Top 10 Best Detox Foods For Natural Cleanese

Learn how to detox your body using natural detox cleanse method

Many people, when they hear such words as detox and cleansing, think about a strict diet based mainly on pure water or lemon juice. Unfortunately, they might not know that are the many delicious foods that will help to detoxify the body without keeping your hungry and emaciated.

In this’ Healthy Lifestyle series article we would like to introduce you to ten natural products that do not only cleanse all the systems of the organism, but also help you to achieve the balance and feel much better. Add them to you menu, and the word detox will soon become your favourite.



If you need an instant help to your liver after eating fatty food or drinking much alcohol, then buy some artichokes. Plant compounds that are called caffeoylquinic acids and contained in artichokes are very helpful for treating hepatic disorders because they contribute to bile flow.

Without healthy bile flow your liver is not able to digest fats and toxins, which might cause serious diseases and health problems in the future. Moreover, you also need an efficient bile flow for removing dangerous inflammatory substances that are usually found in alcohol and junk food.


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You might not know but beets have deep red colour due to their rare element as betalains. Exactly this element makes beet perfect detox food, since it has fungicidal and anti-inflammatory qualities.

Betalains is also useful for promoting cell structure, the processes of regeneration and repair, especially in the main detox center in the organism – the liver. It is also worth noting that there are only few natural products that contain betalains.


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This vegetable is known not only for its cross-shaped flowers that make it so recognizable, but also for antioxidant qualities. Broccoli does not only cleanse your body, but also reduces the risk of many serious diseases. As it has been already proved by scientists, regular consumption of broccoli prevents development of some forms of cancer.

Green tea


There are many sorts of tea, but the healthiest and the richest in antioxidants is definitely green tea, which makes it one of the best drinks for those, who want to cleanse their body. Also, due to high level of caffeine contained in green tea, this drink gives you a diuretic effect that fights with water retention and removes toxins from the body.



It is a fruit that is known as the greatest source of the vitamin C. Exactly this vitamin helps to detox and to reduce the level of fat in your body. That is the main reason of why so many modern diets are based on lemon. Doctors also recommend everyone to start their morning with drinking a glass of water with lemon to alkalize the body and improve digestion.

Dark Leafy Greens


There are many ways of how you can add dark leafy greens to your body: you can put them into a broth, eat them raw, make a vegetable juice, or to cook a salad with olive oil dressing. They are helpful for digestion because they increase the level of chlorophyll in the digestive tract, which leads to removing of such dangerous toxins as herbicides and smog.



In many cultures people eat cabbage in the New Year Eve because they believe that it brings prosperity and luck to their lives. It is difficult to say, if it is true, but the only thing about cabbage that we know for sure is that it helps to cleanse the liver. You can eat cabbage itself or you can mix it with other detoxers including apples and walnuts.

Whole grains


Doctors recommend to replace refined grains with whole ones – whether your main intention is detox or not. You might wonder why? First of all, whole grains are rich in antioxidants and nutrients, and second – the level of insoluble fiber contained in them is extremely high. This all helps your body to remove toxins and keep you regular.



If you want to cleanse intestinal parasites, viruses and bacteria from your body, then you should add garlic to your daily ration. By cleansing the body and all its systems garlic helps the organism to become stronger in order to be able to eliminate harmful substances, many of which can even cause cancer.

Garlic is also extremely helpful for respiratory tract by cleansing lungs and sinuses. It is worth noting though that only fresh garlic has all above mentioned qualities, so do not count too much on powder garlic.



This delicious green helper is a perfect ingredient for your salad for sandwich. It has been proved by scientists that watercress is able to fight with cancer cells and increases the level of detoxification enzymes. There was one study of smokers conducted in the UK, the results of which showed that the urine of smokers who eat 170 grams of watercress per day contained fewer carcinogens.

Hopefully this article was helpful, and you found some new ways to do natural detox cleanse. Actually, it would be much better to start eating these foods daily basis, so your body cleanse happens easily without any special efforts! Live healthy lifestyle – live long!

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