Top 10 Best Special Forces In The World

What is the best trained army in the world?

Special forces that are also known as special forces operations are defined as military units that have conducted special training in order to perform different missions, that are usually characterized as insecure operations, for economic or political purposes of a nation. Every country nowadays has its own special forces that are trained in order to protect the nation and its population against an enemy.

Though it is difficult to compare special forces and rank them because they all have their own characteristics and power, there are some special forces that stand out among others and can be called the best of the best. Here is our own rating of the ten best special forces in the world that indicate how powerful some countries are.

GIS, Italy

GIS stands for Gruppo Di Intervento Special force, and it is known as a powerful Italian force, the mission of which is to protect Italy against terrorist attacks and to solve various difficult and dangerous military operations.

GIS was established in 1978 by Italian Police, and during 30 years has proven itself to be a very strong and powerful force that effectively responds to various incidents including terrorist attacks.


MARCOS stands for Marine Commandos and as previously named Marine Commando Force. It is an Indian special force that was formed in 1987 by the Indian navy with the purpose of conducting of various special operations including Close Quarter Combat Counter Terrorism, Special Rennaissance, Amphibious Warfare, and some others.

As any other powerful special force, MARCOS is specially organized, trained and equipped in order to be able to effectively carry out difficult and dangerous operations in a marine environment of the country. Despite the fact that the maritime environment is the main terrain in which MARCOS specializes, it also effectively works in other terrains.

EKO COBRA, Austria

EKO COBRA, that is called in German Einsatzkommando Cobra, is known as a special Austrian force that appeared in 1978 in order to respond the attack of Israeli athletes during the Munich Olympics in 1972, but its main purpose nowadays is to protect Austria against terrorist attacks.

Today this special force is the unit of the Austrian Federal Ministry of the Interior, and it is considered to be the primary counter-terrorism force in Austria. Moreover, being involved in many international operations, it is believed to be one of the best-trained units in the world.

GSG 9, Germany

GSG 9 is a military German force defined in English as Border Protection Group 9, the mission of which is to fight with terrorism both in Germany and worldwide. It was formed in 1973 as a response to the attack on Israeli athletes in 1972 initiated by the Palestinian terrorist at the Olympic Games in Munich.

Today GSG 9 is position in the cases of not only terrorism, but also in kidnapping, hostage-taking and extortion. Often this special force is also involved in securing locations, neutralizing targets, and conducting sniper operations.

Spetsnaz, Russia

Spetsnaz stands for Special Purpose Forces or Special Purpose Military Units and is considered to be the main and the most powerful special force both in Russia and in most post-soviet countries. Spetsnaz refers to individual military units that are controlled nowadays by the military intelligence service operating on post-soviet territories – GRU.

Usually nowadays Spetsnaz’ soldiers are involved in operations of crowd control, anti-terrorism, law enforcement and different security operations.

SAS, the United Kingdom

SAS is known as the Special Air Service of the United Kingdom. In comparison with other special forces units, it is quite old organization because it was established in 1941 during the Second World War and then became a model for all Special Forces in the world.

It had been existing for the period between 1941 and 1945, but then stopped existing for one year. In 1947 SAS was established again and quickly gained fame worldwide. Led by its motto “Who Dares Wins” SAS participated in many military and anti-terrorism operations both in the United Kingdom and in other nations

GIGN, France

GIGN (The National Gendarmerie Intervention Group) is another powerful special force unit in Europe that successfully participate in many operations. The initial name of GIGN was EPIGN (the Gendarmerie Parachute Squadron) received in 1973, but later the organization was renamed.

This French unit belong to the National Gendarmerie, and its soldiers are usually used for dangerous counter-terrorism operations, as well as missions focused on capturing the international enemy in other countries.

Delta Force, the United States

One of the youngest but one of the most powerful organizations in the United States Delta Force, officially known as 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta, was formed in 1997. It was created as a response to numerous terrorist attacks in the United States.

The model of it became already described above the British special force unit SAS. Though the initial and primary mission of the Delta Force is counter-terrorism, it is also involved in many other operations including national intervention operations, clandestine missions, and hostage rescues.

JW GROM, Poland

Poland can boast of its own outstanding and powerful special force unit called in Polish Grupa Realizacji Operacji Most (GROM) that can be translated into English as the Group for the Implementation of the Operation Bridge.

GROM meaning “thunder” received its title in honor of the Silent Unseen of the Home Army that was responsible for performing of its duties against various national and international enemies and terrorists. Nowadays GROM is believed to be one of the most powerful special forces not only in Europe, but even worldwide.

The Navy SEALs, the United States

Another American special force with good reputation and long history: it was established in times of the Second World War, and after many years of its existence is considered to have the most elite and well-trained soldiers.

The Navy SEALs was involved in many missions and operations, but became especially known during the Vietnam War, when it conducted joint operations together with CIA. However, the most significant mission of the Navy SEALs was searching for Osama Bin Laden that was successfully conducted in cooperation with CIA in Pakistan.

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