Great Places for First Dates Instead of Meeting at Bar

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Many women love to be wined and dined on their first date. It makes a woman feel special. But, not all men are willing to splash their money on an expensive romantic dinner on their first date. Some just want to link up at a bar, have some drinks, and chat.

I get the allure of meeting at a bar. You grab a couple of drinks, get tipsy, flirt a little, maybe even dance to the music playing and the night may end with the both of you making out. Well, this may work for some people, but I bet for most people, especially the singles ladies, the first date should be special and by no means should it be in a bar.

Furthermore, if you do not drink alcohol and your first date is in a bar, it is more than likely that you may eventually end up having a vapid conversation, especially if the other person is drinking alcohol and starts to get tipsy.

But the good thing is, you do not have to meet over beers on your first date. It may be cheaper and more fun, but you may end up knowing very little about the other person. It is hard to get to know a person more intimately when there are other people around you drinking alcohol and talking loudly with music blaring in the background.

Luckily, there are tons of great first date ideas. Some may be weird, but fun too. So, if you are dead tired of meeting your dates in bars, or you do not engage in the partaking of alcoholic drinks, then here are some great and creative ideas for your first date.

Visit a botanical garden

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Many people love nature. I can honestly say that I have never met anyone who does not love the fragrant smell of roses or the sight of a beautiful garden. There is nothing more romantic than when you are amidst nature. Not even a cocktail party or a ball, or a well-planned romantic dinner for that matter.

You and your date are able to connect on a deeper level and can get to know one another more intimately in a natural setting as compared to a bar or some restaurant. It provides the perfect atmosphere for two beings to connect deeply with one another without interference.

If there are no botanical gardens near where you live, then try a beach or a park. Just make sure to leave before it gets dark. You never know what could be lurking in the shadows that could utterly ruin more than just your first date.

Visit a flea market

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I do not know a woman alive who hates going shopping or window shopping for that matter. So what better way to spend your first date than visiting a flea market?

There you can walk around, grab something to eat, and who knows, even buy each other something or do something to mark your first date.

Just do a quick Google search, and sure you will find nearby multiple flea markets to visit! You can combine that with visiting nearby cafe etc.

Binge watch a TV show that you both love

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I have to say this is one of the best ways to spend your first date especially if you both share the same love and interest for a particular TV show. You can catch up on the show together. It is a fun, simple and cheap way to actually get to bond.

You can order pizza or foods that you both love and just enjoy each other’s company while doing something you both enjoy to do.

Cook together

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Whether you are making a pizza or a tasty lasagna, cooking together is a great way to bond. Even married couples who cook together have a better, stronger and long-lasting relationship than couples who do not according to studies.

It is, even more, fun if you both visit the grocery store together, and buy the ingredients you want. Then, pick whose place you are going to go to, head there and get cooking.

Doing any kind of activity together may it be cooking, walking, cycling, hiking, or picnicking can really help you connect and bond in a way that going to a bar cannot.

You can also get to discover each other’s likes and dislikes, and since you are both engaging in the activity together, you can get to see how well you can work as a team.

Go for Karaoke

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That first date should be fun and enjoyable. Even though when you meet at first you may feel anxious and maybe a little shy, but once you get singing karaoke together, all the nervous or anxious feelings will just disappear.

Of course, most karaoke places are also bars, so it is a bit “risky”, but maybe a class of wine helps both relax a bit.

Meet up for Coffee

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Having your first date at a café over some good coffee is not so bad. It may not be very romantic, but you do get a chance to talk in a nice, comfortable and mildly quiet place. The good thing about having your first date at a Café is that it is in a public place, so you will feel secure.

The other upside of meeting up for coffee on your first date is that if it does go well than expected, you could decide to go for a movie, lunch or a walk after your coffee session.

Go Bowling

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Bowling is fun, and it can get very competitive. But, if you are going bowling on your first date, try not to be competitive. It should be about having fun and getting to know each other.

Avoid taking a girl out bowling if she seems disinterested in the idea or appears self-conscious. Not everyone wants to engage in an activity on their first date that requires some physical performance.

Go Skydiving

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Now, this may seem a little bit over the top. But, skydiving with your crush can definitely get you some gold stars for originality, but only if your date is equally sportive, spontaneous and adventurous as you.

So, make sure that your date is the type of person who enjoys adrenaline activities. Many dates prefer to have their feet on the ground doing something less physical and preferably more romantic.

Top List Of Different Dating Places

  1. Visit botanical garden
  2. Visit flea market
  3. Watch TV-show
  4. Cook together
  5. Go to sing karakoe
  6. Meet at Coffee
  7. Go Bowling
  8. Go Skydiving

Hopefully, these ideas are helpful when planning your next date! Find out more dating advice and other amazing and funny things!

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