12 Health Benefits of Spinach You’re Unaware of

If you a fan of healthy nutrition and you used to take care of your health and body, then you should definitely have spinach in your daily ration. Spinach is green leafy vegetable that grows in sunny and humid regions. The benefits of spinach have been known for many years since old times in ancient Persia, where it was used as a medical plant mostly.

Spinach is full of useful nutrients that have a positive effect on all organs, hair and skin. You can easily find it supermarkets today both fresh and frozen, as well as a mix with other vegetables and crops. In this article you will learn more about top 12 health benefits of this vegetable that is a key to your health and beauty.

Spinach improves vision

Spinach improves vision
Spinach in known to improve vision

Spinach is rich in beta-carotene, xanthine, and lutein – three elements that have a positive impact on vision. Spinach helps to fight with dryness of eyes and itchy eyes, and contributes to the cornea healing due to its anti-inflammatory qualities. If you want to get the maximum of benefits from spinach for your eyes, it is recommended to cook it.

It normalizes the arterial pressure

normalizes the arterial pressure
Spinach helps to It normalize the arterial pressure

The high concentration of potassium and the absence of sodium makes spinach a perfect product for those people, who suffer from high blood pressure. Moreover, it also includes folate – an element that is able to relax blood vessels and to reduce hypertension. As a result, an overall tension in the cardiovascular system is decreased which reduces the risk of a possible stroke and heart attack.

Prevents development of stomach ulcer

Prevents development of stomach ulcer
Spinach is known to help prevent development of stomach ulcer

It has been proved already that spinach is able to protect the mucus membrane of the stomach, which minimizes the possibility of development of stomach ulcer. Moreover, there is a high concentration of lipids in spinach by improving the overall condition of the digestive tract and preventing any possible inflammation there.

Spinach is beneficial for pregnant women

Spinach is known to be beneficial for pregnant women

Doctors highly recommend pregnant women to eat this vegetable as much as possible, since it contributed to proper and healthy development of embryo and formation of its nervous system. As it has been found out by researchers, the reason of most birth effects is the lack of folate – one of the main elements contained in spinach. In addition, this green vegetable is rich in vitamin A that also contributes to the growth of the fetus’ organism. Spinach is also recommended for nursing mothers because it improves the quality of the mother’s milk and enriches it with all necessary microelements.

It strengthens the immune system

smiling women eats spinach
Eating spinach could help strengthen the immune system

Due to the high concentration of useful microelements and vitamins, spinach can be considered the leading product for strengthening the immune system. Moreover, there is a number of antioxidants in spinach that protect the enzymes, the task of which to repair any DNA damage and to enhance the capacity of the human body to rejuvenate itself.

Spinach has anti-cancer properties

Spinach has anti-cancer properties
Various researches confirms that spinach has anti-cancer properties

Many researches showed that there are certain beneficial constituents found in spinach that contribute to prevention of different forms of cancer. It is especially successful in fighting with such types as lungs, prostate, bladder and liver cancers. Even if the cancer has already developed, spinach might help, since there are carotenois, violaxanthin and neoxanthin that minimize the activity of tumour and do not allow cancer to spread throughout the body.

It promotes bone mineralization

Eating Spinach regularly promotes bone mineralization

Among all the elements and vitamins contained in spinach, one of the most beneficial is Vitamin K. Its main function is to retain calcium in the bone structure, which contributes to bone mineralization. Moreover, such elements as copper, manganese, zinc, magnesium, and prosphorus also help to build up strong and healthy bones. Therefore, spinach is especially recommended for older people suffering from osteoporosis and children, who might also suffer from the lack of calcium.

Spinach is beneficial for skin

Spinach is beneficial for skin
Spinach is known to be beneficial for skin

As other most green vegetables, spinach is appreciated for the high concentration of potent antioxidants that contribute to normal and healthy development of skin cells and improvement of a skin tone in general. Moreover, spinach also boosts the production of collagen in the body – en element that strengthens capillaries and prevents appearance of wrinkles. Therefore, it is possible to say that spinach is a product of youth and beauty.

It contributes to weight loss

It contributes to weight loss
Spinach could help lose weight natural way

If you are on a diet, it might be difficult to control yourself due to a strong feeling of hunger sometimes. However, it will be much easier if you add spinach to your daily menu. Due to a healthy combination of vitamins and nutrients, spinach is able to decrease hunger. It is especially useful and effective to make juice from spinach for this purpose and drink it daily. It has been also noted that drinking a glass of spinach juice before meal, helps to eat much less.

Spinach boost muscle strength

Spinach boost muscle strength
Spinach boost muscle strength

If you want to have strong muscles and get better and faster results by doing physical exercises, then you should eat spinach regularly. One study conducted in 2011 and published in the journal Cell Metabolism found out that eating a 300-gram portion of spinach daily helps to reduce the amount of oxygen needed for powering muscles during physical exercising by almost 5%.

Spinach is a great source of iron

Spinach is a great source of iron
Spinach is a great source of iron

This vegetable is one of the best natural cholesterol-free sources of iron. A sufficient amount of iron is very important for overall health because it is the main component of haemoglobin responsible for carrying oxygen throughout the organism. The lack of iron can have serious health consequences, including fatigue, headache, hair loss, worse functioning of immune system and even the brain. Therefore, anyone who wants to feel good and full of energy is recommended to eat spinach.

Spinach is able to cure acne

It is able to cure acne
Spinach is know to be able to help cure acne

Spinach is not only a vegetable to eat, but also a great cosmetic product that is able to cure acne. In order to get rid of acne that makes your face look so unhealthy, you can prepare mask by blending spinach with some amount of water. When the green mask is ready, you should apply it to your face and leave for 20 minutes. Such mask is good not only for curing acne, but for improving skin condition in general by removing dirt, inflammation and oil from the skin. In addition to mask, you can also cure acne by drinking a spinach juice in combination with such vegetables as cabbage, tomato, carrot, pepper, cucumber and celery.

12 Health Benefits of Spinach You’re Unaware of
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