Ten Most Expensive Computers in the World – All Time List

What is the most expensive computer in the world?

What once was only a luxury is now an everyday household item. The computer has become what is known as the greatest invention of the whole mankind. It is no doubt that the computer has made life easier. When the computer was a rare technology wonder available to only a few users, the price seemed to be overwhelmingly expensive. This was because the cost and limitations of production of these devices had to be met.

Today, it is possible to buy a brand new computer or laptop for as less as $300. While buying a brand new computer maybe cheap and affordable in most cases, there are a few systems that can cost so much that it’s hard to believe – and we are not yet speaking about quantum computers or so called super computers, but just ordinary computers, and laptops with some luxury & uniqueness, furthermore list includes also a few and very old historical models – which once were the latest available tech.

The following ten most expensive computers in the world have been listed based on their prices, and not based on their availability in the market today – as some are collectors items, actual price might be in a such case even higher, if it is ever for sale. Here are ten of the most expensive computers in the world.

1 The Luvaglio One Million Dollar Laptop

Priced at a million dollars, the computer has been deemed the most intriguing as well as expensive system in the world. It is no wonder that the jewel-laden, self-cleaning, state-of-the-art laptop has met with both intrigue and scepticism. Luvaglio has created it to not just have the look but also to have the features to impress anyone. It comes with a hard case and a soft fur exterior.

The system has state of the art internal features like a Blue-Ray Player as well as an mp3 player The laptop is dotted with diamonds throughout and has a power button stuffed with diamonds – that’s some real luxury.

However, it is a bit unclear if this was actually never available few years ago, and sure today it’s history – there’s no Luvagio for sale anymore – if ever were.

2 Otazu Ego Diamond laptop $350,000

The system stands second in the world’s most expensive computers. Price was $350,000 ten years ago. It was made by Dutch company Ego-Lifestyle, which seems to be out of business now. Most of the high end luxury laptop devices of the Ego systems come with designer handbag themes and start at a price range of about $5000.

The most expensive of these laptop series was the Otazu Ego Diamond. Studded with about 450 diamonds and Otazu motifs.

24k Gold MacBook Pro $30.000

This awesome device is every writers dream because of its amazing user interface, and motivating design. The device was priced at about $30,000. The exterior of the system is covered in 24k karat gold.Now there are also cheaper models available, so be sure to check out what’s for sale!

The system was designed by Computer Choppers, which is a gadget company that has quite a huge reputation for itself. The system has an apple logo that is made with multicolored diamonds. Now there is for sale gold plated MacBook Pro 13″ just for $10.000 only at luxuryelectronics.com.

Ego for Bentley Notebook $20.000

Price of Ego for Bentley Notebook was about $20,000 in 2008. Ego iis a result of a contract made in 2008 by the luxury company Ego and the British company Bentley.

The device was specifically made to target those that gave a lot of importance to the luxurious look. Designed with diamond stuffed Bentley leather, the device was hand built and only about 250 pieces were manufactured. The fact that these systems were limited edition makes it so expensive.

1975 IBM Portable Computer $19.975

This system was priced at $19,975 and costs almost as much as the Ego for Bentley Notebook. However, it is priced at such a high rate because it is the first minicomputer.

The system made huge wave in the 1970s because of its high tech features at the time. While it isn’t as portable as most notebooks today, it was created specifically for scientific researchers. The computer secures 5th place in the list of most expensive computers in the world.

Watch: IBM Portable Computer video

Yoyotech XDNA Aurum 24k $13.000

Yoyotech XDNA Aurum 24k was priced about $13,000, this computer was a gamer’s dream. While mobile gaming has become quite popular, the computer system aims to cater to the needs of those that are interested in 3D gaming, particularly in 4K.

The system is one of the most expensive computers in the world, and has set a benchmark for all those computer manufacturers that are responsible for creating gaming computers.

1979 Cromemco System Three $12.495

1979 Cromemco System Three was priced at $12,495 was created especially for those that were involved in government and military operations.

At the time, the system had exceptional features like a 5MB hard drive and 512Kb of RAM. The Cromemco System Three could run Z80 Basic and Fortran IV. It might seem like a joke that the system was so expensive considering the features but it is a fact that this system is one among the most expensive computer systems in the world.

1983 Apple Lisa $10.000

This computer system was available for almost $10,000. The device developed by Apple made huge waves because of the fact that it was named after the CEO Steve Job’s daughter.

The device came with high end features like a 5MHZ Motorola CPU, 1MB of RAM as well as the option to get a 5MB external hard drive. The shocking thing about the computer was the fact that the device was meant for the everyday average Joe and yet was ranged at close to $10,000.

Voodoo Envy H171 $6500

Voodoo Envy H171 was priced at about $6500 and is packed with amazing specifications like a 600GB hard drive capacity and 4GB of RAM. It has a 17 inch wide display and has a state of the art NVIDIA Graphics card as well as a Core 2 Extreme CPU.

It has quite an intriguing and graceful design and comes with a wide range of colors. The device secures 9th place in the list of most expensive computers in the world.

1989 Macintosh Portable $6500

1989 Macintosh Portable is an another product of Apple in the world’s most expensive computers all time list, it is also another system that can not be compared to the fast and sleek Apple devices available today.

It is priced at the same range as the Voodoo Envy 171. The device came with a 16MHZ Motorola CPU and 1MB of RAM which was extendable to up to 9MB. The system came with hard drive capacity of 40MB.

The device came at $6500 and amounts to about $12,500 today. The device secures the last place in the list of most expensive computer systems in the world.


While it is easily available and affordable to buy a new computer today, it wasn’t always like this. To some people, luxury and look is just as important if not more important than the performance of the system.

Because of this, many computer manufacturing companies use expensive materials to develop systems for people who do have some money to spend – with style. There are systems available for thousands of dollars and are the perfect blend of high-tech features as well as luxurious looks.

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