Most expensive Houses in the world

What is the most expensive house in the world?

Owning a house is arguably one of the important dreams for middle-class individuals. On the contrary, some of the richest people dream of having a house that would stand tall on parameters like luxury and comfort. Such houses are rare and expensive, so we at decided to publish the Ten Most expensive Houses in the world list revealing also the most expensive house in the world.

Here is a list of houses that are considered as the most expensive in the world today.

Buckingham Palace – price $1.55 billion

Buckingham Palace is located in the City of Westminster, the Buckingham Palace is considered as the most expensive house in the world. This palace is the resident of the Queen of England.

The palace has 775 rooms which include 188 rooms for all the staffs, 78 bathrooms, 92 offices, 52 bedrooms and 19 staterooms. The owner of the Buckingham Palace is the British Sovereign. Currently, the Buckingham Palace is owned, since the year 1952, by Queen Elizabeth II.

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Antilia – price $1 billion

The Antilia, owned by Indian businessman Mukesh Ambani, owner of the Reliance Group of Companies & one of the wealthiest men in Asia and in India.

The building has a unique and untraditional architecture. The modern building is spread across 400,000 square feet and is 27 storied with 6 underground parking floors and 3 helipads. The Antilia reportedly requires 600 staffs.

Villa Leopolda – price $750 million

The Villa Leopolda is owned by the Brazilian philanthropist, Lily Safra. The mansion is built on 50 acres of land. The mansion includes a greenhouse which is almost as big as a commercial building. It also has a helipad and an outhouse kitchen.

The Villa Leopolda is a massive detached house in Villefranche-sur-Mer situated in the Alpes Maritimes department on the French Rivera. The Villa Leopolda was seen as a location for movies like The Red Shoes (1984) and Alfred Hitchcock film To Catch a Thief (1955).

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Four Fairfield Pond – price $248.5 million

The owner of this very expensive house is Ira Rennert. Four Fairfield Pond is in Sagaponack, New York. The building is spread across an area of 63 acres.

The building has an in-built power plant. It has 29 bedrooms with 39 bathrooms & a massive 91-foot long huge dining room. The building also has a bowling alley, tennis courts, squash courts and a basketball court.

Kensington Palace – price $222 million

The Kensington Palace is owned by the biggest steel manufacturer in the world, Lakshmi Mittal.

The Kensington Palace has total 12 bedrooms with Indoor pool and Turkish baths. The residential building has a parking space that can easily accommodate 20 cars.

Ellison Estate – price $200 million

The Ellison Estate Mansion is owned by the co-founder of Oracle, Larry Ellison. As of February 2017, Larry Ellison is listed as the seventh wealthiest person in the world by the Forbes magazine. The Japanese styled Ellison State is situated at Woodside in California. The Ellison Mansion looks more like a compound than a house. It consists of ten buildings. The compound also has a man-made lake called a koi pond, a tea house and a bath house. The compound is spread across an area of 23 acres.

Hearst Castle – price $191 million

The current owner of the Hearst Castle is William Randolph Hearsts. This house was used shooting for the very popular movie, The Godfather.

Over the time Hearst Castle hosted many famous personalities such as Clark Gable, Winston Churchill and Jackie Kennedy. Hearst Castle is spread across 127 acres. It has 56 bedrooms with 19 sitting rooms and 61 bathrooms. The Castle also has indoor & outdoor swimming pools, gardens, a movie theater, tennis courts, an airfield and the largest private zoo.

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Seven the Pinnacle – price $155 million

This property is the largest property in Yellowstone Club and is on the 8th position in the list of most expensive houses.

It is located in Big Sky, Montana. The house has several pools, heated floors, a wine cellar, a gym and ski lift. It also has golf community and a private ski. This property is owned by Tim Blixseth and Edra Blixseth.

Kensington Garden – price $140 million

The Kensington garden is extremely ornate and is in the Billionaires Row of London. The Kensington Palace is owned by Roman Abramovich, a Russian billionaire and is famous as the owner of the Chelsea Football Club of the English Premier League and an investment firm called Millhouse LLC.

This Kensington Palace is currently having plans for the addition of an underground extension with a health center, an auto museum and a tennis court. This building is the world’s 9th most expensive house.

Upper Phillimore Gardens – price $128 million

Located in London, Upper Phillimore Gardens is owned by Olena Pinchuk who is the daughter of Ukraine’s second president, Leonid Kuchma and is the founder of ANTI-AIDS. The Upper Phillimore Gardens is a 10 bedroom mansion. This mansion was once a prep school.

The Upper Phillimore Gardens has an underground swimming pool, cinema, gym and sauna. This mansion even has a panic room. This luxurious mansion is covered with gold and marble and also has priceless artworks.

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