Gangnam Style too much for North Korea, Red Velvet girl band & Trump OK

PSY’s provocative performance style is unacceptable says Pyongyang

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According to the Guardian South Korean officials are trying to include the world famous Korean pop star PSY on the delegation of K-pop artists performing next week in the North Korean capital, Pyongyang.

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PSY holds the most views ever record on the YouTube with Gangnam Style hit. The video has been viewed over three billion times.

However, it seems that PSY & Gangnam Style are too much for North Korean officials, and over three billion views counts nothing. They say that PSY’s provocative performance style is unacceptable.

Anyway, for example somewhat provocative K-pop girlband Red Velvet is welcome.

It is said that North Korean president Kim offered to meet South Korean president before having possibly a historical summit with US president Trump.

Concerts by South Korean artists in the North’s capital are part of events paving the way for planned face-to-face meeting of presidents.

Kim and Trump have previously exchanged quite strong statements, but it looks like that PSY’s lyrics, which include Korean swearwords, and naked performances at the stage, are much more red tape than calling Kim “Little Rocket Man”.

Obviously, international diplomatic relationships requires different dialogue than K-pop performances. However, sometimes differences might require the special knowledge to notice.

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