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    What Women Say Makes the Perfect Date?

    It is not just an article, it is the real deal for men, since it contains the secret codes and rules to organizing a perfect date from an expert in this field – a woman. Here she tells what exactly men should do in order to make the best first impression.

    The right location is the key to a successful date

    Photo credit: epicantus / Pixabay

    Many men make the same mistake. They choose the wrong place for the first date. They seem to think, for example, that inviting a girl to the cinema is a great idea. It might be, of course, if you know each other quite well and you both want to see the same movie. However, the first date should be spent in a romantic place, where you can talk, stare into each other’s eyes and thus get to know each other better.

    For this reason, guys should ask girls out on a first date to a restaurant, cafe or to a park. From a practical standpoint, they should think of a date as an interview, the main purpose of which is to learn about a person as much as possible.

    Flowers as a sign of interest and respect

    By buying a bouquet of flowers men should not think of it as a present, it is just a pleasant gesture and an indicator of chivalry. However, it is important to choose flowers carefully. It is definitely not appropriate to give a big bunch of flowers in order not to make a girl feel embarrassed. Just one or a few flowers as a demonstration of your sympathy and interest will be definitely more than enough.

    Men always pay

    If the man calls himself a gentleman, he should know that gentlemen always pay on dates. Yes, modern women in our contemporary society like to feel emancipated and advocate for the equality of genders.

    This goes for almost everything, except romantic relationships between men and women. In this sphere, women want to remain feminine and feel care from men. Moreover, by paying for dinner, a man proves that he is not greedy or a miser.

    The end of the evening is very important

    If a date ends late at night, a man should walk or drive a woman home. Even though modern norms regarding this gesture are vague and men do not have to do it, every woman will definitely appreciate it. The least a man can do is to call a taxi, so a girl will not have to get home by public transport alone.

    No phones and no calls during the date

    Photo credit: rawpixel / Pixabay

    We cannot already imagine our life without mobile phones. However, you should completely forget about your device during the date. To turn off your phone for 2-3 hours is not as complicated as it seems to be.

    If a man cannot do it because he is expecting an important phone call, he should inform a woman about it and apologize if he has to take it. However, it should just one and really short call, while checking the phone constantly is the sign of disrespect.

    Less talking about yourself

    Another common mistake of many men is an attempt to impress women by constantly talking about themselves. However, in reality, such behavior is considered by women as egoism and narcissism. It does not mean that men should not talk and tell about themselves at all. However, it is important to remember that a date is a dialogue, during which two people ask each other questions and discuss topics of specific interest to them.

    Men used to think that it is difficult to impress a woman and therefore often consider the first date as a complicated challenge. In fact, it is much easier, and all they need to do is to remain gentlemen by following recommendations in this article that are given by women.

    Read more about dating and relationship advice from Wondertabloid.com. Please share this with your friends, and leave your questions and comments below, thank you for reading!

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    Great Places for First Dates Instead of Meeting at Bar

    Many women love to be wined and dined on their first date. It makes a woman feel special. But, not all men are willing to splash their money on an expensive romantic dinner on their first date. Some just want to link up at a bar, have some drinks, and chat.

    I get the allure of meeting at a bar. You grab a couple of drinks, get tipsy, flirt a little, maybe even dance to the music playing and the night may end with the both of you making out. Well, this may work for some people, but I bet for most people, especially the singles ladies, the first date should be special and by no means should it be in a bar.

    Furthermore, if you do not drink alcohol and your first date is in a bar, it is more than likely that you may eventually end up having a vapid conversation, especially if the other person is drinking alcohol and starts to get tipsy.

    But the good thing is, you do not have to meet over beers on your first date. It may be cheaper and more fun, but you may end up knowing very little about the other person. It is hard to get to know a person more intimately when there are other people around you drinking alcohol and talking loudly with music blaring in the background.

    Luckily, there are tons of great first date ideas. Some may be weird, but fun too. So, if you are dead tired of meeting your dates in bars, or you do not engage in the partaking of alcoholic drinks, then here are some great and creative ideas for your first date.

    Visit a botanical garden

    botanical garden photo
    Photo by Alexas_Fotos / Pixabay

    Many people love nature. I can honestly say that I have never met anyone who does not love the fragrant smell of roses or the sight of a beautiful garden. There is nothing more romantic than when you are amidst nature. Not even a cocktail party or a ball, or a well-planned romantic dinner for that matter.

    You and your date are able to connect on a deeper level and can get to know one another more intimately in a natural setting as compared to a bar or some restaurant. It provides the perfect atmosphere for two beings to connect deeply with one another without interference.

    If there are no botanical gardens near where you live, then try a beach or a park. Just make sure to leave before it gets dark. You never know what could be lurking in the shadows that could utterly ruin more than just your first date.

    Visit a flea market

    RitaE / Pixabay

    I do not know a woman alive who hates going shopping or window shopping for that matter. So what better way to spend your first date than visiting a flea market?

    There you can walk around, grab something to eat, and who knows, even buy each other something or do something to mark your first date.

    Just do a quick Google search, and sure you will find nearby multiple flea markets to visit! You can combine that with visiting nearby cafe etc.

    Binge watch a TV show that you both love

    skeeze / Pixabay

    I have to say this is one of the best ways to spend your first date especially if you both share the same love and interest for a particular TV show. You can catch up on the show together. It is a fun, simple and cheap way to actually get to bond.

    You can order pizza or foods that you both love and just enjoy each other’s company while doing something you both enjoy to do.

    Cook together

    089photoshootings / Pixabay

    Whether you are making a pizza or a tasty lasagna, cooking together is a great way to bond. Even married couples who cook together have a better, stronger and long-lasting relationship than couples who do not according to studies.

    It is, even more, fun if you both visit the grocery store together, and buy the ingredients you want. Then, pick whose place you are going to go to, head there and get cooking.

    Doing any kind of activity together may it be cooking, walking, cycling, hiking, or picnicking can really help you connect and bond in a way that going to a bar cannot.

    You can also get to discover each other’s likes and dislikes, and since you are both engaging in the activity together, you can get to see how well you can work as a team.

    Go for Karaoke

    BEP / Pixabay

    That first date should be fun and enjoyable. Even though when you meet at first you may feel anxious and maybe a little shy, but once you get singing karaoke together, all the nervous or anxious feelings will just disappear.

    Of course, most karaoke places are also bars, so it is a bit “risky”, but maybe a class of wine helps both relax a bit.

    Meet up for Coffee

    StockSnap / Pixabay

    Having your first date at a café over some good coffee is not so bad. It may not be very romantic, but you do get a chance to talk in a nice, comfortable and mildly quiet place. The good thing about having your first date at a Café is that it is in a public place, so you will feel secure.

    The other upside of meeting up for coffee on your first date is that if it does go well than expected, you could decide to go for a movie, lunch or a walk after your coffee session.

    Go Bowling

    Engin_Akyurt / Pixabay

    Bowling is fun, and it can get very competitive. But, if you are going bowling on your first date, try not to be competitive. It should be about having fun and getting to know each other.

    Avoid taking a girl out bowling if she seems disinterested in the idea or appears self-conscious. Not everyone wants to engage in an activity on their first date that requires some physical performance.

    Go Skydiving

    skeeze / Pixabay

    Now, this may seem a little bit over the top. But, skydiving with your crush can definitely get you some gold stars for originality, but only if your date is equally sportive, spontaneous and adventurous as you.

    So, make sure that your date is the type of person who enjoys adrenaline activities. Many dates prefer to have their feet on the ground doing something less physical and preferably more romantic.

    Top List Of Different Dating Places

    1. Visit botanical garden
    2. Visit flea market
    3. Watch TV-show
    4. Cook together
    5. Go to sing karakoe
    6. Meet at Coffee
    7. Go Bowling
    8. Go Skydiving

    Hopefully, these ideas are helpful when planning your next date! Find out more dating advice and other amazing and funny things!

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    Top 10 Health Benefits of Yoga

    Yoga appeared in India between 2000 and 3000 BC. This is evidenced by ancient written monuments of the Indian culture – the Vedas. The modern yoga has multiple various styles and types, the purpose of which is basically the same: to create awareness, strength, and harmony in both body and soul.

    Nowadays this encompassing art form is practiced by millions of people all over the world and offers benefits to people of both genders and all ages. In this article, we would like to tell you about 10 main benefits of yoga that will probably change your perception of this oriental practice and will allow you to see in it something more than just another physical activity.

    Watch video: How Yoga improves health

    Just in case, if you prefer watching more than reading, the video below includes all the information from this article.

    Increased flexibility

    women doing exercises
    Image credit: StockSnap / Pixabay. Yoga exercises increase body flexibility

    Those people, who practice yoga regularly, notice that the flexibility of their joints is increased and improved.

    In the beginning, it might be uncomfortable and even painful to sit in certain yoga positions, however, with the passage of some time, the body starts to adapt and joint pain disappears.

    As a result, a person can boast of excellent flexibility and good posture.

    Building muscles

    Advanced Yoga pose
    Image credit: YogawithAmit / Pixabay. It is also an effective way for muscle building.

    Sitting in uncomfortable and abnormal positions causes the muscle stress and tension, which allows them to become more functional and stronger.

    Therefore, if you start practicing yoga, you will notice soon that you are getting quite strong but not a bulky muscular system.

    Strong muscles are very important since they help to maintain flexibility, balance and a good posture.


    Improving posture

    Woman exercising Yoga
    Image credit: HannahWells / Pixabay. Doing regular exercises improves posture

    As it has been mentioned already above, improved posture is a result of regular yoga practice. Improved posture is important for overall health and the health of the back particularly.

    In the body with a good posture, a vital energy flows better and more freely, which contributes to greater well-being and the higher energy level in general.

    Healthy spine

    Woman doing pose that requires flexibility on the beach
    Image credit: StockSnap / Pixabay. It helps to keep your spine flexible and healthy.

    Another significant benefit of yoga is the healthy spine, which is especially important for modern people who used to sit hunched over their working desks in offices for the whole day.

    As a result, many of us suffer from constant back and neck pains. Fortunately, yoga can help to solve these health issues by making spine much healthier eliminating such problems as scoliosis, herniated disks and other spine problems.

    Stronger bones

    Woman doing Warrior pose
    Image credit: jesslef / Pixabay. Warrior pose and other exercises make your bones stronger.

    There are many effective exercises in yoga that help to strengthen bones and prevent them from thinning. It is very important for people, who have a predisposition to osteoporosis – a disease that is characterized by weak bone structure and often leads to fractures.

    This is particularly beneficial for the elderly, whose bone structure with age becomes weaker.

    Better blood circulation

    Girls doing Yoga at fitness class
    Image credit: marymccraft / Pixabay. It helps to maintain healthy blood circulation through the body.

    Many people today suffer from poor blood flow that is caused by different modern factors, including sitting at a desk for the whole day, increased cholesterol level, blood pressure issues, diabetes and some others.

    A person with poor circulation might suffer from numbness, swelling, breakouts, muscle cramps, and etc. Being an active practice yoga helps to increase and improve circulation by bringing blood to all organs and systems.

    Training for heart

    Girls at fitness studio doing exercises.
    Image credit: shushipu / Pixabay. It helps to maintain a healthy heart.

    Even though at first sight yoga seems to be a very relaxing practice, in reality, some yoga exercises are very demanding, which leads to increasing of heart rate.

    Doing such exercises regularly makes the heart stronger and healthier, and improves the blood circulation. As a result, a risk of getting heart diseases with age is reduced, which increases life expectancy and improves the quality of life in general. Moreover, it has been proven that yoga exercises make muscles more sensitive to insulin – a hormone that is responsible for controlling the sugar level in blood.

    Decreasing blood pressure

    Image credit: avi_acl / Pixabay. It comes close to meditation and helps balance blood pressure.

    Thousands of people today suffer from a high blood pressure that might become a reason for strokes and heart attacks – often fatal health problems. In order to reduce the risk of them, doctors recommend such patients to try yoga.

    Regular yoga exercises help to open blood vessels and pass the blood through. However, it is important to note that not all types of yoga are suitable for controlling the blood pressure, and it is recommended first to consult your doctor and yoga therapist.

    Prevention of joint problems

    Man doing advanced Yoga pose.
    Image credit: YogawithAmit / Pixabay. It helps to prevent joint problems.

    Since yoga practice usually means sitting in uncomfortable positions, the joints of the body become stressed to the limit.

    This might be painful in the beginning, however with time the joint tissues get better flexibility and laxity. Therefore, people doing yoga exercises regularly do not suffer from such problems as joint pain or arthritis.

    Contribution to spiritual and emotional health

    Women doing Lotus pose
    Image credit: terimakasih0 / Pixabay. It helps to maintain and increase spiritual health.

    Besides all the physical benefits mentioned and described above, yoga is a perfect practice for reaching emotional and spiritual harmony.

    People, who do yoga regularly and for an extended period of time, admit that they feel more relaxed, happy, self-confident and content. In addition, they experience less stress in daily life and do not suffer from various sleep disorders. Yoga helps them to reduce anxiety and decrease the possibility of depression.

    Watch video about yoga for complete beginners

    Are you interested in to try Yoga now? Watch the video below about the basic exercises. You can try these right now.

    The Top-10 List of Ways Yoga Improves Health

    1. Increased flexibility
    2. Building muscles
    3. Improving posture
    4. Healthy spine
    5. Stronger bones
    6. Better blood circulation
    7. Training for heart
    8. Decreasing blood pressure
    9. Prevention of joint problems
    10. Contribution to spiritual and emotional health

    Read more about healthy lifestyle or find other amazing & fun facts from the front page. Cover photo image credit: egorshitikov / Pixabay

    Have you ever tried Yoga or are you interested in trying it? Share your experiences, questions, and comments below.

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    The Hottest Actresses from 13 Countries with Photos

    The number of beautiful actresses that grace our TVs is endless. But, a few of these actresses stand out from the others. Some are famous because they are incredibly talented, others are famous because they are extremely hot in every sense of the word.

    Here is our list of the top hottest actresses from thirteen countries. They are famous, they are sexy and sure you have seen their films. Most of them are based on the Hollywood. It is not a surprise that Hollywood is full of beautiful ladies as they beauties come there around the world. Photos of these sexy ladies are in the high resolution, so click each image to view it in full size! They are sure worth of a look!

    Nina Dobrev from Bulgaria

    Nina Dobrev
    Nina Dobrev at the 2008 Toronto International Film Festival

    Very hot Nina Dobrev was born in Bulgaria. Her family moved to Toronto, Canada when she was very young.

    She began her acting career in 2008 after quitting university and she has featured in many small films such as The Roommate, Arena, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Let’s Be Cops, The Final Girls, xXx: Return of Xander Cage, Flatliners and other. However, she is best known for her star role in the series Vampire Diaries.

    Nina speaks three languages: French, Bulgarian and English. More info about Nina’s amazing films from imdb.

    Image credit: By gdcgraphics

    Phoebe Tonkin from Australia

    Phoebe Tonkin
    Phoebe Tonkin at The Paley Center For Media’s PaleyFest 2014 Honoring “The Originals”

    Very sexy Phoebe Tonkin is a famous Australian actress who is best known for her role in H2O: Just Add Water.

    Tonkin who is also a model has acted in many other films including Tomorrow, when the war began, The Secret Circle, The Originals and Vampire Diaries.

    Tonkin has appeared in several popular magazines including Vogue Australian, Teen Vogue and Miss Vogue Australia.

    Check out Phoebe’s hot Instagram photos!
    Image credit: By iDominick

    Rachel McAdams From Canada

    Rachel McAdams
    Canadian actress Rachel McAdams at the Germany premiere of Sherlock Holmes

    The Canadian born actress is well known for her role in the comedy movie Mean Girls and the romantic film, The Notebook, which starred with famous Actor, Ryan Gosling. Rachel went to York University in Toronto and after graduating, she began to star in small films.

    The Mean Girls film put her in the spotlight and she has gone on to appear in other successful movies including Doctor Strange, Red Eye, State of Play, Sherlock Holmes and Midnight in Paris. McAdams has also won a Canadian Academy Award.

    Read more about Rachel from Biography. Image credit: By SpreePiX Berlinflickr

    Penelope Cruz from Spain

    Penélope Cruz
    Penélope Cruz at the Toronto International Film Festival 2012

    Glamorous Penelope Cruz Sanchez was born in Spain and she began acting when she was just 16 years old. Cruz rose to stardom after she starred in the movies, Blow, All the Pretty Horses and Vanilla Sky.

    She has also appeared in many other movies including Gothika and Waking Up in Reno. Check Penelope’s Instagram for more hot photos of the beautiful actress!

    Cruz has received nominations for an Academy Award and Golden Globe. In 2008, she won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress in the movie Vicky Cristina Barcelona. Cruz who is also a model has landed modeling gigs for famous brands including L’Oréal, Mango and Ralph Lauren.

    Image credit: By TabercilPenélope Cruz

    Watch The Queen of Spain trailer featuring Penélope!

    Gal Godot from Israel

    Gal Gadot
    Gal Gadot speaking at the 2014 San Diego Comic Con International.

    Sexy Gal Godot is an Israeli-born model and actress. Godot is known for her starring role as Wonder Woman.

    She has also appeared in various films including The Fast and the Furious, Knight and Day and Date Night.

    Godo was crowned Miss Isreal in 2004 when she was 18 years old. She served in the Israel Defense Forces as a soldier for two years.

    Check out also Gal Godot’s Facebook page for more info about this talented and sexy actress and her movies! Image credit: By Gage Skidmore

    Alicia Vikander from Sweden

    Alicia Vikander
    Alicia Vikander at the Guldbagge Awards 2013

    Beautiful Alicia Vikander was born in Sweden. Her ancestry is Swedish and one-quarter Finnish. This beautiful actress is best known for her acting roles in The Danish Girl and Ex Machina for which she received critical acclaim and won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress.

    Check Alicia’s Instagram for more photos of this hot swedish film star!

    Vikander also attracted global recognition for her acting role in the movie Anna Karenina.

    Image credit: By Frankie Fouganthin

    Diane Kruger from Germany

    Diane Kruger
    Diane Kruger 66th Venice International Film Festival, 2009

    Sexy Kruger was born in Germany and started her career as a ballet dancer. Her ballet dancing days ended after an injury and she began a modeling career despite being short.

    Kruger landed advertisements with famous brands including Yves Saint Laurent, Giorgio Armani, Chanel, Christian Dior, Louis Vuitton and Burberry.

    Eventually, she ended her modeling career and concentrated her efforts on building a career as an actress.

    Kruger landed her first acting role in 2002 in the movie the Piano Player. She has gone on to appear in other movies including Wicker Park, National Treasure: Book of Secrets and Troy. Find out more about Diane’s films from Imdb. Image credit: By nicolas genin from Paris, France – 66ème Festival de Venise (Mostra)

    Watch video “Diane Kruger’s French Accent Gets Her Out Of Trouble Every Time”

    Shin Min-a from South Korea

    Shin Min-a
    Shin Min-a advertising for LG Optimus 3D and LG Cinema

    Lovely Shin is a Korean born beautiful model and actress who has starred in many Korean films including Madeleine and Volcano High.

    She has also earned a lot of awards as well as appeared in several television shows and music videos.

    Check out movie bio from Imdb. She has also own clothing line now!

    Image credit: By LG – This photo comes from LG Electronics’s official Flickr.

    Sofia Vergara from Colombia

    Sofía Vergara
    Sofía Vergara at the Golden Globes 2013

    Born in Columbia, Sofia Vergara is considered to be one of the sexiest women alive.

    Vergara attended the University of Columbia where she studied dentistry for three years before quitting to pursue a career as a model and actress. Later on, she moved to the United States.

    Vergara stars in the hit show Modern Family and have been nominated several times for the Golden Globe, Screen Actors Guild Awards, and the Emmy Awards. Follow Sofia on Twitter for more hot photos of this sexy actress! Image credit: By Jenn Deering DavisSofía Vergara

    Emma Watson from the UK

    Emma Watson
    Watson at the 2012 Tribeca Film Festival

    Sexy Emma Watson is a beautiful British actress known for her role in the popular movie series Harry Potter.

    Watson has also landed other acting roles in several films including Beauty and the Beast, The Circle, Regression and Colonia.

    Watson has a degree in English Literature from Browns University and she is heavily involved in advocating for gender equality. In 2004, Watson was appointed as UN Women Goodwill Ambassador.

    Follow Emma on Twitter. Image credit: By David ShankboneEmma Watson

    Charlize Theron from South Africa

    Charlize Theron
    Charlize Theron at the Meteor Ireland Music Awards, 2008

    Very beautiful Theron was born in South Africa and moved to the United States when she was 18 years old.

    It was in the US where her acting career began and she has gone on to appear in several high-rated movies including The Italian Job, Monster, Mad Max: Fury Road, The Devil’s Advocate and Snow White and the Huntsman.

    In 2016, Theron appeared in the Time’s top 100 list of the most influential people. Follow Chartlize at Facebook. Super sexy Charlize is featured also at another article: Hottest Actresses in Hollywood. You can found from there more photos and videos about this hot lady. Image credit (used also as a cover photo): By Photo by Peadar O’Sullivan

    Watch video: “Charlize Theron Invited President Obama to a Strip Club”

    Bipasha Basu from India

    Bipasha Basu
    Bipasha Basu at the launch of Filmfare

    Sexy Bipasha Basu is an Indian Actress and one of the highest paid and famous actresses in India. Basu had a successful career in modeling before she went into acting. Throughout her acting career, she has managed to appear in more than fifty films and is known for her roles in horror and thriller movies.

    Furthermore, Basu is also a fitness enthusiast who advocates for healthy living and has released several fitness DVDs including one titled Love Yourself, which provides a detailed guideline and how you can lose weight in 60 days. Follow Basu at Twitter for more hot photos of this amazing and beautiful lady! Image credit: By BollywoodHungama

    Salma Hayek from Mexico

    Salma Hayek
    Salma Hayek at the 2015 Cannes film festival

    Extremely Hot Salma Hayek was born and raised in Mexico before migrating into the United States. She began her acting career in Mexico featuring in several Mexican films before moving to the US in 1991 where she continued to pursue her acting career.

    Hayek landed her first big role in the movie Desperado and went on to feature in other films including the movie Frida for which she received nominations for Best Actress.

    Furthermore, Hayek has also appeared in other films including Dogma, Wild Wild West, From Dusk till Dawn and Tale of Tales. Follow Salma at Instagram. Image credit: By Georges Biard

    Watch video about the sexy actresses around the world

    If you like more watching videos than reading, this is for you! The video contains all the same information than this article. Enjoy!

    More beautiful actresses

    Be sure to check also hottest south Indian actresses and top 10 hot Bollywood actresses!

    If you are wondering where are all the beautiful American women, we have to say that the idea of this post is to give space for women around the world and that there are so many sexy women in the US film industry that we needed to wrote an own post for the top 10 hot actresses in Hollywood!

    What do you think? Who is the hottest actress of these 13 absolutely beautiful ladies? Who is the most talented and most sexy? Is this list missing your personal favorite? Please post your comments below!

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    Top 10 Amazing Places to See in the World

    Our Mother Earth is a huge planet, and therefore it is not surprising that there are many strange and unbelievable places, the appearance and existence of which is difficult and sometimes even impossible to explain. Some of them obtain such a mysterious and ethereal beauty that it seems that they were created by aliens. Most of these weird places keep their secrets that will be never revealed to us – mere mortal people.

    So we are simply left with a possibility to enjoy mystique and beauty of them by guessing what is the meaning and the story of origins of these places on our planet. Below we introduce you to the top 10 places considered to be not only beautiful but also strangest in the world today.

    Hoia Forest (Romania)

    Hoia Forest is beautiful but also a very strange place where many believe happens things that are out of this world. Image credit: thomashendele / Pixabay

    This forest located in Romania not far from Cluj-Napoca can be called not only one of the weirdest places on our planet, but also o of the strangest and the most mysterious forests on Earth. It is often referred the Bermuda Triangle of Romania since it is known for a very high paranormal activity and the place of many events that cannot be explained.

    Such events include ghost sightings, an appearance of apparitions, faces on photographs taken there that are not visible to the naked eye without a camera, and many others. Visitors to the forest often admit that they feel scared and anxious by being there, and experience the feeling of being watched by someone. Read more about Hoia-Baciu Forest.

    Lake Hillier (Australia)

    Lake Hillier
    The Lake Hillier, Middle Island, Recherche Archipelago Nature Reserve, in Western Australia, is a saline lake notable for its pink color, April 2011.

    The Lake with beautiful and unexplained pink water is located in Western Australia on the island in the Archipelago of Recherche. The reason of why this natural reservoir is included into the list of the weirdest places on Earth is that the secret of its pink color has not been revealed yet.

    The water of the lake is so bright pink that is almost identical to the color of the Barbie doll’s clothes. The lake is shallow with the length of 600 meters and the width of 250 meters.

    Even though the water in Lake Hillier looks suspicious and even threatening, it is absolutely safe to swim in it. Learn more about The Pink Lake Hillier of Australia. Photo credit: By Aussie Oc

    Badab-e surt (Iran)

    Panoramic view from Badab-e Surt

    Badab-e surt is a real natural wonder that is located in the province of Mazandaran in the north of Iran at the height of more than 1,800 meters above sea level. This place is famous for a number of travertine terraces that had been formed for thousand years.

    The travertine terraces have a very unique and bright golden color due to the high concentration of iron oxide. Nowadays it is one of the most beautiful and visited places in Iran by attracting thousands of both national and international tourists. Photo credit: By SamaeeBadab Soort spring

    Watch video about Badab-e surt

    Door to Hell (Turkmenistan)

    The Door to Hell
    The Door to Hell, a burning natural gas field in Derweze, Turkmenistan.

    The door to Hell – is a gas crater Derweze located in the Turkmen desert Karakumy. It is one of the most magnificent and impressive places on the planet that at first sight looks like a dramatic scene from a sci-fi movie.

    This fiery hole has been aflame for more than 40 years already: it was created by a group of Soviet geologists, who were discovering and studying that area in 1971. When they opened the hole in the ground, they have found methane gas there, and in order to prevent the further spread of it, they have set the hole on fire. Despite the fact that in 2010 the president of Turkmenistan ordered the closure of the crater, it is still open and attracts thousands of tourists. Photo credit: By Tormod SandtorvFlickr: Darvasa gas crater panorama

    Socotra (Yemen)

    Endemic tree species

    Socotra is a small island that is located in the Arabian sea and belongs to Yemen. It can be fairly called the botanical paradise in the Indian Ocean. It is famous for

    It is famous for its rich and unique flora and fauna. Socotra is often called the pearl of Arabia due to its magnificent beauty and primordial nature. This place constantly attracts nature lovers, adventurers and those, who are seeking for a peaceful and relaxing holiday. It is believed to be one of the weirdest places on Earth because it is absolutely isolated with no roads that lead there.

    This place constantly attracts nature lovers, adventurers and those, who are seeking for a peaceful and relaxing holiday. It is believed to be one of the weirdest places on Earth because it is absolutely isolated with no roads that lead there. See more amazing photos of Socotra. Photo credit: By Boris Khvostichenko (Boriskhv )

    Oradour-Sur-Glane (France)

    Wrecked hardware are still left in Oradour-sur-Glane

    Oradour-Sur-Glane is probably the most tragic and horrible places on the territory of France. It is an old village, all the inhabitants of which were killed by German fascists during the Second World War in 1944.

    In total, 642 people, including women, elderly and children, were killed and all buildings and houses were burned. An interesting fact about this village is that it was not restored after the war – the French government decided to leave it in ruins as a memorial and as a memory of all its victims. Read more about Oradour. Photo credit: By Dna-Dennis

    Fly Geyser (USA, Nevada)

    Fly Geyser
    Fly Geyser in the Black Rock Desert, Nevada

    This Geyser is located in the United States in the state of Nevada, and since it belongs to the private territory, it is not very famous. When you see its pictures first, it is difficult and almost impossible to believe that it was actually created completely by Mother Nature.

    The owner of the territory, on which the geyser is located, protects it very well and therefore established the fence around it in order to prevent a massive flow of tourists.

    However, there are still brave souls, who succeed to get closer to this natural wonder and take a couple of pictures of it. Photo (used also as a cover photo) credit: By Jeremy C. Munns

    Watch video about amazing Fly Geyser

    Panjin Red Beach (China)

    Panjin Red Beach
    Red Beach, Panjin, China

    This unusual Red Beach is located in the Liaohe River Delta, which is approximately 30 km from Panjin City. The beach is called red because of a very specific type of sea weed that grows in the saline-alkali soil. It starts growing in spring and remains green during all summer months.

    However, in autumn the seaweed turns bright red, and the whole beach gets covered with a red carpet, which creates amazing an unforgettable scarlet landscape. The Red Beach today is one of the biggest reed marshes in Asia and is a home for more than 400 different species, many of which are endangered. Photo credit: By 吴张帆

    Bomarzo Gardens (Italy)

    Orcus mouth

    The Gardens of Bomarzo near the medieval town of Bomarzo is one the most unusual and beautiful places in Italy that is also referred unofficially as the Monster Park. Created in the middle of the 16th century, it reflects the human grief and sadness.

    It was established by Prince Pier Francesco Orsini, who had been in the war for many years, and after coming back he found out that his wife had died.

    In order to portray his sadness and grief, he decided to the Villa of Wonders full of marvelous, shocking and even terrifying sculptures. Learn more about the park of monsters. Photo credit: By Alessio Damato

    The Bermuda Triangle

    Photo credit: chengtzf / Pixabay

    The Bermuda Triangle, that is also known as the Devil’s Triangle, is probably the strangest and the most mysterious place in the world.

    Today it is fairly considered to be the most dangerous abnormal zone, because of dozens of ships and aircraft and thousands of people completely disappear there.

    The frightening statistics say that over 1,500 people disappeared in this zone in the past 60 years. There are many theories and legends about the Bermuda Triangle, however its secret has not been revealed yet. One of the most common but unbelievable theories state that the Triangle is the gate to another parallel dimension. Learn more about this amazing place.

    If you have ever wondered where the The Bermuda Triangle actually is located, below is the map!

    More amazing and beautiful places to see

    Find out other interesting travel destinations from our article: Top 10 Beautiful Places To Visit In The World. and be sure to discover also The Seven Wonders of the Modern World.

    Have you visited any of these wonderful places or are you planning to visit? We think at Wondertabloid.com that these are just simple amazing places, every traveler should see!

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    10 Strange Facts about Disneyland

    The legendary amusement park Disneyland was opened in 1955 and is believed to be the most popular park in the world that attracts millions of visitors per year. Since it has earned the reputation of the best place for family holiday, Disneyland today is a dream location for every child and many adults, who want to get to the fairy tale at least one day. However, despite its popularity, there are some strange and surprising facts about the park that we are going to tell you in this article.

    The park opening – “Black Sunday”

    Walt Disney (center) showing Orange County officials plans for Disneyland’s layout, December 1954.

    Even though the Disneyland is the most popular, and visited amusement park in the world, his first opening day was not as successful as it had been expected to be. First of all, the day was unbearably hot: the temperature was around 38 degrees above zero, which made the visit to Disneyland for visitors quite uncomfortable.

    In addition, due to the high amount of sold fake tickets, the park had to host 13,000 more visitors without being properly prepared for such crowd.

    As a result, there were not enough food and beverage in the park’s cafes, which left most visitors hungry and thirsty. Finally, many rides in the park did not work, which made visitors even more disappointed and the situation more frustrating. This day of failure was called “Black Sunday” and it is still remembered as the worst day in the Disneyland’s history. Photo credit: By Orange County Archives

    Club 33

    “Club 33” is a secret club that is located in the center of the New Orleans Square with the exact address – 33 Orleans Street. It is a secret club that is open only for its members. People come here to try local food in the restaurant and listen to jazz.

    An interesting fact is that it the only one club on the territory of Disneyland, where you can buy alcohol. The initiation free of Club 33 in order to become its member is between 25,000 and 100,000 dollars, while the annual fee is between 12,500 and 30,000 depending on the type of membership. Learn more about this “secret club”.

    Walt Disney intended to use this club for personal and business meetings with his business partners, but died suddenly five months before the club was complete. Photo credit: By Mxreb0


    According to the creative idea, the theme park Tomorrowland was the epitome of the future. The visitors can see so many things here, including Space Station 77, Finding Nemo Submarine, and different space battles.

    It is also worth mentioning that all plants growing in Tomorrowland are edible. This place is also often called as the location with a unique atmosphere, where future and heroes live. Photo credit: By myjedilightsaber

    Secret basketball ground

    Photo credit: By Chris Josefy

    On the top of the artificial mountain Matterhorn, located at the Disneyland, which is also the highest point of Disneyland, was an empty and unused space that the administration of the amusement park turned into a half basketball ground. Why not? That was a great idea!

    The story says that Walt Disney himself gave the permission to create the court and was playing basketball there.

    Feral cats of Disneyland

    Photo credit: By Brocken Inaglory

    Today Disneyland is not just an amusement park but also a home for more than 100 feral cats living there.

    It is believed that the first cats appeared in the park when it had been just opened and settled in Disneyland forever.

    In 2001 the administration of the park hired the specialists from the companies Best Friends Catnippers and FixNation in order to catch, sterilize and release them back into Disneyland.

    It is not so easy to see these four-legged inhabitants in the park since they are nocturnal creatures.

    The secret apartment of Walt Disney


    Walt Disney had a small private apartment in Disneyland located on the second floor of the Main Street Firehouse. There he spent time with his family, worked and just enjoyed the silence. The apartment was equipped with a bathroom and a small kitchen. The designer and decorator of this secret housing were Emil Kuri, who is also known as a decorator of many Disney films and the Main Street of Disneyland.

    First job place of many famous actors & celebs

    Michelle Pfeiffer at the premiere of Stardust in Los Angeles

    Thousands of people worked in Disneyland, and therefore it is not surprising that among cast members were celebrities as well. For example, the role of Alice in Wonderland in the Electrical Parade in Disneyland was one of the first jobs of Michelle Pfeiffer in the industry of entertainment.

    Also, a famous magician Steve Martin started his career at Merlin’s Magic Shop in Disneyland.

    This legendary amusement park was also the place of work for Kevin Costner, who worked there on the Jungle Cruise. There he met his future wife Cindy, who also worked in Disneyland by playing Snow White and signing autographs. Photo credit: By Jeremiah Christopher

    Lingerie and Tobacco for sale at Disneyland at early days

    When Disneyland was first opened in 1955, guests of the park could visit a very unusual place called «Hollywood-Maxwell Brassiere Co. Of Los Angeles», the part of which included a historical exhibition of lingerie.

    Moreover, it was also possible to purchase there bras and corsets. However, after six months the shop was closed. Many years later in 1990, the similar salon was opened on Pleasure Island with the name “Jessica’s”.

    However, it was also closed after a couple of years. Also, on the Main Street of Disneyland, it is possible to see the wooden statue of an Indian that was a marker of the Old Tobacco Shop, where it was possible to buy pipes, cigarettes, and tobacco. Though the shop was closed in 1991, the wooden statue was left in the same place. Photo credit: By Craig Pennington

    The Castle of Sleeping Beauty

    Photo credit: janeb13 / Pixabay (used also as a cover photo)

    This castle is known as the main symbol of Disneyland. The prototype of the 23-meters castle is Neuschwanstein Castle located in Germany in Bayern.

    It is decorated with illustrations from the book about Sleeping Beauty, and actually, the whole castle represents her story. Visitors have an opportunity to walk in the castle by entering numerous rooms, where various scenes from the movie about Sleeping Beauty are displayed.

    Watch walk through of Disneyland’s Sleeping Beauty Castle video

    Doritos were originally trash

    Photo credit: PublicDomainPictures / Pixabay.

    Soon after the opening of Disneyland in 1955, the owner of the company Frito-lay received a permission from Walt Disney to open a restaurant in the thematic zone Frontierland.

    The restaurant called “Casa de Fritos” became quite popular very soon by attracting guests with its Mexican interior and delicious tortillas. One of the salesmen of the restaurant Alex Foods one day noticed stale tortillas in the garbage and ordered to fry them and sell guests as chips instead of throwing them away. That is how a new dish appeared on the menu and was later called Doritos.

    So, have you visited at Disneyland? Did you know these strange facts about it? Or is there some amazing things we should have mentioned here? Please share this and leave your comments below! Find out more amazing stories from the front page.

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    What Are The Benefits of Pilates? How It Helps Improve Your Health?

    Pilates is a kind of workout designed to improve body strength, endurance, and flexibility within a short period of time. It was designed by a man called Joseph Pilates, who believed that this form of exercise uses the mind to control the body muscles. In fact, Pilates called his method Contrology and it was only later that it came to be called Pilates.

    What are the focus areas of Pilates?

    The focus areas of this workout are the abdomen, lower back, thighs, and hips. A typical routine may involve performing 20 or more repetitive exercises, each different from the other. These exercises include sit-ups and pushups and other specific exercises that target specific areas of the body.

    What does Pilates require?

    benefits of pilates
    Pilates exercises brings many health benefits if done regularly. Photo credit: arhy82 / Pixabay

    Pilates requires quite a bit of concentration, but you never need to do the exercises to a point where you become exhausted. Each exercise is different. It has its own specific movements with specific emphasis on body position and rhythm.

    The Pilates exercises are performed in a particular sequence, and each exercise has its own unique name. For a beginner, the exercises may not be easy to do, because each exercise requires great muscle control, specific movements, and flexibility. But, they do get easier, as long as you keep at it regularly.

    One thing to note is that you can perform Pilates on a fitness mat; therefore, you can do them at home, as long you know what you are doing. You can also do them at the gym if it is equipped with a machine known as a Reformer, which is specifically designed for Pilates.

    What are the benefits of Pilates?

    Since Pilates combines many different exercises, you can be assured that you will see a significant improvement in the core areas of your body. So, let us look at some benefits of Pilates.

    1. Improved Body Strength

    Pilates strengthens the core, which means all the core muscles of your body become stronger. Your abdominal muscles, hips, thighs, buttocks and lower back become a lot stronger. Your body also becomes more toned.

    1. Improves Balance

    Since Pilates helps strengthen the lower back, they also help stabilize the spine, giving you better balance. If you have back pain, Pilates will help relieve the pain and even help prevent any back pains in the future.

    1. Increased Flexibility

    Pilates involves doing numerous exercises, each of which has specific movements. This increases flexibility because each exercise requires that you position your body in a way that exercises an area of focus.

    1. Weight Loss

    There are possibly hundreds if not thousands of weight loss programs in the market today. But, only a significantly small percentage of these programs are actually effective. If you are not into intense workouts, Pilates is a great alternative to help you shed the extra weight. Even after you have achieved your weight goal, do not stop doing Pilates if you want to maintain your new weight.

    1. Reduces Stress

    Stress brings about all kinds of emotional and physical problems. Too much stress can affect your mental as well as your physical health. Pilates can help relieve stress because the exercises require your concentration. So, whatever issue is stressing you out, you cease to focus on it when you are exercising. Yoga is another great way of reducing stress. Studies have proven that by doing Yoga, you can keep your stress levels at down. It is also a great way to relax.

    1. Improves Mental Health

    A healthy mind means a healthy body. But, if you are constantly stressed out, frustrated, angry or depressed, these can have adverse effects on your health. Pilates can help improve mental health because it relaxes the mind. Even though all your concentration is needed, at least your mind is focused on your exercises and not what is stressing you out.

    Pilates generally help relieve stress, depression, and anxiety; promotes mental health; lowers blood pressure; promotes creative thinking, improves heart health, and helps manage chronic pain.

    1. Increased Endurance

    Pilates improves exercise endurance, which in turn helps improve the health of the circulatory system, health, and lungs.

    1. Boosts Confidence

    Pilates can definitely help boost your confidence because they improve posture and balance, they tone the body and help maintain a healthy weight. Having a well-toned body turns head, but more importantly, you feel better about yourself.

    Who can do Pilates?

    The Pilate workout system was not designed for specific people, it can be performed by anyone. Whether you are old or young, Pilates can help you stay in shape and reduce your risk of developing many health-related diseases.  Since Pilates involves doing several different exercises, you can perform those exercises that you are comfortable with; so, it does not matter if you are 80 years old, pregnant or overweight. Anyone can do Pilates.

    But, if you have a health problem, like diabetes, heart disease, cholesterol or high blood pressure, and you want to do Pilates, it is advisable you talk to your doctor first.

    Pilates is not aerobic, so you may want to add cardio to your exercise program. Cardio helps improve your breathing, heart and lung function and it also reduces stress, depression, mood swings and other negative emotions.

    If you have never tried Pilates before and you are wondering where to begin. Start by getting rid of any bad habits like smoking. Reduce the amount of alcohol you take and avoid any poor lifestyle habits that may thwart your health goals. Maintain a healthy diet because exercising alone is not enough to maintain a healthy weight.

    Con you do Pilates at Home?

    You can choose to do your Pilates at home, but if you are a novice, it is advisable that you buy a Pilates DVD or get a private fitness instructor to help through the first few sessions. The instructor can monitor your movements and overall performance, as well as offer suggestions and advice on how to prevent injury.

    On other hand, you can hit the gym, which is great because you can get to meet and build relationships with the other people who are in your Pilates class. These relationships are very beneficial because they can help you stay motivated and focused on achieving a healthy lifestyle.

    Watch introduction video about Pilates exercises


    Pilates is a very flexible form of workout and it is suitable for all ages and genders. in a short the most important benefits of the Pilates are:

    1. Improved Body Strength
    2. Improves Balance
    3. Increased Flexibility
    4. Helps with Weight Loss
    5. Reduces Stress
    6. Improves Mental Health
    7. Increased Endurance
    8. Boosts Confidence

    Are you exercising Pilates or are you interested in to start? Please leave your questions and comments below!

    Be sure to discover also how to motivate yourself to workout!

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    Top 10 World’s Secrets of All Time

    Our big mysterious world is full of secrets that make it even more interesting and unique. Some of these secrets are so serious that will never be revealed to the public, since revealing of them can become fatal.

    Kept for a long time many world’s secrets often becomes a mystery, and attract more and more attention, especially if they are hidden thoroughly. If you want to know a little bit more about some of them, keep on reading our article, in which we will tell you more about the world’s biggest secrets.

    Nuclear Secrets of the United States

    Location of nuclear weapon facilities is one of the biggest secrets to the date. Photo credit: geralt / Pixabay

    Information about nuclear power and nuclear facilities is probably the most mysterious and hidden information in the modern world. There is only a certain category of people, who know exactly, where the nuclear facilities of the United States are located. There are specific nuclear launch codes, the access to which only some top officials in the American Department of Defence have.

    There are specific nuclear launch codes, the access to which only some top officials in the American Department of Defence have.

    Ordinary American population does not know anything about the amount and types of nuclear weapons that the American government possesses, and probably this secret information will never be available. Though this sounds mysterious, it is quite reasonable, why such superpower as the United States keeps the information a secret. It is also worth noting that anyone who will try to access this information in an illegal way, might put the life in danger.

    Though this sounds mysterious, it is quite reasonable, why such superpower as the United States keeps the information a secret. It is also worth noting that anyone who will try to access this information in an illegal way, might put the life in danger.

    Locations of the oil deposits in the US


    Location of oil deposits is one of the biggest secrets. Photo credit: skeeze / Pixabay

    Another top secret of the United States is the exact location of mining for oil remains. The US Government keeps this information a secret in a very interesting way: when a new oil deposit is found, the American government will purchase this land, and the former owner of it will have to keep it as a secret.

    The reason of why this information is not revealed is the intention of the government not to allow rich individuals to buy these beneficial lands for their own purposes and using them for getting money.

    American Healthcare Patient Privacy

    Medical Secrets of the American Healthcare are protected by strict privacy laws. Image credit: vjohns1580 / Pixabay

    According to HealthIt.gov, the law of the United States’ Healthcare, any medical information of every patient should be kept as a secret, and it cannot be revealed to anyone. The law even says that any doctor should risk his or her own life in order to keep medical reports as a secret if necessary.

    The reason of such strict law is the intention of the American Healthcare to protect patients and prevent any possibility of humiliation.

    Any medical specialist and an officer must take an oath by promising not to reveal patients’ information – the Hippocratic Oath. Personal medical information and medical reports are accessed only by authorized personnel, and no one without special legal permission cannot access it, even if the patient at the edge of the life or is even dead already.

    The Hapsburg Napkin Fold

    The secret The Hapsburg Napkin Fold – can you do it? Photo credit: beamapelor / Pixabay

    It might be funny and unbelievable but one of the top world’s secrets and the main secret in Austria is folding the Hapsburg Napkin. It is not just a secret, but even the royal act that consists the secret guidelines on how properly to fold the napkin.

    This special folding is mainly used for setting of the royal tables in the Austria-Hungary royalty. It attracts much attention because many people tried to repeat this folding many times but always failed.

    An interesting fact is also that if you try to find the guidelines on the internet, you will not find anything because this secret information is not available to the public.

    The Recipe of KFC

    Photo credit: denvit / Pixabay

    KFC is one of the most popular fast food chains with thousands of restaurants throughout the world. The main reason for such popularity is affordable and delicious food, the recipe of which is held as one of the main trade secrets in the world. It is believed that KFC uses a mysterious combination of 11 different herbs and spices by preparing its meals.

    This secret recipe has been existing since the year of 1930 and is not disclosed yet. Nowadays it is one of the main secrets that attracts the interest of millions of people, who are a fan and regular consumers of KFC food.

    However, in 2016 it was widely reported that the secret recipe was revealed, for example, according to the Time magazine, but the but KFC told the New York Times that the recipe was not the real.

    The secrets of Area 51 in Nevada

    Photo credit: MartinStr / Pixabay

    Deep in the Nevada Desert, there is a very mysterious and strange place with many secrets – Area 51. Being one of the main CIA secrets a huge desert this spot on the map had been remained hidden and unacknowledged for almost 60 years until summer 2013 when it was finally claimed to be real. During all these years the Area 51 attracted a lot of interest and raised many questions from the public.

    Finally, in 2013 the report was published, in which it was explained that the CIA created the Area 51 in 1955 for testing the American secret aircraft project “Aquatone”. The aim of this project was to spy the USSR that informed about its nuclear power.

    However, there is a large number of people who think that the explanation is just a cover-up and that Area51 has been and still is a secret base connected to UFO phenomena. At least that’s the case according to the former Area51 employee who revealed the truth.

    Adolf Hitler

    Hitler during a meeting at the headquarters of Army Group South in June 1942. Photo credit: By Bundesarchiv, Bild 183-B24543

    There is not a person in the world who does not know Adolf Hitler – the leader of the Nazi Germany and one of the evilest people in the world history. There is quite a lot information about his life and activity, however, there is one secret related to his death.

    According to official historical data, Hitler committed suicide by killing himself in his underground bunker on the 30th of April 1945. However, many people, as well as historians, do not take this information as the truth. It is believed that Hitler was alive after the Second World War, and continued living in the Andes Mountains.

    There are also some documents provided by the FBI, according to which the death of Hitler in 1945 was a complete fake. Since at that time he was one of the most hated people in the world, it is quite likely that he faked his death and escaped Germany in order to survive.


    Image credit: qimono / Pixabay

    HIV/AIDS has remained for more than 30 years the most serious and incurable diseases, the appearance and the origin of which is one of the biggest medical world secrets.

    The only thing that is known exactly is that HIV/AIDS was discovered widely in the 1980s and there is still no vaccine or effective treatment for it.

    There are several hypotheses explained how HIV/AIDS appeared. According to the first theory and CDC, this disease is originally from Africa where the virus transmitted to humans from chimpanzees and mutated to HIV, while another conception claims that HIV/AIDS was created by scientists in a laboratory.

    However, there is still no scientific proof, and probably the humanity will never find out, how HIV/AIDS appeared and why.

    Formula of Coca Cola

    Photo credit: Couleur / Pixabay.

    Coca Cola is not only one of the most popular drinks in the world, but also a drink with a secret formula that everyone wants to know. This formula is such a guarded secret that the company had even to close its office in India since it was forced to reveal the formula by the government.

    However, the Coca Cola company did not do this, and the formula of this drink is still hidden and unknown. An interesting fact is that even company employees do not know the formula besides a couple of them, who are really close to the company. These couple employees had to take the oath by promising not to tell the secret to anyone.

    The mystery of the afterlife: the heaven and the hell

    Mystery of after life remains one of the biggest unsolved secrets. Photo (used also as a cover photo) credit: geralt / Pixabay.

    Most religions claim that there is the afterlife when we die, but in reality, nobody really knows what happens with us and our souls when the life is over.

    This is definitely the main world’s secret and will always remain the mystery until the end of the universe.

    While we are alive we can only assume what will happen afterward and hope that will get to the Heaven – the happier and better place than we lived.

    Watch video about where we go after death:

    What you think about these secrets? Post your comments below! Discover more bizarre things and find out other amazing facts.

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    Most Popular Sports In The World

    Sport plays a very important role in our lives: why some people take the sport as their hobby, others make the sport as their career or a part of their personal fitness regimes. Some kinds of sports are more popular than others by attracting millions of fans from all over the world.

    In this article, we introduce you to 10 most popular sports on the planet based on such factors as the number of TV viewers, the revenue the sport generates, the stability of the sports system, social media presence, advertisements, and etc.

    Football / soccer – four billion fans

    Football is the most popular, watched and played sport in the world. Photo credit: skeeze / Pixabay

    With approximately 4 billion fans around the globe, football is fairly considered the most popular, watched and played sport in the world. The main hub of football in Europe, where it is played at the most professional and competitive level.

    The biggest and the most popular football competition is UEFA Champions League, the budget of which is around 1.5 billion dollars – the highest prize money among all modern kinds of sports. The top football players such as Cristiano Ronaldo and Leonel Messi are among the richest football players and sportsmen in the world by earning hundreds of millions annually.

    Cricket – 2.5 billion fans

    Photo credit: shents / Pixabay

    It is not known exactly, where and when cricket came from, but it is believed that it was played in the 16th century in England by children mostly. By the beginning of 17th century, it had become more popular and started attracting an adult population as well.

    At that time, cricket matches were organized and held between several neighborhoods and villages in Great Britain, but already in the 19th century, many cricket clubs appeared in many other countries and continents including South Africa, the Caribbean, New Zealand and North America.

    Nowadays a number of fans around the globe are approximately 2.5 billion with the majority of them in India and Pakistan.

    Field Hockey – 2 billion fans

    Photo credit: KeithJJ / Pixabay

    Field hockey is quite an ancient kind of sport since it was played already centuries ago in such countries as England. Scotland, and the Netherlands. However, the modern type of field hockey is different from its original version and appeared in the 19th century among the public school system in England.

    In 1908 this game was already inaugurated as one of the Olympic sports and started gaining its popularity throughout the world very fast.

    Two countries that dominated this sport in the 20th centuries were India and Pakistan, however, by the end of the 20th century, it had become very popular in Australia and the Netherlands. Nowadays it is one of the most popular kinds of sport with more than 2 billion fans.

    Tennis – one billion fans

    Kournikova at a USO-sponsored tour at Forward Operating Base Sharana on December 15, 2009. Photo credit: By Jon E. Dougherty, U.S. Army

    The fourth popular sport in the world is tennis that has today approximately 1 billion fans. According to historical records, the first form of tennis appeared in France in the 12th century and was played primarily by the French and European aristocracy. The modern version of tennis was developed much later – the middle of 19th century in England, where in 1872 was also formed the first tennis club.

    Nowadays tennis is played almost in all countries, and the four major annual tournaments are Wimbledon, the US Open, Australian Open, and French Open.

    Tennis is definitely a unique kind of sport due to its idea of gender equality. While in many other popular kinds of sports women’s competitions are not very popular and do not attract much attention, in tennis the competitions of both genders are equally interesting to the public. Beautiful and talented Anna Kournikova is one of the most famous tennis player in the world.

    Volleyball – 900 million fans

    Photo credit: KeithJJ / Pixabay

    It might sound unbelievable, but the main reason for the high popularity of volleyball is its simplicity. In contrast to many other popular sports described above, volleyball is quite a recent kind of sport that was developed in 1895 by William G. Morgan, who was the YMCA physical education coach.

    His intention was to create an indoor kind of sport that will be a bit similar to basketball but will not require so much physical prowess.

    Thus, initially, volleyball became a kind of sport for people, who want to remain fit and active. Started in the United States, it later spread to Canada and at the beginning of 20th century started gaining popularity in Europe as well. Volleyball was included into the list of Olympic sports in 1964 by becoming more and more popular.

    Though it is played and viewed all over the world now, it is especially popular in Eastern European countries and Europe. Nowadays this kind of sport has more than 900 million fans.

    Table tennis – 850 million fans

    Photo credit: djimenezhdez / Pixabay

    Originally table tennis appeared as a popular game among the English aristocracy in the 19th century that was more like an after dinner activity that a real kind of sport. By the end of the 19th century, it had become so popular that was already played by upper classes in all British colonies.

    Its original name was Whiff-Whaff, but since it did not sound very seriously it was changed later to Ping-Pong or Table Tennis.

    The International Federation of Table Tennis was established in 1926, and the same year the first world championship was held in London. By the 1930s this sport had become even more popular, especially in Asia and China. The Chinese became so passionate about table tennis that very fast they become dominant in it.

    Nowadays the number of fans of this sport is more than 850 million, and the majority of them are either from China or from other countries of South East Asia.

    Baseball – 500 million fans

    Photo (used also as a cover image) credit: tpsdave / Pixabay

    Baseball is a typically American kind of sport that is very popular today in North America and has more than 500 million fans. The history says that baseball was brought to the United States by European immigrants as the variation of the game of rounders played in England.

    Today is the national sport in the United States, as well as in Venezuela and some other South American countries. It a very special sport for the US and there is almost no American who does not watch it. Therefore, it is not surprising than many American citizens want to pursue a career in baseball since early childhood. The Superbowl is the most famous annual championship game of the NFL.

    Watch Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl halftime show:

    Golf – 450 million fans

    Tiger Woods is among the most famous Gold players. Photo credit: tpsdave / Pixabay

    It is still unknown, where and how gold was developed, but some historical records say that the prototype of golf is an ancient game of Paganica played by the Romans, in which players used a bent stick for hitting a leather ball.

    The modern version of gold appeared much later – in the 14th century in Scotland. It became so popular there that King James had to ban it because it distracted Scottish people from practicing the more important activity of archery. Today with approximately 450 million fans it is actively played both in Europe and North America.

    Basketball – 400 million fans

    Photo credit: skeeze / Pixabay

    It is another quite recent kind of sport that appeared in the United States in 1891 thanks to the Canadian Doctor James Naismith. Employed as a physical education instructor at the YMCA in Massachusetts, he wanted help students to stay healthy, active and fit during long winter months, and for this reason, he created the game with the rules that are very similar to the ones of the modern Basketball game.

    This sport had become extremely popular by the 1920s when hundreds of professional Basketball teams were formed throughout the United States. Today it is very popular not only in North America but also in Europe, especially in its Eastern part with more than 400 million fans.

    American Football – 400 million fans

    Photo credit: WikiImages / Pixabay

    In terms of popularity, American football, also known as “gridiron football” and “simply gridiron”, is as popular as basketball by having approximately 400 million fans. It is considered to be the most popular kind of sport in the United States since more than 40% of American population watches it regularly. Moreover, as well as basketball it has also appeared in the United States.

    The most popular modern league that is located and played in the United States is NFL. Regarding a revenue, it is more than 10 billion dollars annually, which means that American football players today are among the richest sportsmen in the world.

    Is any of these sports your hobby? What is your favorite? Post your comments below! Find out more posts about cool sports and amazing things.

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    Top 10 Most Popular Pets in America

    Americans are known as great animal lovers, and most of them keep many different pets at home. Pets become their best companions and family members by providing both physical and mental benefits to their owners. It has been also determined that pets can help to handle with depression, anxiety, and even contribute to reducing the blood pressure.

    Moreover, pets often help their owners to socialize with others since it is easier for people with pets to start a conversation with owners.

    According to the statistics, Americans own more than 88 million of cats and almost 75 million of dogs, as well as approximately 24 million of small animals and more than 142 million freshwater fish.

    Below we provide you with the list and description of the most popular pets in the United States that you will probably see in at least 73 million American homes.


    Dogs are among the most popular pets in the USA. Photo credit: Alexas_Fotos / Pixabay

    Dogs are among the most popular pets not only in the United States but also in the majority of other countries. According to historical records, dogs have been domesticated animals for more than 14,000 years.

    The first and the main reason why dogs are so popular is that they are very friendly and loyal companions. They are able to feel when the mood of an owner is low and are always ready to cheer him up. In addition, dogs are also known as very intelligent creatures that are easy-to-train. For this reason, many people keep a dog at home as a guard, who protects their property and houses.

    A dog is also a perfect choice for families with kids since these four-legged companions are very energetic and active and enjoy playing with children. Finally, in comparison to some other pets dogs are quite affordable and it is not expensive today to have a dog since the costs of dog food, vitamins and regular visits to a vet are not very high. However, if you are looking for some special breed, it could get costly as WonderTabloid.com’s most expensive dog breeds article shows!

    According to the recent statistics of the American Pet Products Association (APPA), there are around 78 million dogs owned by Americans.


    Cats are the most popular pets in the US. Photo credit: 3093594 / Pixabay

    The world statistics say that there are more than 500 million cats in the world. Therefore it is not surprising that cats are among the most popular pets in the United States as well. There are more than 86 million cats kept in American homes.

    There are several reasons, why Americans express a preference for these lovely four-legged creatures. The first and the main one is their independent character and an ability to take care of themselves. Though they establish very close relationships with their owners, they are able easily to stay home alone for the whole day and do not need as much attention as dogs for example. That is why a cat is a usual choice for single people, who live alone and spend most time at work.

    Many people also get a cat in a family with kids because in general cats are very active and playful. It is said that the most popular cat breed in North America nowadays is Siamese cat thanks to its sociable character and magnificent appearance.


    Tropics fish in the aquarium. Fish keeping is very popular in the USA. Photo credit: Skitterphoto / Pixabay

    Despite the fact that fish is not as sociable and loyal as cats or dogs, there are more than 12 million American families that have these pets in their houses. The main reason of it is their decorative function: fish kept in aquariums are mainly used to beautify home. The interior with an aquarium always looks cozier and more stylish.

    Moreover, it has been proven that watching fish gives a calming effect and contributes to relaxation. Therefore, fish are the perfect choice for people with a hyperactive mind and for families with highly energetic children.

    Many people choose fish because they are not expensive, easy to take care of and do not require much space. Moreover, the variety of fish is great: there are more than 25,000 fish species nowadays.


    Photo credit: Nana-ne / Pixabay.

    Hamsters are the most popular pets among rodents that are chosen primarily for kids. The history of appearance and domestication of hamsters is quite interesting: they are originally from Syria, where they were discovered by a zoologist and then were sent to laboratories throughout the world. They arrived in the United States in 1938, and since that time is kept by many American families as pets.

    Hamsters are appreciated and loved for their playful nature and cute appearance. Moreover, they are quite affordable and do not take much space: it is enough to provide them with a medium-sized cage. The only disadvantage is their short life expectancy – only 2 years in average.


    Photo credit: Kapa65 / Pixabay

    It is another type of rodents that you can see today as pets in many American homes. Mice are originally from China, where they were domesticated many centuries ago and were kept in the Royal Palaces.

    Mice are usually kept by animal lovers, who want to have a small pet that does not require much space. Mice are loved for their quite social character and playful nature, which makes them great companions. It is easy to take care of them and you will not have to spend much money on keeping them. In contrast to hamsters, they live a bit longer – approximately 3 years.


    Photo credit: Hans / Pixabay

    Americans like birds and many of them choose them as their favorite pets. The statistics say that are more than 16 million birds in the United States kept by approximately 5.7 million American families. Though birds cannot be really domesticated, they still can establish very close relationships with their owners.

    The most popular birds kept as a pet are canaries thanks to their beautiful and fascinating signing. Other popular bird species include budgies, cockatiels, cockatoos, and parrotlets. Birds can become great companions for many years, and some bird species can even live up to a hundred years.

    The Guinea Pig

    Photo credit: Ajale / Pixabay


    Guinea pigs are short-tailed and rough-haired rodents that can be considered perfect pets, especially for those owners, who decide to get a pet for the first time. There are several reasons, why Americans choose the guinea pig as their pet and companion. The first and the main one is that this rodent is very easy to take care of: they just need a medium-sized cage, water, fresh vegetables, and hay.

    Another reason why the guinea pig can become a perfect pet and the best companion is that it has unique and very individual character. Some guinea pigs are shy, while others are active and very dominant. In general, they all are quite sociable and like interact with other animals, as well as with people.


    Photo credit: Foto-Rabe / Pixabay

    The demand for pet snakes is constantly increasing, so the snake breeding industry is developing very fast in the United States. More and more people, who like exotic animals decide to keep snakes as their pets. The lifespan of snakes is quite long: then can live up to 40 years if provided proper care.

    Even if you are not professional in keeping reptiles at home and have never had any before, getting a snake for the first time should not be problematic: there are many beginner-friendly snakes, such as corn snakes and Python balls. Depending on the type of the snake and its species, these reptiles might have different personalities and personal features, so everyone can find the best and the most appropriate snake for himself.


    Photo credit: BubbleJuice / Pixabay

    At first glance, iguanas seem to be quite scary, but in reality, they can become perfect pets. Nowadays they are one of the most popular and common reptiles that are kept by Americans as a pet. People love them for their exotic appearance and quite a sociable personality since they are very responsive to people.

    However, it is important to know that it is not very easy to take care of them since iguanas are quite demanding in terms of conditions. Thus, since they are desert animals by nature, they need much sun. Moreover, though they seem to be lazy animals that do not move much, they still need a big terrarium to stay happy and healthy.


    Photo credit: christels / Pixabay

    Ferrets have become popular pets already in the period of the reign of Queen Victoria when she started giving ferrets as personal gifts to visiting heads of states. According to the statistics, by the year of 1994, there had been already more than 7 million ferrets kept as pets in the US. People love them not only for their magnificent appearance but also for their unique personality: it is believed that ferrets combine features of both cats and dogs. The best fact about their character is that these creatures remain active and playful during the whole their life.

    People love them not only for their magnificent appearance but also for their unique personality: it is believed that ferrets combine features of both cats and dogs. The best fact about their character is that these creatures remain active and playful during the whole their life.

    People love them not only for their magnificent appearance but also for their unique personality: it is believed that ferrets combine features of both cats and dogs. The best fact about their character is that these creatures remain active and playful during the whole their life.

    The TOP-10 Pets List

    The most popular pets in the US are:

    1. Cats
    2. Dogs
    3. Aquarium Fishes
    4. Hamsters
    5. Mice
    6. Birds
    7. The Guinea Pig
    8. Snakes
    9. Iguana
    10. Ferrets

    Do you have any of these pets or are you planning to get? Please leave comments below! Find out more amazing stories about funny animals and other wonderful facts about the world.

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    Top 10 Hottest South Indian Actresses

    The Indian Film Industry is one of the biggest and the most successful industries in the world. Millions of girls and women watch Indian movies appreciated for their romantic and vivid atmospheres, touching and emotional love stories and magnificent music. There is probably not a person in the world who has not seen such famous Indian movies as Disco Dancer and Zita and Gita.

    The Indian Cinema is divided into South and North cinema worlds. The headquarter of the Northern part is Bollywood, while South Indian cinema is produced in Mollywood and Tollywood. Regarding the Indian cast, the South Indian and North Indian actresses are quite different, though they all are hot, sexy and very attractive. In this article, we would like to introduce you to the top hottest South Indian Actresses, who are impossible to distract the view from.

    Samantha Ruth Prabhu

    Samantha Ruth Prabhu
    Samantha Ruth Prabhu is one of the most beautiful women in Southern India.

    Samantha Ruth Prabhu was born in 1987, she is young and charming actress, who is also known as a fashion model, is not only one of the most beautiful women in Southern India, but also one of the most experienced and talented actresses, who received two significant awards the same year, the Filmfare Award For Best Telugu Actress and the Filmfare Award for Best Tamil Actress.

    He debut happened in 2010 in the romantic film titled “Ye Maaya Chesave”. Follow Samantha on Instagram. Photo credit: By Bollywood Hungama

    Taapsee Pannu

    Taapsee at the launch of Malabar’s New Jewellery Range, 2011. Taapsee Pannu is one of the hottest South Indian actresses.

    If you are a big fan of Indian movies, you definitely know one of the hottest actresses Taapsee Pannu (born 1987), who appeared on the screen in 2010 in the movie Jhummandi Naadam, in which he played the role of the daughter of a millionaire.

    You can also see this beautiful Indian lady in many printed media outlets and commercial as a model. Taapsee Pannu also took part in very contests and competitions and won such titles as “Pantaloons Femina Miss Fresh Face”, “Safi Femina Beautiful Skin” and “Miss India” in 2008. Follow Taapsee at Twitter. Photo credit: By Bollywood Hungama.com

    Trisha Krishnan

    Trisha Krishnan at Guinness World Records certificate for Colgate and IDA

    Trisha Krishnan (born in 1983) is fairly believed to be one of the most experienced actresses in the Southern branch of Indian cinema since she made her debut in 1999.

    Therefore, this is not surprising that nowadays she is also one of the most experienced actresses in India.

    For a long time, she had been also working as a model, which allowed her to receive such titles as “Miss Salem” in 1999 and “Miss Beautiful Smile” in 2001. Follow Trisha on Facebook. Photo credit: By Bollywood Hungama

    Shryia Saran

    Shryia Saran is one of the most successful and famous actresses in India.

    Shryia Saran (born in 1982), is a charming model and actress. She is more than just a pretty face, she is recognized for her acting talent that she demonstrates by playing so different and deep characters.

    In addition, Shyia Saran is also an excellent dancer, and since childhood, she had been taking dancing lessons.

    He debut in the Indian cinema happened in 2001 in the movie Telugu film Ishtam, and by 2007 she had become one of the most successful and famous actresses in India.

    Thanks to her natural beauty and sexy curves, she is also now one of the most desirable women in Asia. Find out more info about Shryia’s movies from Imdb. Photo credit: By Bollywood Hungama.

    Kajal Agarwal

    Kajal with her younger sister Nisha Aggarwal at Lakme Fashion Week, 2012. Kajal Agarwal is one of the most beautiful and hottest actresses in India

    There is no need to prove that Kajal Agarwal (born 1985) is one of the most beautiful and hottest actresses in India.

    Her debut happened in 2004, and during the next 13 years, she succeeded to become a well-known actress not only in India but also on other continents.

    Moreover, nowadays she is also considered to be one of the most followed Indian celebrities in social media. Thanks to her pretty appearance and beautiful shape Kajal Agarwal is an official face and model of many well-known fashion brands.

    View more hot photos about Kajal at her Instagram. Photo credit: By Bollywood Hungama

    Ileana D’Cruz

    Ileana DCruz graces grand finale of Max Fashion Icon India 2015. Ileana D’Cruz – a sexy diva of the South Indian Cinema Industry.

    Ileana D’Cruz (born in 1987) can be fairly called a sexy diva of the South Indian Cinema Industry.

    She earned this title thanks to her magnificent curves, beautiful hair and cute smile.

    She debuted in 2006 and very soon became one of the leading actresses in the Indian Cinematography by starring mostly in blockbuster movies.

    You can also see her in many commercials since she is the face of several advertising campaigns.

    Follow Ileana D’Cruz at Twitter. Photo credit: By Bollywood Hungama


    Nayanthara at Filmfare Awards South held on 12 July 2014

    Nayanthara (born 1984) is considered to be one of the most experienced actresses of the Indian Cinema since she debuted in 2003.

    She became one of the most promising actresses of that time by starring in such blockbusters as Sivaji: The Boss and Chadramukhi.

    Today she is still one of the most complimented actresses, who easily wins hearts of multi-million Indian audience with her natural beauty, charm, and simplicity.

    Discover more information about movies of this beautiful actress from Imbd. Photo credit: By Bollywood Hungama

    Asin Thottumkal

    One of the most well-known actresses both in the South Indian Cinema industry and Bollywood is Asin Thottumkal (born 1985).

    Her debuts happened in 2003 and made her very famous. She is also well-known and appreciated for the role of Kalpana that she played in the movie Ghajini produced in Bollywood.

    Asin is often described by audience and media as an actress with extreme beauty, magic and melodic voice, sexy curves and magnificent tanned color of her skin, which made her one of the most demanded actresses not only in South but also in the whole India.Photo credit: By Bollywood Hungama

    Kainaat Arora

    Kainaat Arora (born in 1986) – At first she started her career as a model but later turned into an actress.

    Her first debut happened in the comedy movie titled Grand Masti in 2013, in which she played the role of Marlow.

    She is also known as a cousin of another famous Indian actress Divya Bharti. Today Kainaat is believed to be one of the hottest actresses thanks to her special appearance and natural sexuality. Follow Kainaat at Facebook. Photo credit: By Bollywood Hungama

    Shruti Haasan

    Shruti Haasan unveils the latest cover of Exhibit magazine

    Shruti Haasan (born in 1986) is fairly believed one of the most talented actresses in India: Shruti takes part in acting, singing, and music composition.

    She is also often associated with her mother Kamal Haasan, another famous actress. She debuted in 2009 by playing the role in the Bollywood movie called Luck.

    Though she definitely possesses natural beauty, she also performed surgery for her nose and lips that allowed her to become even hotter and sexier. Follow Shruti at Facebook. Photo credit: By Bollywood Hungama

    Watch video: Sexy or Not, Shruti Haasan Will Decide

    The Top-10 List

    Here is the final Wondertabloid.com’s list of the most beautiful South Indian Actresses. Of course, there are plenty of other talented & sexy actresses, but so far these women are our top choices!

    1. Shruti Haasan
    2. Kainaat Arora
    3. Asin Thottumkal
    4. Nayanthara
    5. Ileana D’Cruz
    6. Kajal Agarwal
    7. Shryia Saran
    8. Trisha Krishnan
    9. Taapsee Pannu
    10. Samantha Ruth Prabhu

    Who is your favorite South Indian Actress? Please leave a comment below! Find out more beautiful women and entertainment & amazing lists.

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    Hottest Fox News Girls

    Whether you are a big fan of Fox News or not, you will probably have to admit that it has the hottest and the most beautiful female presenters. Therefore, even though this channel provides interesting and unique news, many people watch it only for seeing its charming and attractive news anchors.

    Fox News has girls for every taste: ranging from cute girls next door to sexy, feminine and glamorous fashion models. The best thing is that these girls are not just pretty, but also very talented and hardworking. We have prepared the list of the most beautiful and hottest Fox News girls, who have graced our TV screens. Below you can watch videos of each of these sexy ladies.

    Rebecca Diamond

    Rebecca Diamond born in 1967 is former Fox News contributor, who hosted the Fox Business Network TV Show called Happy Hour. She is not only a very beautiful woman who looks very young for her age but also a very smart and intelligent person with a Degree in Broadcast Journalist that she received from the University of Maryland in 1991. Due to her excellent reporting skills and her natural charm, Rebecca has many fans in social networks.

    Jamie Colby

    Jamie Colby was born in 1970 and has been known as an anchor for Fox News since the year of 2013. She is characterized as a woman with a very pleasant personality and a very cute face. Previously she had been working as a reporter at such popular channels as CBS and CNN.

    Jamie Colby is also a professional with outstanding academic background: she has received a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration in Accounting from the University of Miami. The second degree is the Doctor from the University of Miami School of Law. She has been especially recognized for her talent of covering news related to the events of the 11th of September 2001.

    Molly Line

    She was born on the 31st of January 1977 and started her career at WD TV in 1999. Later she had been as an anchor at WXXA and WFXT for several years, and finally, in 2006 she joined the Fox News Channel as a correspondent. Molly is fairly considered to be one of the prettiest Fox New girls since she has won the title of the Miss Greater Bluefield Area Pageant. Being charming and ravishing, Molly Line today is one of the favorite female presenters on American television.

    Sandra Smith

    Sandra Smith joined the Fox News Business Network in Autumn 2007. She graduated from the Louisiana State University and began her career as a research associate at Aegis Capital. Later she had been also working as a trade investor for a while. Currently, she is a presenter and reporter covering news on cultural topics together with several other female colleagues.

    Patti Ann Browne

    Patti is considered to be one of the most beautiful, sensational and charming anchors and reports on the Fox News Channel. She is also one of the most experienced presenters by working on the channel for more than 16 years. Currently she is a co-host of the show titled “Fox & Friends First” that runs daily between 5 and 6 PM. Occasionally Patti also anchors hours news updates on the Fox News Radio Network.

    Julie Banderas

    Julie Banderas is a graduate of the Emerson College with a degree in Journalism and started her television career at WLVI-TV in Boston as an anchor. She joined the team of the Fox News in 2005 and currently Julie works a New York-based reporter. She became especially popular for her debate with a former spokesman Shirley Phelps-Roper. It is also worth noting that Julie won Outstanding Single Newscast Emmy award for covering the Republican National Convention.

    Andrea Tantaros

    Andrea Tantaros, born in 1978, is a political analyst and commentator on the Fox News Channel. Regarding her education, she received a degree in French in Journalism from the Lehigh University. She joined the Fox News network in 2010 as a host of the show “The Five”. In 2014 she also became a host of the daytime news and talk show “Outnumbered”. She is considered to be not only one of the most beautiful presents, but also the host with the most pragmatic personality with much life experience despite her quite young age.

    Ainsley Earhardt

    Photo credit: U.S. Navy by Mass Communication Seaman Natasha R. Chalk

    This charming anchor and reporter with a Bachelor degree in Journalism received from the University of South Carolina joined the Fox News Channel in 2007, and currently she works as a host of the show “Fox & Friends”.

    She began hew television career on the local Columbian station WLTX-News 19 as a reporter, and later also served as an anchor on the KENS-TV.

    Ainsley is not only very beautiful, but also very charming, which is proved by the fact that she received a title “The Best Personality of the Year” from the Colombian Metropolitan Magazine.

    Jenna Lee

    Jenna Lee is not only a stunning, charming and beautiful reporter, but also a very educated person and professional with two degrees: the first one is a Bachelor’s Degree in English and Global Studies, and the second one is a Master’s Degree in Journalism from the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. Before she announced leaving the channel, she worked as a New York-based anchor of the show “Happening Now” on the Fox News Channel.

    Megyn Kelly

    Megyn Kelly is one of the most successful and beautiful correspondents on the American television. Photo (used also as a cover) credit: By MattGagnon

    Megyn Kelly was born in 1970 and is known as an experienced political commentator, a former corporate defense attorney, and a journalist. She joined the Fox News Network in 2004 as a Washington-based reporter, but later become an anchor and presenter of her own show “The Kelly File” that was ended in January 2017. Currently, she is considered to be one of the most successful and beautiful correspondents on the American television. Sadly she also left the channel.

    Are desires going too hot at backstage?

    These anchors are beautiful, but there has been also some problems. Of course it is not women fault that they are beautiful and sexy, but sometimes it could lead even to work related sexual harassment claims.

    According to NBC News, Fox News Channel CEO Roger Ailes was accused of sexual harassment in a lawsuit filed 2016 by former host Gretchen Carlson. Lawsuit alleges that Ailes “sabotaged her career” because she rejected his sexual advances. According to the BBC.com, In April 2017, prime-time presenter Bill O’Reilly was dropped from Fox News over sexual harassment claims. He described the claims as “completely unfounded”.

    Furthermore according to the BBC.com, also host Charles Payne was suspended amid harassment claim. So, regardless of the gender, are desires going too hot at backstage? Definitely, they employ the world’s most attractive journalists, and it’s not a surprise that there are internal affairs!

    Watch below quite nice video called “The Girls On Fox News Song”- which is actually a song made by Austin Cunningham and it’s dedicated to these legendary sexy & talented reporters!

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