The Most Expensive Buildings In The World

What is the world’s most expensive building?

The 10 buildings that have been rated as the most expensive buildings across the world in 2023. Modern cities take pride in their landmark buildings. Most of these buildings were quite expensive to build, and still costs a lot to maintain. Even so, these buildings can be compared to each other, and thereby rated in terms of cost, aesthetics, and architecture. reveals, the 10 buildings that have been rated as the most expensive buildings across the world are the following

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10. City of Dreams – price $2.40 Billion

Location: Macau, China.

Estimated Value: $2.40 Billion

City of Dreams is a hotel-casino complex consisting of four towers; Grand Hyatt Hotels twin towers, Crown Tower Hotel, and Hard Rock Hotel, and an adjacent luxury apartment block that is 47 floors high. This complex is designed to offer luxurious and memorable gambling experience. It is owned by Melco Crown Entertainment, the firm which financed its construction and now also manages it. It started operating in 2009.

City of Dreams prides itself of providing ample gambling space of approximately 420,000 square feet as well as offering 450 gaming tables and 1514 gaming machines. It also houses world-class bars, restaurants, shopping centers, and theaters. Its iconic Dancing Water theater, which started operating in 2010, displays exquisite artwork and spectacular water shows; and can comfortably accommodate an audience of 2000 spectators, and its pool holds up to 14 million liters of water.

9. The Venetian Macao – price $2.40 Billion

Location: Macau, China.

Estimated Value: $2.40 Billion

The Venetian Macao is a 39-story hotel-casino complex that operates as a luxury resort. It is owned by Las Vegas Sands, a reputable American firm. It is located in Cotai Strip, in Cotai area of Macau.

It started operating in August 2007. Its floor area is 980,000 square meters, which is equivalent to 10.5 million square foot, and is reputed to be the largest casino in the globe, and the largest hotel building in Asia. It houses 3000 suites, and its casino space spawns 51,000 square meters, 550,000 square feet, which is fitted with 800 gambling tables and 3400 slot machines. It also houses 350 branded retail outlets, 30 restaurants, and a 15,000 seats arena which is used for holding sport events.

8. Wynn Resort – price $2.70 Billion

Location: Las Vegas, United States.

Estimated Value: $2.70 Billion.

Wynn Las Vegas, also called Wynn Resort, is a 45-story casino and luxury resort owned by Wynn Resorts. It covers 615 acres, and has 2716 rooms, as well as a convention center, a casino, and a beach club. It also houses several wedding chapels and famous branded retail outlets such as Chanel, Cartier, Dior, Brioni, McQueen and Alexander. The gaming space covers 10,300 square meters, 110,000 square feet.

7. One World Trade Center – price $3.80 Billion

Location: New York, United States.

Estimated Value: $3.80 Billion.

One World Trade Center is a 104 story super-tall structure located in Lower Manhattan. Its height is 546 meters, 1792 feet.

It is christened the Freedom Tower because it is built to replace the Twin Towers which were destroyed in 2001. It was designed by the famed architect, David Childs, and a features concrete-core shear wall that is supported by a durable steel frame. Office space occupies 71 floors. It also houses the 9/11 memorial museum.

6. Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas – price $3.90 Billion

Location: Las Vegas, United States.

Estimated Value: $3.90 Billion.

Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas is a hotel-casino complex that operates as a luxury resort. It is popularly known as The Cosmo or The Cosmopolitan. It consists of two towers, the Chelsea Tower and the Boulevard Tower, and both are 184 meters tall. It is owned by the Blackstone Group, and was built by Duetsche bank, which is based in Germany.

The Cosmo has 3000 rooms, branded retail outlets, an 1800-seat theater, and spa and fitness facilities; and its casino space measures 10,000 square meters, 110,000 square feet. It is also the most expensive hotel building in las vegas.

5. Emirates Palace – price $3.90 Billion

Location: Abu Dhabi, U.A.E United Arab Emirates.

Estimated Value: $3.90 Billion.

Emirates Palace is a seven-star luxury hotel featuring 114 domes that was designed to showcase Arabian culture. The government of Abu Dhabi owns the hotel, and also uses it as its official guest palace. It started operating in 2005. Its lead architect and designer was John Elliot, a British architect. The total floor area is estimated to be 850,000 square meters.

It has 394 residences, 302 rooms and 92 suites. It also has 16 Palace suites, a marina, a helipad, and its parking space can accommodate 2500 vehicles. Its spectacular lawns and gardens occupy 85 hectares of beach land.

4. Resorts World Sentosa – price $4.93 Billion

Location: Sentosa Island, Singapore.

Estimated Value: $4.93 Billion.

Resorts World Sentosa is a luxury integrated resort owned by Genting Group. It comprises Beach Villas, Crockfords Towers, and five luxury hotels; Equarius Hotel

Festive Hotel, Hotel Michael, Hard Rock Hotel, and Genting Hotel Jurong. It sits on a a 49-hectare piece of real estate in Sentosa Gateway area. It commenced operations in January 2010.

It houses the Maritime Experiential Museum, FestiveWalk shopping mall, and Marine Life Park, as well as assorted restaurants and retail outlets. Its casino is world-famous, and its total gambling space is estimated to be 15,000 square meters, 160,000 square feet.

3. Marina Bay Sands – price $5.5 Billion

Location: Marina Bay, Singapore.

Estimated Value: $5.5 Billion.

Marina Bay Sands is a standalone integrated resort billed as the most expensive casino property in the world. It is located in Bayfront Subzone of Downtown Core area of Marina Bay. Its iconic cantilevered 340-meters long Sands SkyPark top covers three towers, and features a Skypark that can accommodate 3,900 people, and the infinity swimming pool which is located on the area overhanding the North tower. Each of the three towers is 55 story high, and the entire structure is 200 meters tall, and hence allows people to enjoy a panoramic view of the skyline and landscape of Singapore. The entire resorts occupies 15.5 hectares, and is owned by Las Vegas Sands.

Moshe Safdie architects designed the resort, and the lead architect during its construction was Aedas. It has 2561 rooms, and its casino has a total gambling space of 15,000 square meters, 160,000 square feet. It also houses restaurants, exhibition centers, night clubs, theaters, and branded retail outlets.

2. Olkiluoto Third Reactor – price $8.5 billion

Location: Eurajoki, Finland.

Estimated Value: $8.5 billion.

Olkiluoto Third Reactor is a nuclear power plant operated by Pohjolan Voima through its subsidiary, Teollisuuden Voima. The initial construction cost was projected to be US$3 billion, but the actual construction cost spiked to US$8.5 billion. This makes it more expensive than any skyscraper housing a casino or resort. In fact, its construction cost is equivalent to the value of 3 One World Trade Center skyscrapers. The 2 boiling water plants of the reactor are projected to have a combined electrical power production capacity of about 17.6 Megawatts.

1. Abraj Al Bait – $15 Billion

Location: Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

Estimated Value: $15 Billion.

Abraj al-Bait is a state-owned skyscraper complex consisting of seven hotel towers designed to cater to the accommodation needs of Muslim pilgrims who are in Mecca. For this reason, it is located near Masjid al-Haram, the holiest mosque according to Islamic teachings. Its central hotel tower features a large clock face, and also allows pilgrims to enjoy a view of the courtyard of Masjid al-Haram. The highest tower in the complex is 120 story tall. It is also the most expensive hotel building in the world.

It was designed by Dar Al-Handasah architectural group, which is based in Lebanon. It started operating in 2012. The Saudi government owns the complex.

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