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A man is only a complete man if he can walk up to a woman to express his heartfelt feelings for her. Any man incapable of doing this or unwilling to do this cannot be considered as a man. A complete man has testosterone flowing in him. Testosterone normally gives a man the desire to woo a woman. Testosterone makes the man an outgoing person, an extrovert. So, if he cannot walk up to a woman he has feelings for, he cannot be counted as a full and complete man.

However, it is one thing to desire a woman and walk up to her to woo her and it is entirely another thing entirely for the man to successfully carry on with the dating after the initial approach. Some men are not even able to go beyond the first approach because of their manners of approach. In this write-up, you will be hinted on top ten tips that can make your dating life a highly successful one.

1. The first impression

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The first impression always matters a great deal. In fact, your first impression when you are approaching a woman will determine if she is going to give you space or chase you away.

She wants a man that radiates confidence and not some sissy acting like another shy female. The way you dress also determines the way you will be addressed.

Women all over the world prefer men that dress responsibly since the generality of women want to commit their love and their hearts to a man with some sense of responsibility and not some dude wearing ripped jean all about the place. A girl will take pride in you if you take pride in your appearance.

2. Planning the first date

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Aside from the first appearance, the first date is also very important. Plan the first date very carefully. Make sure the date is taking place at a location that will be comfortable for both of you.

This way, she will adjudge you a gentleman, making the incursion into her heart and her life a lot easier for you. It is also better if the location is in a familiar terrain as this enables her to relax and be more disposed to listen to you.

While it may be necessary for the terrain to be familiar to her, it is not an essential requirement for you. In fact, you should keep away from places where you can bump into your friends, as this may disrupt your dating plans.

3. Never leave your confidence at home

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Yes, take your confidence with you everywhere you go. When you are meeting her for the first time, when you are taking her on the first date and during subsequent dates, make sure your confidence is intact.

It breeds respect and makes her want to turn putty in your hands. This may not be easy for you if you are the shy type. In this case, take some time to practice before you leave home. Looking at yourself in the mirror as you practice will help put the shyness away when it is not needed during the approach.

She can sense your confidence from a mile off. She can also sense if you are confident or not while the two of you are discussion during the date; women are wired to sense stuffs like that.

4. Don’t become a chatterbox

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While it is good to be chitty chatty during the date, it is also not proper for you to be the only one talking. This is supposed to be a communication and not a lecture or an instruction session.

Both of you should be involved in the talking. If she is not forthcoming in the discussion, you can help her by asking her questions.

While asking her such questions, please avoid close-ended questions that can only produce a yes or a no answer; instead, ask her open-ended questions that will force her to communicate. While chatting with her, keep in mind that you should not talk too much as many women recent guys that talk excessively, though there are exemptions.

5. Keep it interesting

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While it is not good for you to do all the talking, you also must know how to keep the conversation going so as to prevent boredom.

She is watching you and will like to know if you can keep a conversation going or not; this is one of the factors that will form the basis for her final decision about dating you or not. Women love men that make them laugh and can discuss intelligently. So, make sure you keep these in mind so as not to shoot yourself in the leg. Make it fun as much as possible, at least at the early stage of dating.

6. Don’t bring your ‘ex’ into focus

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She may come up with questions about your ex during dating. When this happens, try as much as possible not to stretch it. Make sure you keep any discussion relating to your ex out of the conversation.

Try as much as possible to make her realize that everything about your ex is a forgotten history and that you are only interested in getting to know her. When answering her question about your ex, keep your answers as short as possible; at the same time, try not to appear suspicious so that she will not think you are hiding something.

7. Switch off your phone

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Switching off your phone during your date will prevent distraction. It will allow the two of you to communicate without and interference. Do not forget that the purpose of dating her is to get to know her.

Phones ringing during conversation can be a big distraction and the purpose of the dating will be forfeited. She will also appreciate you a lot if she discovers that you switch off your phone during the date; you will score a big point in her mental book and your journey to the center of her heart will be smoother, easier and faster than imaginable.

8. Offer to pay

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Some women would prefer to pay for their side of the bill when you take them out. However, you should insist on footing all the bills on your first date.

You may oblige her to pay at subsequent dates, but never on this first one. If she insists, however, do not force your idea on her; let her have her way and pay her share. Not forcing your decision on her will make her see you as a gentleman, which will make things easier for you.

9. What to do after the first date

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After your first date together, would you love to see her again on another date? Then you should give her a hint about this. Or if you have had enough already and would not want to see her again, simply thank her for your time together and wish her a great night ahead-.

It is better not to promise to see her another time than to promise and not fulfill, which will make both of you feel bad. You can call her immediately you reach home after the first date instead of waiting for several days before doing so. If you are interested in another date with her, then never waste time to tell her this. While you may not fix the date immediately, you can always fix it at a later time, but it should not be too far from the first date.

10. Go for tutelage

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No one is natural when it comes to dating and wooing women; people learn every day. One of the best ways to learn about how to date and woo a woman successfully is from your female friend.

She would know the right things to do and can guide you aright.


Follow the points above, and you will not have any problem with women anymore. You will have what it takes to date any woman of your choice and your confidence will improve a great deal. Never stop learning anyway; it will improve the way you present yourself to the ladies.

Follow the points above and you will not have any problem with women anymore. You will have what it takes to date any woman of your choice and your confidence will improve a great deal. Never stop learning anyway; it will improve the way you present yourself to the ladies.

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