Cheerleader fired for sharing her photo on Instagram

She was also forbidden for socialising in close proximity with NFL players

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Bailey Davis got fired by the New Orleans Saintsations cheerleading squad. According the BBC, the reason for was “a distasteful Instagram post.

The photo showed Davis in a lingerie body suit. Her bosses said it violates the New Orleans Saints’ social media rules.

After posting the photo below on social media, her coach texted her:

“Very poor judgement to post a picture like that especially considering our recent conversations about the rumours going around about you. This does not help your case. I’d expect you to know better.”

Davis was also accused of breaking the NFL handbook rule, which forbids cheerleaders attending a party with Saints players. Davis says, that’s untrue claim.

Davis was a cheerleader for the New Orleans Saints three years. Now she has filed a complaint against the National Football League (NFL).

She says the team has different sets of rules for players and cheerleaders. She does not think that she will get her job back, but she wants the same rules for men and women. The male footballer players can post whatever they like.

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Furthermore, there are some shocking requirements for cheerleaders, such as:

  • Cheerleaders are responsible for blocking players who follow or contact them.
  • Cheerleader squad’s members social media accounts must be in “private mode”
  • Cheerleaders are required to remove their last names from their Instagram accounts to avoid being found online by football players.
  • Cheerleaders are forbidden to like or comment on anything about specific Saints players.
  • Cheerleaders are required to leave the establishment or risk losing their job, if Saints player comes into a bar or restaurant.
  • Socialising in close proximity with players is forbidden.

Ms Davis’ lawyer says:

This is a clear discrimination based on gender.

What you think, does NFL treat unequally cheerleaders compared to NFL football players? Is it fair? Share this story and post your comments below.

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