Our mission

WonderTabloid.com is a global online magazine that publishes news and articles about interesting things and events world wide. Our mission is to fight against boring days & nights by providing amazing & entertaining, sometimes even shocking, but always factual & real content in a positive way to our global audience from the USA to India, and from England to Australia & everyone between.

Editorial standards

Our editorial team covers subject such as Travel, Interesting places, Fashion, Sexy Celebrities, Beautiful Hollywood and Bollywood Actresses and Actors, Cute Animals, Cool Sport, Health, Relationship, Hot Technology, and Entertainment. Our editor-in-chief makes his best to ensure that quality of our articles meets high standards and that those reflects our values such as freedom of speech, anti discrimination, and respect of human & animal rights.

We welcome articles also from freelance writers and journalists around the world. If you are interested in to get your article published at WonderTabloid.com, please find more information from write for us page. Also, guest posts are welcome as long as they follow our guidelines.

We are global

Our editorial offices are based in New York, USA, and Helsinki, Finland. Our business offices are located in Tallinn, Estonia. We all know the US, but other two tiny locations are less known for the most people.

Both, Finland and Estonia are tiny North European countries with combined population only a bit over seven million. However, political stability, the level of freedom of speech and technically extremely talented people create a perfect atmosphere for our online operations not to mention Estonian business friendly taxation.

Story behind us

Wondertabloid.com was established at the first as a hobby to answer to total boredom some of our founding members experienced what it came to news. Those were and still are full of negative things. Headlines are filled with wars, disasters, discrimination, fake news and other topics. Of course, it is important to bring these things to global headlines and try to change things better.

However, hobby gained some traction and we saw an opportunity for the online magazine that delivers amazing, funny and even positively shocking things – and categorically refuses to publish anything that is not somehow beautiful, handsome, hot, sexy, cool, trendy, amazing, fun or entertaining.

Our story continues thanks to a company that believes our mission. We enjoy to sharing things with you – for free! Hopefully, we will be able to meet your expectations at least a bit.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Team Wondertabloid

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25th Aug 2017 – Wonder Tabloid Captures Public Attention for Atypical Approach of Reporting News DOWNLOAD PDF