Former Area 51 Worker Got Drunk and Revealed the Truth

Theare are nasty aliens out there and UFOs are well known

A former Area 51 employee has made startling revelations about the scope of activities being conducted secretly at Area 51. These revelations were made by the now retried Area 51 personnel when he was drunk as at this state his guards are lowered and he does not need much prodding before some secrets slip out of his tongue.

What is Area 51?

Area 51 is a highly classified United States Air Force facility located in the Nevada desert. The exact location of the base is unknown, but it is believed to be situated around 100 miles (160 km) north-northwest of Las Vegas. Area 51 is also known by its nickname, “The Ranch”; as well as by other names such as “Dreamland” and “Paradise Ranch”.

The base has been the subject of numerous conspiracy theories and UFO sightings, and has been popularized in pop culture by films such as “Independence Day” and television shows such as “The X-Files”. The United States government does not acknowledge the existence of the base, and it is not listed on any official map.

The earliest known mention of the base was in a report by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), which referred to it as “Area 51”. The base was first brought to public attention in 1955, when the United States government declassified documents regarding its nuclear testing program. These documents mentioned an area known as “Area 51”, which was used as a testing site for the U.S. nuclear weapons program.

In 2013, the U.S. government acknowledged the existence of the base in a statement to the BBC, but did not provide any further details about its purpose or activities.

Theories about the purpose of Area 51 abound, but the most popular is that the base is used to test experimental aircraft and weapons. Some believe that the U.S. government uses the base to reverse-engineer extraterrestrial technology, while others think that it may be a staging ground for a future invasion by aliens.

Whatever the true purpose of Area 51, it remains one of the most mysterious places on Earth.

Two main revelations about aliens

The first one is that personnel in Area 51 have been able to study Alien technology and even understand the state of scientific advancement of aliens who visit our planet.

The second revelation is that human-alien interaction has occurred and personnel with clearance at Area 51 have been able to differentiate between good alien and bad alien visitors, including locating the home planet of the bad aliens.

Both of these revelations are documented in a YouTube clip that recollects of the events that transpired between this former Area 51 employee and a vlogger, just known as a “vlogger”. It was the vlogger who uploaded the video into YouTube. However, video was removed quickly, either by admins or channel owner right after it was reached about 1.7 million views.

The vlogger lives in the same neighborhood as the heavy-drinking (retired) Area 51 employee, and had been trying to get the former employee to divulge some details about the nature of his past work.

The retired Area 51 employee conceded to having worked for the U.S military which posted him to Area 51, and at this point, he admits to having witnessed disturbing events inside Area 51 complex. Maybe he took to drinking so as to forget the disturbing things he saw in his former workplace.

At one moment, the neighborhood experienced a blackout and the former Area 51 employee decided to go out for drinks, and it was after he was drunk that he met the vlogger. In his drunken state, the former employee cared less about the non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements he signed during his time in Area 51, and he proceeded to divulge confidential information.

When both the vlogger and the former Area 51 guy were staring at the sky, the Area 51 guy asked the vlogger to look at the Orion Belt and take notice of the two most brightest stars.

He then directed the vlogger to another less bright star located to the left of one of the bright stars, and then made the startling revelation that the not-too-friendly aliens live there. He then proceeded to divulge more details about the different kinds of aliens.

According to the former Area 51 employee, the good aliens have a gray skin and a bulbous head in which is set almond-shaped black eyes. He then made another startling revelation about the bad aliens whom he described as having a brown skin and a tall stature. He also stated that the bad aliens emit a bad odor from their bodies. This promptly reminds UFO enthusiasts of reptilians.

The retired Area 51 employee then proceeded to describe the level of scientific advancement of alien technology. He stated that alien life forms can conduct interstellar travel because they have the technology to harness zero-point energy as well as derive energy from vacuum.

He describes the alien ships as having their engines located at the front-end which allows them to tap energy from the cosmos, and then use this energy to power the spacecraft as it travels across the universe. He also affirmed that alien life forms have technology that can warp the space-time continuum, hence allowing them to travel large distance almost instantaneously.

Let us hope that state operatives fail to catch up with our Area 51 whistleblower. This will allow him to divulge more secrets to the world.

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