildly in front of the camera in a way that reminds of a sex worker working in a strip club. There are also other intoxicated people in the video, whom Marin says she didn’t know all of them.

When watching the video, it is clear that no one is sober, and according to several media, it seems that in the video some speaking refers to drugs.

Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin Drunk

The prime minister denies drugs, but due to public pressure, he had to take a drug test. However, this was a purely political trick, as the test does not reveal anything about whether the Prime Minister was under the influence at the time the video was shot. The question also arises whether Marin deliberately delayed taking the test.

Sanna Marin’s party video 2022 was widely publicized both in Finland and around the world. The Prime Minister appeals to his privacy and those who defend him say that the Prime Minister can do whatever he wants in his free time.

However, this is not the case, because the prime minister is subject to the highest possible threshold in terms of how the office affects how the office holder should also behave in his private life. For example, even as private individuals, police officers cannot do certain things due to their position.

The prime minister is a completely public figure whose privacy protection is significantly weaker than that of the “normal citizen”. Everything that the prime minister does, even as an individual, affects his administration and the image of Finland because he represents the country as one of the highest office holders constantly, even in when free time.

Therefore, Sanna Marin’s behavior is unforgivable and shows a gross disregard for the interests of Finland.

It is clear that what happened requires the resignation of the prime minister, however, Marin does not have the “guts” to resign and, judging by his comments, he is trying to sweep away the so-called incident that happened together with the SDP parliamentary group.

Sanna Marin drunk party video

This was not the first time that Marin’s partying has made headlines. Last time, he took the partygoers to the prime minister’s official residence in Kesäranta. Is the state-owned official residence intended for such use? Is the prime minister’s alcohol use under control or has it gotten out of control to the point that it jeopardizes his ability to perform his duties?

Marin also made an unforgivable mistake during the 2021 corona restrictions that his government had put into effect. He irresponsibly broke them instantly by going out again to party in Helsinki’s nightlife, regardless of the information he received a little earlier that he has been exposed to the coronavirus. At the same time, Marin also left the Prime Minister’s official phone at his home, which is against the requirements. In other words, Sanna Marin’s behavior showed gross disregard for the health of others and the rules

The question arises, in what kind of hands is the leadership of Finland?

PM Marin continues drunk parties

Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin caught on video dancing intimately with an unknown man at Teatteri night club at Helsinki.

Sanna is married, but she is not dancing with her husband in this video sparking controversy about the status of the marriage after the prime minister’s wild partying with her “jauhojengi” friends recently.

Teatteri VIP is known for celebrities and extensive drinking as well as one-night hookups.

The question is if this is acceptable behavior for the Prime Minister of Finland especially as she takes repeatedly her drunken friends to the official residence to continue wild parties after nightclubs close.

Finland’s prime minister apologized after the publication of a photo that showed two women kissing and posing topless at the official summer residence of the country’s leader.

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