Top 10 dating tips for women

Dating advice for women

Top 10 online dating tips for women

1 Be open minded


Do not think and assume that he will take you to five michelin star restaurant in the city at your first date. He can take you to a regular restaurant with amazing burgers, just to see how you will react. If you will be cool and live the moment, you are the winner. Do not seem offended by it if you want a second date.

2. Be like a Russian Matryoshka doll

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What should you do? First of all men want to work for women. Men want to feel excitement, feel lust, but at the same time they want to hunt to catch the woman. He wants to think, plan and edit, feel the risk of losing, and compete at the same time. But we, women do not let them to have these. It does not mean that be a difficult woman. For example, you do not immediately tell your secret thoughts to whom you are just met. You do not say ‘I love you’ when you start feeling something. Instead, you say, “I like you”. You will gradually open yourself. an Matryoshka doll. A man should open a doll and another should come out of the bottom. Because he has earned that much yet. After a while, if the man deserves one more cover will be opened.

3. Be a woman with 7 identities


The woman has seven female identities. Each of these female identities must be very high-level and confident. These identities are; Virgin, Whore, Free, Witch, Lolita, Wise and Mother. We, women are the mostly mothers. We reveal a little wise woman, very little free woman, occasionally a witch woman, mostly a virgin woman. We do not carry other identities on us. However, these identities have to act together. The more you actively use your identities, the deeper you are by the male, and the more likely you are followed. Because men want to explore.

4. Is it love at the first sight or night?


Do we have a chance to fall in love when we open our bodies first? The woman may fall in love with the man she was with in the first night they hooked up, but in this case the woman has to be fearless. There should not be a fear that the man goes away and does not call her again. Because the subconscious scares us. How ? It produces subconscious feelings and beliefs. Each emotion is like a battery and has a magnetic field. Feeling of worthlessness, fear of losing is the front plan. All these emotions, like ‘Oh, he will go away, thinking of me as an easy woman,’ creates a magnetic attraction. The magnetic field is like a magnet. Who will you attract to yourself? If you enter the bed immediately, you will attract a man who will find you worthless. There is also men does not like this, but the subconscious makes it happen that we are afraid. For this reason, it is necessary to erase these fears. Also do not jump to conclusions, about someones sexual performance the first time you hook up with him. Things are new and you dont know what other likes yet.

6. It pays to pay


It is always appreciated to offer to split the check, even though he never allows it. Guys like that a lot. It shows that how genuinely you are interested in spending time with him opposed to wanting to be wined and dined regardless of who you are with. If the guy does not say something and take the check off the table to pay, it is probably fair to think that you are going Dutch. Excessive insisting on taking the check is unattractive also.Offer to pay half, but if he insists then be gracious and let him. Be sure to be just as determined to pay for coffee on date number two, though. Offer to pay for drinks in the next place you visit. Every man is different, of course, but for many it’s no longer about being pretty and laughing at his jokes. Most men want to see you’re smart and independent, so why not start showing him on date number one?

7. Don’t mention your ex!


On the one hand, yes, you do not want your ex-boyfriend or ex-husband to be the main topic of conversation when meeting someone new. On the other hand, if you are coming out of a marriage or a long-term relationship, it is almost impossible to not mention this and to also be your true self. It is okay to say what is really going on in your life—just make sure to own your experience of the demise of the relationship, as opposed to endlessly criticizing or name-calling your ex. Do not compare your date with your ex in loud or in your head. Sometimes funny horror stories about him can make for a funny conversation but do not bring your ex into the table if it is not called for. If you literally cant keep your ex’s name out of your mouth for couple of hours it means you are clearly not over past issues.

8. Don’t let your crazy out Many I talk to are terrified of a new love interest discovering they have “issues.” They vow not to mention anything about their dysfunctional family, psychiatric medications, or mood issues to their new dates. The reality is that if you are unstable emotionally—suffering with an acute depression, serious mood swings, or debilitating anxiety/panic attacks—now may not be a good time for you to date. You will know you’re ready when you feel you can be open about what you are experiencing in a thoughtful manner—“I struggle with depression, but I have found therapy helpful,” or, “I have had to deal with anxiety and now I am at a much better place.” In the end, you are going to want a partner who understands emotional issues and who is not going to mark you off his list because you are getting help or struggling with a life event.

9. Be easy going, light and giggly


This one in specially is a pressure experienced every time by women than men. In these days, girls and women are often raised to be a bit ditzy, as they learn that this attracts male attention. And boys and men still see models in popular media of the ditzy blond as a sex object. All of this tends to dumb down both sexes. In order for him to want to spend more time with her, she feels she has to act in an easy, breezy manner. Again, if this isn’t your true mood at the moment—or if your genuine personality is much more serious than that—then he will not be getting to know the true you. If you have to dumb down your personality for companionship, how will you find a true companion for the real you? This adage also discounts how much men do value real women who can be fully and deeply engaged in their lives. In reality, men report that over the long term they want their partners to have their own opinions, lives and serious thoughts.

9. Know how to ask


So you have been seeing each other for a while but things are going pretty slow for you. You want to meet with his friends and see if he is the ugly one? 🙂 You should know how to ask when you ask. Instead of being a nagger and say “why do not you introduce me to your friends,” constantly. if you are having a lot of fun during a conversation, you might say ‘I am very curious about how much your friends adore you, I would like to see you next to them’. If you say this and then he introduces you with his friends, yes, it is your man. If not, you should not go a step further. The next matryoshka doll should not open. When demanding something from him, you should state your feelings by glorifying him. You can say, ‘Why should I flatter him?’ Do not date with a man you do not already feel like so. The man you do not admire his ideas is not your man. For this reason, you will know what you need to claim. You should do this request with the ‘lolita’ you. You will wake up his sense of compassion. You will make him feel like a man. Male energy is based on saving, giving, pleasing. This is also the definition of masculine energies. Invite your guy and his crew to hang in a big group. That way you can get a feel for what he is normally like around his buddies and it will let you both relax a bit more. You can tell a lot about a person by who they surround themselves with.

10. Let it go


It may from time to time seem as though the male half of the population hasn’t fully grasped the concept of staying in touch but trust me they know how to call you when you haven’t called them. If you call constantly to “just check in” then the chances are he’ll feel smothered within a week and will lose interest or just assume you are a bit desperate. If you don’t call, he’ll start to panic and think that you have a life that doesn’t revolve around him. Never make them the centre of your world. Men love doing their own thing, and they love a woman who does her own thing even more. Hang out with your friends, go for a meal with your sister, have drinks after work, and after a certain amount of time you will both start doing many of these things together. Take it slowly and don’t rush into spending every evening with your new man. He will want his own space and really appreciate you if you give it to him.After a date he can text “it is over” to you. If you text him after three weeks that ‘I missed you’. It is obvious this is a project for you. You thought, felt emotions,you edit it for three weeks before texting it. The man is so stunned that he thinks ‘I’ve been mean and she still texts I missed you’. This time man’s interest falls even more.

You should not be in this situation anyway. This is so wrong. This is the weak woman you ever want to be. Powerful woman is the feminine identity of free woman. Get stronger with the seven identities and come up with confidence. That’s when the men will start to line up on your door.

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