Top 15 Most Famous Beaches In The World

Discover the most beautiful beaches

There are thousands of beaches on our planet: some of them are very popular and attract millions of tourists, while others are wild and remote. In this article we will introduce you to 15 most famous beaches on our planet that are especially attractive to tourists because of their uniqueness and beauty, and that are definitely worth visiting.

Bottom Bay, Barbados


Bottom Bay is a wide expansive beach that is enclosed by coral riffs and provides a panoramic and a very picturesque view of the south shore. Though it is considered to be quite a remote beach with a very peaceful atmosphere, it is a very popular spot for picnics. Moreover, more and more rich people prefer to buy houses there on the top of cliffs and to move to the paradise island.

Cape Maclear, Malawi


A gorgeous and picturesque beach Cape Maclear is located at the stunning Lake Malawi. Visitors come here not only with an intention to see the beautiful beach with their own eyes, but also in order to get unforgettable experience and positive emotions. They are offered a variety of outdoor and recreational activities including swimming in absolutely clear water, kayaking and snorkelling.

Margaret River, Australia


Margaret River is one of favourite places among surfers, who come here for hardcore experience. However, even if you are not fond of surfing, you will still enjoy your stay there with its white soft sand, timid climate and picturesque views. If you are tired of lying on the beach, you can always find some others things to do – for example to try fine mouth-watering wine in one of wineries located there.

Boulders Beach, Cape Town


Boulders beach with its soft white sand lies around the corner from Simon’s Town and is believed to be one of the most famous and popular beaches in Africa. However, it is not famous for its crystal azure water or incredible natural beauty, but rather for its residents – penguins. Every year thousands of tourists from all corners of the planet come here in order to watch one of the biggest colony of African penguins occupied the beach.

Whitehaven beach, Australia


Australia is fairly considered one of the most beautiful and gorgeous beaches in the world because of its location in the heart one of the most wonderful natural wonder – Great Barrier Reef. Being protected by Whitsunday Islands National Park, it has been also voted the cleanest beach in the province of Queensland and one of the most eco-friendly beaches on the planet. It attracts thousands of tourists by its blue and green water and unique white sand that is 98% pure white silica.

Venice Beach, California, the United States


This beach locate just south of Santa Monica is funky, eclectic and absolutely a unique place that is famous for its beachfront boardwalk and vivid atmosphere created by the scene of happenings and local characters. If you decide to walk along it, you will definitely not get bored: it is like 24-7 carnival with music, street performances and shows.

Balos Beach, Crete, Greece


If you are search for a secluded and beautiful beach in Greece, then Balos Beach is definitely for you. Though it is quite popular and is mentioned in many tour guides as a must-visit place, usually there are only a few people. The reason of it is that the beach is quite remote and the road to it is challenging, but it is definitely worth it: it is a magic place with a bright sandy shore and turquoise azure sea.

Warwick Long Bay, Bermuda


Warwick Long Bay beach is a magnificent place with a long shore of pink sands, which makes it the most astonishing and picturesque beaches in Bermuda. It is a popular location among morning swimmers, horseback riders and joggers, as well as real romantic, who some there to see orange and pink sunsets. It is a perfect spot for those, who want to escape from the beach crowd and enjoy some solitude.

Crane Beach, Barbados


Warm Caribbean sun, tropical breeze, powder-soft pink sand gracing feet – yes, it is Crane Beach that deserves to be called the true ultimate paradise for individual travellers, families and couples. In addition, its playful waves create perfect condition for adventure lovers and adrenaline seekers, who want to try boogie boarding or body surfing.

Tulum Beach, Mexico


The main attraction that this beach is famous for are Tulum ruins – the remains of ancient Mayan history that are mysteriously located on the edge of a large cliff facing the ocean. However, it is not the only one attraction that the beach is ready to offer to its visitors: below the cliff there azure waters waiting for wave and diving lovers.

Bora Bora, Tahiti


If you still do not know where the paradise on the Earth is located, then you should go to this Tahitian beach and see it with your own eyes. Peaceful atmosphere, white sands, green peaks of mountains on the horizon and caressing sun – this all helps you to relax and gives rise to a desire to stay in this place forever.

St. Bart’s, Caribbean Sea


St. Bart’s is a small island located in the Caribbean Sea and is famous for fourteen beautiful beaches with lines of white sands washed by warm salty water. They are able to delight everyone who arrives there for alluring beauty, unforgettable experience and delicious French delicacies.

Champagne Beach, Vanuatu


The beach is located on the island Espiritu Santo, and it got its interesting name thanks to the volcanic activity below the water: the gas that escapes from volcanic rocks becomes bubbles looking like fizzy champagne. Though this beach is quite popular, it does not look over developed or too crowded. Also, this beach is believed to have the cleanest white sands and the clearest sea water, which makes it one of the best beaches on the planet.

Rabbit Beach, Sicily, Italy


This beach, voted as the best beach in the world in 2013 according to TripAdvisor, is located on a small island Lampedusa. It is set in the Mediterranean sea and creates a picturesque combination of azure water and sandy coastline. In addition, it is known as the habitat of sea-turtles, who often drop off their eggs right on the shore.

Navagio Beach, Greece


Navagio Beach that is also known as the Shipwreck beach, is located in Zakinthos and became famous after one incident. In 1983 the shipping vessel called the Panagiotis crashed on its shore. According to the reports the ship was smuggling drugs and cigarettes. Though many years passed, people still continue visiting the beach not just for enjoyable beach experience, but also in order to see the vessel’s remains.

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