13 Best Ways to Make Someone Feel Better

Discover easy ways to how to make someone feel much better

We all faced situations when someone around us feels blue and sad, but we do not always know what to do in such situations and how to make this upset person to feel better. However, regardless the situation, obstacles and the reason of someone’s sadness, there is always something you can do in order to change his or her mood, return joy and make a person smile.

In this article we at Wondertabloid.com want to tell about the best and the most creative ways to make someone feel better.

Listen to their problems


If someone is feeling down, one of the best ways to make them feel better is to listen about their problems. Very often people need just to vent – this helps them to take another look at the situation and realize that it is better than it could ever be.

You do not even have to say anything – it will be just enough if you are a good listener and let people talk.

Give a hug


It has been proved that hugging has healing power. It is a kind of tool that is able to warm and comfort because according to researches hug is able to make you feel better because it creates an illusion of being inside the mother’s womb.

Therefore, hug everyone who feels bad or sad and be assured that even a short hug help a person to become happier.

Offer hot drink or food


It could be really helpful if you offer to your upset friend hot tea, cocoa or a snack. For example, there are certain kinds of food that release the hormone of happiness called endorphins.

In many cases exactly this hormone is responsible for our mood and mental state. The most common food that contains endorphins is chocolate. So, why not to offer to your friend a cup of tea with a bar of chocolate?

Offer your help


Very often when people feel bad, they are afraid and ashamed to ask someone for help. Therefore, instead of waiting for them to ask, offer your help first. You can remind that you are ready to lend your hand and do all that is needed in order to make your friend will better.

Usually even little help with such daily chores as going to a supermarket, washing dishes and clothes, or cooking can bring significant positive results and make a person smile again.

Remind about positive things and moments


If you are depressed, sad, disappointed and upset, it is easy to paint your life black and be focused only on the negative side of it. Therefore, your task in this case is to help your friend to see life and the situation from a different perspective, as well as to remind that there are many other moments and things to be happy about.

Organize a movie night


One of the best and the most effective methods to take mind of existing troubles that are making sad is to watch a good movie in good company. Invite a person, who is sad, to your cinema party and choose a movie that can cheer him or her up.

We recommend to choose a light romantic comedy, while thrillers, detectives or movies with a wicked and difficult plot is definitely not the best choice.

Go for a walk


Everyone knows that fresh air is beneficial and very helpful. When you breath it and observe scenic landscapes around you while walking, it improves your mental state and mood.

Doctors and psychologists recommend to walk as much as possible, especially if there is a difficult situation or problem that do not allow to relax completely. Going for a walk together does not only make people happier, but also improves their relationships.

Make someone laugh


Laughing is also very powerful: when you laugh, your brain starts receiving signals that you are already happy, and the mood is becoming better. So do whatever you can in order to make someone laugh. It can be telling anecdotes, doing crazy funny dancing, or bringing a person to a comedy show.

Present a gift


A gift does not necessarily have to be expensive – just a bunch of flowers, a nice postcard with kind and encouraging words, or something handmade. The gift right from the heart is able not only to make anyone feel better, but even to heal. When a person receives a gift, he understands that there is still someone, who thinks about him or her and really cares.

Provide them with some space


There is a category of people, who need some space in order to feel better. Thus, if your friend or family member is one of them, it is better to leave him or her alone for a while and allow to recover without your direct involvement. It will be just enough to remind them that you are there and you are always ready to help if it is necessary.

Do something interesting together


It is always nice and funny to do some interesting things together. Does your friend or partner have a hobby? Is it drawing, cycling, cooking, photographing or birdwatching? Then suggest him or her to do it together. In case if you cannot remember anything special, then just choose any sport activity – it will release endorphins and make feel happier.

Give encouragement


Since we live in a very discouraging world, it might be very important to provide a person with some encouragement especially in difficult situations. Thus, if your friend is upset and feeling pessimistic, it is worth giving your optimistic view, and you can be sure that he or she will be very grateful for such support.

Share your similar experience


If your friend is in a difficult situation, you might support and help him by describing similar situations from your life and telling how did you solve them. It might be helpful because it gives a person understanding that he or she is not alone and there are other people who faced similar problems. It does not only make feel better, but gives hope for a positive outcome.

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