Top 10 Most Expensive Handbag Brands In The World

Find out the what are the most expensive luxury handbags & purses

Handbags, pouches, or purses are fashionably designed personal items used by each and every woman. They are designed in different styles and color schemes, and their sizes and shapes also varies.

Likewise, there are different brands, with some brands designed for high-end markets where they serve as status symbols, while the average priced ones only serve the basic needs of an urbane woman.

Even so, urban chics have innovated novel ways of converting average-priced handbags into fashion items that enhance their appearance and beauty. Some do select handbags that match their dresses so as to improve their overall appearance, as well as make them look classy.

Still, no matter how innovative one can be with average priced handbags, she cannot match the suave aura and debonair of a woman wearing a high-end fashion handbag. These high-end fashion handbags are quite pricey, but the following 10 handbag brands have been rated as the most expensive in their niche.

Judith Leiber

Judith Leiber brand is renown for designed unique minaudieres that feature unmatched designs, innovative decorations, and superb decorations. Precious gems are precisely arranged and patterned so as to create suave decorations that radiate with brilliant lustre.

The company that makes this brand was started in 1963 by Judith Leiber, a Hungarian-born American fashion designer. Expectedly, these handbags are quite expensive, with the price rising if the pouch contains more precious gems.

For instance, the Precious Rose handbag is exquisitely designed and its decorations contain spphires and 42 carats of high-quality, precision-cut diamonds, alongside other precious stones; and it has an average price tag of USD90,000.

This brand has even been featured in movies, for instance, the cupcake minaudiere was featured in the popular American show, Sex and the City.


Prada is an Italian brand of high-end fashion handbags. This brand is renown for its amazing creations. It was started in 1913 by Mario Prada, and it has been recognized as an accomplished maker of luxury handbags. In fact, the Prada label is among the most sought fashion brand.

Prada also makes luxury clothes and apparel, as well as top-of-the-range perfumes; and a wealthy woman can therefore acquire a luxury Prada handbag that matches her stylish clothes and debonair perfume. Prada is know to be one of the world’s most expensive handbag brands.

Mouawad “The 1001 Nights Diamond handbag” $3.8 milj.

Mouawad 1001 Nights Diamond Purse World most expensive handbag

Mouawad is a Swiss luxury goods manufacturer of high-end jewelery and premium timepieces. It was started in 1890, and is renown for its expensive necklaces, lingeries, and the very high-priced diamond jewel called Mouawad Splendor.

Its headquaters is in Geneva, but due to the Middle East making up a very large proportion of its market, it established another headquarters in Dubai, United Arabs Emirates.

Its handbag brand is also known for uniquely-designed, and specially-decorated handbags, with its 1001 Nights Diamond handbag being the most known handbag.

The 1001 Nights Diamond handbag is a gold and diamond encrusted purse that was described as the most valuable handbag in the world in 2010 when it fetched a retail price of USD3,800,000.No wonder, Mouawad is known to be one of the world’s most expensive handbag brands.

Marc Jacobs “Carolyn Crocodile pouch” $50.000

This brand is named after its creator, Marc Jacobs, a renown American designer who previously worked for Louis Vuitton. Marc Jacobs currently owns 250 retail stores which sells luxury handbags to people in over 80 nations. The most popular handbag made by this brand is the Carolyn Crocodile pouch that is made from purple crocodile skin and retails for USD50,000.

Louis Vuitton “Tribute Patchwork” $26.000

This iconic brand belongs to the renown French fashion design house, Louis Vuitton Malletier. It was established in 1854, and its creator, Louis Vuitton, quickly made a name for himself as an expert maker of luxury fashion items.

For the past decades, this fashion house has gained a reputation of making high-end luxury leather products. Its handbags are also renown for their touch of refinement and fine taste. In fact, the New Age Traveller pouch brand is renown for its innovative design and creative decorations, and it comes with a pricey tag of USD26,000.

However, this is not their most expensive handbags brand as that pride goes to the LV Tribute Patchwork brand of luxury handbags of which only 24 pieces have been made since 2007.

Lana Marks handbag “Cleopatra” $100.000

This fashion brand is owned by Lana Marks, a fashion firm established by the South African fashion designer, Lana Marks. This fashion house is known for its exotic leather products which are made using rare quality leather derived from alligators, ostrich, crocodile, and lizard skins.

Lana Marks handbags have graced academy awards where they have been worn by female celebrities. To elaborate on their pricey nature, the Lana Marks Cleopatra handbag now retails for USD100,000. Lana Marks handbags are pricey because they feature 1500 diamonds set in an 18-carat white gold, which is in turn woven carefully into the leather by skilled artisans.

Hilde Palladino

This handbags brand was launched in 2001 by Hilde Palladino, an acclaimed Norwgian fashion designer. Each handbag is carefully crafted with attention being paid to even minute details so that each handbag stands out from the rest.

This also justifies their high-end price tags. Even so, these handbags are loved in Italy where the main consumer base is found. One of the most impressive pouch in the pack is the Gadino Limited Edition handbag, which is made using white crocodile skin adorned with white gold on which 39 diamonds have been set. This handbag retails for USD38,000 and is considered collectors consider it a very rare item in the handbags market.

Hermes Jane Birkin handbag $100.000

Hermes is a globally-renown luxury goods company. It was established in 1837 in Paris, France, as a manufacturer of exotic luxury items including leather products, high-end home finishings, exotic perfumes, pricey watches, and luxurious jewelry.

The company also prides itself of creating luxury handbags. In fact, it is stated that each of its handbags in the market is made in a single day using quality leather. Two of its most popular handbags are the Kelly handbag and the Birkin handbag which were popularized by Princess Grace Kelly and actress Jane Birkin respectively. In fact, the Birkin handbags are considered collectibles, and they retail for about USD100,000.

Fendi Baguette handbag $28.000

This is an Italian fashion brand that is created by Fendi, a luxury fashion company established in 1925 in Rome, Italy. Fendi handbags are renown for their eye-catching accessories and stylish fur designs. The most impressive items are the Baguette handbags which are made using black crocodile leather or white lambskin, and they normally retail for USD28,000.

Chanel – The most expensive handbag brand in the world

Chanel is regarded as the most expensive pouch brand in the world. This brand is made by Chanel S.A, a French fashion company established in 1909 in Paris, France. This brand exudes elegance and fine taste; and it rarely requires aggressive marketing as the market simply acknowledges it as the icon of the high-end fashion handbags. These handbags are very popular with celebrities.

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