NASA Planned to Switch Off ISS Live Video Feed Permanently Because Of UFO Appearances

Whistleblower Saved ISS Live Feed and NASA Was Forced To Create Cover Up Story

After first announcing switching off ISS live video feeds in internal memo last year, NASA was forced to back off and cover up whole thing as it caused major protests not only from some inner circle officials but also ISS partners such as European Space Agency ESA.

NASA acted very quickly, there were billions on the play as ESA is in addition to NASA the another main financier of the whole International Space Station.

Why NASA wanted to phase out ISS live video feed permanently?

ISS is live video coming from ISS 24h, originally it was for scientific purposes, for example testing how CMOS works in space conditions. However, quite fast it came obvious for NASA, that whole project was a mistake.

That was because live videos showed continuously something that the U.S. Government and NASA sees unsuitable for public eyes. There were plenty of strange lights, orbs, UFOs and alien crafts! And those appeared not rarely, but almost daily!

They instructed operators to cut of feed when something unusual appear on screen, but operators are not always quick enough, and still today we can see many times UFOs on screen – few seconds – just before they cut the feed. But, even these few seconds all together are enormous mounting evidence. That’s why they deiced to phase out whole live feed project. To hide alien crafts and cover up UFOs.

ESA and ROSKOSMOS force NASA to keep ISS live vide feed online

Unfortunately for NASA, ISS live feed become very popular around the world, including many people in Europe, Japan and Asia. In that case we are especially interested in Europe, as it seems that someone in very high position used his power at European Space Agency ESA to say that ESA will not accept world wide blackout.

Our source says that actually also Russians were involved in after that ESA official contacted ROSCOSMOS. They said basically, but using diplomatic language, that no US astronaut will be carried to the ISS or back to the earth, if live feed will be cut. That was 2016, when the only way to get to ISS was using Russian rockets, and only way to get back to the Earth was also using Russian capsules.

Who leaked NASA memo?

The inner circle source says that it was actually one of NASA webmasters, who enjoys privilege to see all ISS feeds “uncensored” as he is one of operators who is responsible for cutting off “things unsuitable for public”, who turned the tables.

The source says that webmaster / operator understands that not everything is yet suitable for public eyes, and of course there are contracts with penalties forcing NASA employees be quiet, but he also things that the line goes somewhere.

This time it was enough for this 30 years something engineer, that NASA decided cut the whole live feed program, simply stop it. So, he decided to send NASA’s internal memos using TOR network to some people working at ESA, and also to some of his friends at Russia. That was enough.

ISS Live Feeds Still Are (a)live!

It took only a few days after leak. NASA was forced to change plans, they came up with cover up story saying that “NASA TV channel is phasing out a daily, 30 minute show called “Space Station Live”.

They were also forced to emphasize at NASA website that Space Station Live is not the same as the live video feeds from the station as NASA’s internal memo continued to spread and cause angry calls to NASA HQ from around the world. In fact, that cover up story with notes is still at NASA website!

So, big thanks to that NASA whistleblower who saved ISS Live Feeds. Big thanks also for ESA, and ROSCOSMOS for supporting more transparency about space and what is out there.

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