10 Amazing Health Benefits of Making Love

Do you know what are the benefits for your health of having sex almost everyday?

health benefits of having sex

Everyone will agree that making love is one of the most pleasant activities, without which it is difficult to imagine a fulfilling life and healthy relationships. However, you might not know that having sex is also very beneficial for our health.

If you make love regularly, you sleep better, are less vulnerable to various diseases, do not experience frequent mood swings and are definitely much happier than those people who are not sexually active. If you still think that sex is just a pleasure, we recommend you to keep reading in order to find out more about the most amazing health benefits of making love.

Fighting with stress

health benefits of having sex
Love making reduces stress.

If there is too much stress in your life caused by work, family, personal problems and etc. making love can become your best medicine. The scientists found out that during sex the human body produces so-called “happiness hormones” or endorphins that helps to fight with stress. In addition, making love also enriches the blood with dopamine and oxytocin that also contribute to the reduction of stress hormones. One recent experiment with rats showed that sexually active rats are less anxious than sexually passive.

Reducing blood pressure

health benefits of having sex
Having sex reduces blood pressure.

A surprising fact: recently the scientists also have found the link between sex and lower blood pressure. The study showed that people who have sex regularly are 45% less likely to have diseases associated with a high blood pressure. This is particularly true for men because when they have sex, the level of their testosterone hormone starts increasing and helps to reduce the blood pressure.

Making love is a good type of exercise

health benefits of having sex
One of the health benefits of having sex is that making love is not only pleasure, but it’s also effective exercise!

Sex can be fairly called the most pleasant way of reducing weight. Of course, you will not lose a couple of kilo by simply making love, but it is still can be considered as good and effective contribution to your slimming programme. It was stated that sex uses approximately five calories per minute, which is quite a lot, especially compared to such lazy and passive activities as watching TV for example. In addition, making love can be considered as a good workout in general because this process involves the major muscle groups of the body: arms, legs, shoulders, hips and even lower abdomen.

Sex as a pain killer

health benefits of having sex
Sex reduces pain.

Orgasm that we have while making love helps to reduce pain by producing a special hormone that raises pain threshold. Therefore, many people who have sex regularly noted that they less suffer from chronic pains in legs, back, stomach and caused by different diseases including arthritis. So now when you know this surprising fact you cannot use headache as a well-proved excuse for not having sex anymore.

Providing a good sleep

health benefits of having sex
One of health benefits of having sex is that it ensures good sleep as it also reduces stress and let’s body relax.

If you suffer from insomnia, sex can be quite helpful. It was noticed that the sleep after making love is deeper and more relaxed. The reason of this is the release of the chemical oxytocin that decreases the level of stress and helps you to fall asleep quickly. Moreover, as it has been mentioned above, sex works as an exercise that makes you tired and therefore induces sleep.

Making the immune system stronger

health benefits of having sex
Your immune system gets stronger as you have sex with your partner.

It has been found out by doctors that sexually active people are less vulnerable to various viruses, intruders and germs because their immune system is stronger. There was one experiment conducted among students of Wilkes University. It showed that the students who had sex at least once or twice per week had higher levels of a particular antibody that those students, who were not so sexually active. Moreover, if you make love regularly, the risk of getting cold or flu is lower for almost 30%.

Reducing the risk of prostate cancer

health benefits of having sex
For men one of the most important health benefits of having sex is that it reduces risk of prostate cancer.

In order to remain healthy and live long life, men need to ejaculate regularly. Thus, for those who want to reduce the risk of getting prostate cancer, ejaculation should happen at least 21 per month. Therefore, it is so important for men to have regular sex. Moreover some researches proved that frequent sexual activity is associated with less aggressive form of prostate cancer that responds better to treatment and therefore is less likely to spread.

Regulating menstrual cycle

health benefits of having sex
Having sex makes menstrual cycle regular.

The health of women and regular sexual activity are also interrelated. As doctors and scientists claim, making love helps to regulate the menstrual cycle and prevent various hormonal imbalances in the female body. It happens because sexual activity controls hormones that help to regulate the menstrual cycle. Moreover, as it has been already mentioned above sex contributes to reduction of stress – a very common reason why many women miss their periods.

Prevention of erectile dysfunctions

health benefits of having sex
Having sex reduces risk of erectile dysfunction

The statistics says that today more than 50% of men over 40 years suffer from erectile dysfunctions. Though the modern medicine nowadays offers many different treatment methods and even pills in order to help men to resume their main function, the best way to solve this problem is to have sex. A regular erection makes the blood flow through the penile arteries and therefore the tissue remains healthy. Moreover, many doctors compare erectile function to athletics or sport exercises: the more you train it, the better it becomes.

Making love helps to establish healthy relationships

health benefits of having sex
Making love makes relationship better and stronger.

As you know already sex produces the hormone called oxytocin that responsible for the feelings of love and happiness. That is why couples who have sex regularly are much happier together and have more harmonious relationships. So, if you think that there is no more trust in your relationship with a partner, or if your relationships are getting worse and worse, then the best way to fix it is to make love.

What you think about these amazing health benefits of having sex? Are you going to have sex more often with your partner to keep you both healthy?

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