Top 10 Goji Berries Health Benefits

Find out what are Goji Berrier and how those could boost your health

Goji berries equally go by another name called wolfberries. They are a shrub-like plant that is found in Tibet by the Himalaya Mountains. Though can be taken to be fruits, they can also go for herbs with great and many benefits. This Health series article points at the benefits and all that needs to be known about Goji berries for application to better and improved health.

The fruit originated from China and comes in either red or orange color with a good taste. The story behind the discovery of this fruit is particularly an interesting one. The summary of it all is that, after living on a diet of the Goji berries for some time, monks who lived on this beneficial herb plant over time discovered that they outlived those who did not live on diets of Goji berries.

Here are the amazing Goji health benefits:

10. It gives strength to the liver

There is yet to be any reliable natural product for the health of the liver than what is available in Goji berries. It contains betaine that cures diseases of the liver. Consumption of this product can also prevent cancer of the liver.

The Goji berries eliminate occurrence of fats that get built up in the body thus, preventing liver disorders that may result from such fats around the liver. Pysalin is a component in Goji berries that makes the liver healthy and strong. The liver is very important in the normal body function since it is responsible for the elimination of toxic substances from the body.

9. Helps the eyesight

For the presence of carotenoid zeaxanthin in Goji berries, this substance helps protect the eye from damages through oxidation. Goji berries also contain vitamin A which helps nourishes the eyes. Carotenoids and zeaxanthin all help to protect the retina and prevents age-related diseases. Alpha and beta carotenes which are components of carotenoids help keep the eye healthy.

Ultimately Goji berries reduce to a minimum the occurrence of blindness. The pigment component of carotenoids helps give the eyesight a clear and perfect vision.

8. Raise energy level

Goji berries’ richness in minerals and vitamins help to improve body metabolism making food eaten to be easily converted to energy and not stored as unhealthy fat in the body.

Other energy giving components in Goji berries includes zinc, fiber, calcium, amino acids and vitamins B & A. Feeding on Goji berries to boost your energy level and immune system will be beneficial to your health.

7. Blood sugar stabilization

For diabetic individuals, Goji berries are very effective for patients with this condition. The Goji berry fruit help to control the amount of sugar released into the bloodstream which invariably controls the body glucose level which is required for a diabetic patient to maintain sugar balance.

Goji berries have insulin-sensitizing properties and have hypoglycemic effects thereby improving glucose responsiveness. You can adopt eating Goji berry fruits for a natural healthy living and for diabetes treatment and prevention.

6. Sound sleep

Many people suffer from sleeplessness owing to much stress with only pills to help the situation. This is actually not a healthy practice as doctors would often recommend a more natural way like consumption of Goji berries.

If suffering from insomnia, you should use Goji berries to help you get the sound sleep the natural way. The two basic components in Goji berries that help with this are thiamin or thiamine and magnesium. While thiamine gets your energy level and mood up, magnesium helps your peaceful sleeping.

It is quite amazing how adding these berries into our diets will greatly help to get better and improved healthy living. For the many older people who are facing sleepless nights, these berries are the right choice for you. We get involved in many stressful activities and for that, we also hold it a responsibility to do what we can against such by eating balanced diets with the inclusion of Goji berries.

During either physical or emotional tension, the hormone called cortisol is produced, which is not in any way good for the body. Goji berries when taken will reduce how the hormones are released to a much lower level, letting you enjoy the freshness and energy from its use.

5. Anti-fungal functions

When you make a juice from Goji berries or taking it just raw the way it is, it contains a very strong antibacterial component called solavetivone. This substance helps greatly in reducing antibodies that are related to allergic reactions.

Goji berries also have strong anti-inflammatory agents like beta-sitosterol. This help prevents gout and related disorders in the body system. For healthy and strong immune system, Goji berries’ juice is a good drink that you should take because it contains components like labarum and lyceum polysaccharides which are responsible for the immune system.

4. For weight loss

It is really an interesting thing that Goji berries can help you lose weight. Quite true that there are many products that promises weight loss capability but most times they are not meeting up with the expectation. For the richness of fiber in Goji berries, Goji berries will easily regulate blood sugar leaving you to have your appetite checked. Goji berries components are composed of 21% fiber. To reduce weight or for weight loss, fiber content is very effective when in meals.

For this richness in fiber, you are full and energetic for long hours without the need for food intake. This also helps to check excessive eating which may add to one’s weight. Chromium that is in Goji berries regulates blood sugar and burns fat for weight loss. It also gives lean muscles, eliminating fat from being stored in different parts of the body. Trace minerals, vitamin B1, beta-carotene amino acids, and calcium all help with muscle building and toxin elimination of which you can get all these for the body’s healthy living from Goji berries.

3. Cholesterol

The well-known enemy that relates with the cardiovascular disorder is the issue of cholesterol. Cholesterol is harmful fats that gets deposited in the blood stream and tends to narrow blood flow. This causes blood supplies to other internal parts of the body to be inadequate.

A lot of health conditions can result from this, like high blood pressure. Beta-sitosterol which is an anti-inflammatory agent in Goji berries reduces cholesterol formation and as such protects the body from heart diseases. This component is also effective in the treatment of lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, severe fatigue syndrome, hair loss, allergies, and asthma.

2. Iron-rich

When a source of iron is required for the body, one recommendation that is often mentioned is spinach. But if you are looking for the real deal in iron for your body, Goji berries serves you better.

If you do the comparison right you’ll find that Goji berries have more of iron than you’ll get with spinach. For instance, while one ounce of spinach contains 4% of iron, the same ounce of Goji berries contains 14% instead. So, this leaves the conclusion that Goji berries are a good source of iron.

1. Cancer risk reduction

Goji berries are packed full with antioxidants. This is responsible for removals of free radicals from the blood and as a result prevents the risk of cancer. Cancer is a malignant growth which has caused many deaths all over the world.

The intake of Goji berries on a regular basis has shown over time that it checks cases of cell mutation. A lot of antioxidants present in Goji berries are therefore, a force against cancer. Naturally, Goji berries work by breaking down any tumor cells. The polysaccharides in Goji berries go into preventing mutation, thus eliminating cancer possibilities.

With Goji berries, you can take care of the side effects of radiations and chemotherapy because it keeps all these under check and control.

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